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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Person of the Year! Third year in a row.......Richard Nixon!

Never thought this would happen, but for the third year in a row I have to give my person or the year award to Richard Nixon!

Presidential Anecdotes (Paul F Boller Jr., c – 1981, 1996 – Paperback pp 326-327):

“In 1960 , When Nixon ran for President against Kennedy, … The 1960 election turned out to be extremely close, and there were voting frauds in several states. For a time Nixon considered the possibility of demanding a recount but finally decided against it. “If I were to demand a recount,” he explained, “the organization of the new administration and the orderly transfer of responsibility from the old to the new might be delayed for months. The situation within the entire federal government would be chaotic.” Despite his decision, newsman Earl Mazo launched an investigation of the voting frauds and began running a series of articles about them in the New York Herald Tribune. Early in 1960, after the first four articles had appeared, Nixon invited Mazo to his home for a chat. “Earl,” he said, as they shook hands, “ those are interesting articles you are writing – but no one steals the presidency of the United States” He went on to say that the country would be torn by partisan bitterness if there was an official challenge of the election result and that the damage to America’s foreign relation might be irreparable. ...   Mazo agreed to drop the series! (emphasis added)

Hillary??? Any Democrat??? Never Trumpers??? Even Al (Chad) Gore!!!
                                         When Nixon has you beat…………YIKES

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Self check out

And before 1920 or so people came in with a list and presented it to a stockboy who ran through the store and collected the items, often portioning them as they were not individually packaged. Then came Piggly wiggly and the modern supermarket where you had to do his job, ugh, imagine the jobs lost. (BTW, grocery mark-ups are typically below 5%, volume is how they make money).

Studies have shown that self check-out does not cause job losses. People are reassigned making them more productive and valuable to the store.

Self checks have been shown to increase customer satisfaction, particularly for those with just a couple items, by speeding up check out speed and reducing lines for those who don't like it or can't use self check. This increase in satisfaction leads to a increased in sales and productivity which leads to the stores hiring additional workers and improved working conditions as a store becomes more profitable.

Don't use them if you don't want to, some of us like them, but they keep prices down and as the industry changes there will be options. Some stores remove them sure to customer feedback.

I for one don't remember Walmart lines ever getting shorter before self checks were installed,. Lol.

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Facebook reply to a post that asked if Boomers should be allowed to vote since they aren't behind Greta and her insanity!

:Okay, I can’t let this pass…. I tired and I’m just amazed at the Jacobin attitudes that pass as acceptable.

You are both either ignorant of the facts or willfully obtuse.

The baby boomers (full disclosure, I “officially” qualify as the last year or two of the boomers) inherited a literal shit hole of a world! For goodness sakes rivers were not just metaphorically burning but were actually burning!

This little shi….nning example of an spoiled and self admitted sufferer of mental illnesses has been handed not a golden world, but a world that is on the verge of being a platinum status world!

This little girl, who can’t comprehend the complexities of the actual world because she managed to cuck her parents into quitting their successful careers so as to not hurt her feelings! Yet, she can’t comprehend that she can go to the store every day of the year and get raspberries….in Sweden! Thank you baby boomers! As a child the stores we went to had apples (one variety), oranges (sometimes) and grapes!

Baby boomers have:
- Created a world where the abject poverty is the lowest in human history (capitalism, not through any government program)
- Given us a world where for the first time in human history the majority of the population is either in the middle class in their nation or the upper class!
- Increased the daily caloric intake of the average person in the world by over 1000 kc/day primarily in protein reducing world hunger to the lowest points in history!
- Made it so more people have moved from the lower class in the US to the middle class then have moved down. And more have moved from the middle to the upper class
- Created a truck (Ford Ranger) that is so efficient that the emissions from the exhaust actually have less harmful (not co2, but real pollutants) then enter the vehicle in California emissions tests! The truck is cleaning the air of real illness causing pollutants.
- Given us the clean air act, clean water act, EPA, endangered species act, and ….. The first earth day!
- Have reforested much of the US back to levels not seen since the 1700’s
- So embraced nature that eagles are now creating homes in the suburbs!
- Opened up dental and vision treatments to a greater percentage of the world population then ever, imagine being able to eat and to see, and to read!
- Eliminated diseases and illnesses, in some cases even making those thought a death sentence to manageable levels.
- Created prosperity that allows for the cleaning of the world….there is a direct correlation between the two.
- Rebuilt a world that was nearly destroyed by previous generations…a world where deaths from war were increasing exponentially until nearly 10,000,000 were dying each and every year. For the past 70 years that average has been steady around 1,000,000 (that includes civil wars and coups).
- Have returned more antiquities and relics to indigenous peoples and nations, outlawed their transfer, returned pilfered artwork to families decimated in the past ---- this was unheard of in human history. Rape and pillage is human nature!

I could go on, you know I could go on and on and on.
This generation has been handed a world where anything is possible … because of generations before, the same generations she demonizes and hates….and you two sound like your on the same path!

100 years ago she would have been expected to be married perhaps with kids (of course Sweden had it’s eugenics programs following WWII so perhaps she would have been sterilized since she has her admitted mental illness – check out her Tedtalk!) Work the farm or run the home. Yet here she is able to lecture us all about how we have ruined her life – selfish B….eauty! Go out and invent scrubbers to remove Co2….oh wait those exist but aren’t yet cost effective, but will be in the near future.

100 years ago it is most likely Adam could not have been a vegan!

In my lifetime we have dramatically cleaner air and water (worldwide), less disease, less poverty yet the generations after mine have started to roll that back! We have dysentery in LA for goodness sakes! Some nations are having rolling black outs because their green power is unreliable. Imagine your O2 generator battery being dead and the power goes out because Greta is butthurt!

We have DCFS locking kids in offices in Rockford – here at home – because of a lack of foster parents (in part because of over regulating and having a state that ranks the lowest in payment levels due to corruption and buying votes with other people's money) yet we have monthly protests about a border that is 1500 miles away – why because it makes us feel good and is virtue signaling! Your protest isn’t going to change a damn thing and isn’t going to help those kids sleeping in a locked office downtown! Yet God forbid we make parents feel bad about having kids out of wedlock.

We have trash in Rockford, hell we have some of the worst EPA Superfund clean up sites in the nation and yet we feel good if we protest a pipeline or greenhouse gasses that feeds us and allows us to live, invent, and prosper.

Kids are going to walk out of school and not be environmentalists. They didn't even clean up after their own protests last week! But they will virtue signal. They won't all plant trees, they won't raise funds to clean the water in Flint or even here at home!

For the US to go 100% green by 2030 it would take a land mass the size of the state of CA. (solar and wind). And then you would need the transmission lines. Modern nuclear is now safe and produces virtually no waste, as a matter of fact the free market is currently producing nuclear reactors that will eat the waste of the old generation plants – solving the problem of storage. Yet that isn’t even considered. Over 10% of the blades from windmills are not recyclable and are now being buried in landfills because, as with everything they wear out. Anyone hear that one before? They are huge!

Studies have show that gasoline powered vehicles are cleaner for the environment then electric in both Co2 and traditional environmental concerns due to the mining and transport required for building the vehicles yet we are all supposed to pay thousands more for these? What about that truck I mentioned above, I'll take of those.

We could go back to horses, but the cities were hell holes due to the hundreds of horse deaths each week – all decomposing and producing greenhouse gasses as well as the horse shit that was everywhere! Cities stank with a stench that would make you vomit!

It’s all about power and control, not the environment. And you have no control over it despite your protests.

The world isn’t ending in 12 years, the report actually states that if we do nothing the WORST case scenario is that world economic growth will be between 2 and 9% less then it would be if we addressed the issue in the next 12 years. Average world income would be $90,000 instead of $98,000. Poor Greta!!! Your live will be so much harder! Of course if we did everything needed to address the issue in 12 years there would be up to a 16% impact to world GDP in that same 12 years. The report also states that there is low confidence that cyclones, tornadoes, and more importantly DROUGHTS are being driven by climate change.

Every few years the leading economists from the world (more then 300 of them) get together to create the Copenhagen Consensus which asks…given the facts in evidence today how could the funds proposed for climate change best be spent….every time climate change mitigation is near the bottom of the list. Why? Because those funds could provide every human with food, clean water, and medical care!

That is the problem with those who think our betters and smarters – those who are meant to tell us how to live – they never take into account human ingenuity. Their rules tend to restrict and limit human’s potential for solving problems. When allowed freedom and the opportunity to better their lives (free markets) they will inevitably prosper and succeed and solve the problems as we have -- and boomers did a big part!

A friend of mine had a drug problem and almost died a couple times in the late 80’s early 90’s. He takes full responsibility for his actions however he has stated repeatedly that the doomsday predictions on TV, in the media, and at school convinced him that here was no point in even going to school any more and he dropped out. A big trigger was “The Day After” shown in his class – Reagan the the evil old people were going to destroy the world so why bother! We heard this same thing this week from teens testifying before congress and it is truly sad. It worries me more for Fred that he will hear this so often and begin to believe it and give up like Greta did then climate change does.

And kids like Greta are nothing more then spoiled children who, like Veruca Salt didn’t get her way!

Your comments truly shocked me. Either forgetting history because of your cushy 21st century life or, and as Greta says, your evil and I refuse to believe that!

Sorry for the long rant and taking over your thread -- Okay, of everything I said in this post that last line was the only one that wasn't true, lol!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The worst thing to happen to humanity and as a result, the world ... Social science and the elevation of the "me" above humanity itself!

Thursday, January 24, 2019


while I agree with some of your points on others I have to go back to my original point -- who were the adults, and honestly, perhaps if there were more grown people acting like adults instead of activists playing a game of, "I'm not touching you," like toddlers, well perhaps we would have less tragedies like all of those in Rockford in the past few years, they truly break my heart.

While you see tomahawk chopping I see the motions you would see at any teen pep rally, yeah, kinda an in your face motion and rude, but you see them at sports events, adult and high school, in music videos, even Bernie Sanders uses that at times as does AOC (it is an often seen thing on YouTube because somehow kids think you can't tell they really mean it unless they SHOW you!). I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, but because they were Native's for our discussion I'll grant you that it was tomahawk. But, again, KIDS.

While I'm granting the benefit of the doubt, I'll even grant you that Mr. Phillips WAS trying to deescalate the situation, though I'm not sure how those kids were supposed to know that (particularly if they are as cloistered and racist as has been implied in the media) -- while young should respect cultures, knowledgeable Adults also need to respect cultures and perhaps teach others how to do so. Getting in someone's face is not respecting these boy's culture at all. As a matter of fact it is rude and if not then very near abusive! Invading a person's space beating on a drum does not teach cultural respect, at all -- again, ADULT? 

With both of these as a given, Mr. Phillips Adult co-activist who was caught on tape telling another student he didn't belong, the white man stole this land, and to, "go back to Europe where you belong," was clearly NOT trying to deescalate the situation! So if you're going to count the tomahawk....well, ADULT? 

By the way, that is when the only ADULT acting person in the entire situation, Mr. Sandman told his friend to knock off the back and forth with the activist, motioning with a "cut" symbol! Yet somehow he is the one that received the initial death threats from Adults and lambasting from the media.

Mr. Phillips group was also not trying calm things the next night when they tried to enter the DC Basilica the pounding and chanting but that is a different situation.

As far as heroes and color -- why do you even have to bring color into it? Culture, perhaps, but color? Differences of belief even. Contrary to what has been the prevailing narrative the past couple years color is not what most Americans base their lives and beliefs on! What does that say about things and about people's mindsets when that is where some go first thing. Well, I return to my point, do I see heroes? No, but I see actual children and adult children. If Mr. Sandman didn't move on then the Adult, Mr. Phillips, should have (funny that in one video you can hear Mr. Phillips friend say we can move on now, we got what we needed.)

Was Mr. Phillips an, "abusive adult"? Yes, he used a child or group of children! HE WAS THE ADULT HERE, really, have we so forgotten how adults are supposed to behave and demonstrate to children just so we can make a point proving that they are, "the evil people I disagree with," It's about media and we have abandoned adulting and adulting is important! We don't raise kids we indoctrinate them to either hate the other or to feel so aggrieved by the other that they are evil! It worries me that the point of an ADULT (no matter the color) using kids (no matter the color), whether intentional or not -- in this media frenzied age is not seen as a form of abuse. If Mr. Phillips really wanted to deescalate things then he should have placed himself between the two sides. He would not have moved into the crowd as he clearly did. That would have been the ADULT thing to do (perhaps he wasn't petulant, but he clearly played the well known childhood game of, "I'm not touching you," not the adult game of, "just move on!"

But, on all sides, if perhaps we had less activists demanding change in others or action from government and instead we had more ADULTS raising their children, helping their neighbors, helping their neighbors raise their children, and yes, holding others accountable for their and their children's actual actions (not perceived) then we would have less tragedies like this week!
Thanks, prayers, and love to you and to all!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Covington Catholic Student response

Oh, you bet your ass if we could afford a PR firm we would! It is 2019, you'd be crazy not too!

Look at this year's Heisman Trophy winner, on what should have been the best day/week of his life he spent it apologizing for a tweet he sent calling his friend, "y'all queer," nearly 10 years early when he was 14 years old!

Kevin Hart had a comedy routine that he partially posted on Twitter (5 to 7 years ago I think) where he explained how he wanted his son to be straight....he had to apologize and had to step aside from hosting the Oscars!

More then 40% of colleges and 65% of employers check social media and it is nearly 100% that check Google -- shoot, I Googled and checked the county crime filings for out kitchen contractor! Colleges have stated that they have offered admission to individuals who failed to include on their applications things that fit the right thinking (lgbt club) and have declined admission and even revoked offers for admission to those with the wrong thinking (hunting/gun club).

Imagine a school district hiring a new coach/athletic director/teacher and you have an application from a guy with a clear Google and one of the members of the Duke La cross team, the team that was totally exonerated! Knowing it has to go before the board and the conflict that could occur with parents.....who do they hire?

Now imagine your not even in college like the La cross players, you're a 15 year old child and what is supposed to be an adult comes up and bullies you pounding a drum in your face...you don't do anything wrong. Other so called adults say you should be punched, doxed, humiliated, and even put through a wood chipper head first! You're picture is every where and more so called adults say you are 20 years from being the biggest sex offender in the past 35 years, or so his year book said (Justice Kavanaugh).

What is your life like in 20 years, 30 years, who knows. All I know is that adults have to get a handle on themselves soon, start thinking of what an adult is and should be, and stop with the idiotic memes.

Till then, getting a PR firm seems like a reasonable thing. A child, not even able to drive is being totally abused by ADULTS. Adults need to grow up and start Adulting.

By the way, David Hogg (Parkland survivor) has said some truly horrible things about people he as never met. He had a PR firm and he got an offer for Harvard despite the fact that his SAT is 200 points below the score 75% of all Harvard students. I'm not comparing the two, but the findings showed it was a government failure in Parkland and yet he has the right thinking.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Response to FB comment:

Couple things...

There was no GWB caused recession in the early 2000's. Economic data shows that the recession began in 2000 in the EU following the beginning of the burst of the tech bubble which lasted from March 2000 to late 2002. The recession the
n spread (as most do) to the US and other parts of the world in March of 2001 (NBER data), less then 2 months after inauguration day. The dot com crash was then followed by 9/11. 9/11 alone erased a minimum of a years economic output and growth from the US economy. 

Minimum wage laws are perhaps the most racist laws on the books, and were actually sold that way by progressives when originally proposed. They were a large part of the eugenic movement progressives embraced in the late 19th and early 20th century. (A respected progressive professor from Madison, Edward A. Ross argued for minimum wages stating that, "“the coolie (racist term for Chinese workers), though he cannot outdo the American, can underlive him.”). Less productive people would be allowed to fall by the wayside. The 1912 MA minimum wage applied only to women and children and had the effect of reducing employment of women. In the Jim Crow years Unions supported minimum wages and increases because these would, in effect lead to more experienced, educated employees being hired...i.e. white. Unfortunately this still applies to minimum wages today, they are partially responsible for the differences in unemployment rates among races leading to a permanent underclass as they never get the experience of holding a job.

The true minimum wage is $0. Unskilled and under educated suffer that wage every time they apply for a job that requires levels of output they cannot meet.

Currently 29 states and numerous localities have minimum wage laws that are higher then the Federal wage. That's how it should be if there is to be a minimum wage at all. A one size fits all wage (as is the case with most Federal policies and regulation) makes no sense, you can't live on Rockford Wages in NYC.

Congressmen, well, they do need to have two homes. One in their district and one in DC. I wish they worked less, lol. In reality today there should be at least double or triple the number of Congressmen - they represent too many people for the individual citizens to have any impact on them. Each rep has on average 733,000 citizens in their district! Wow. AND the more laws they pass the worse things get! 

Perfect example, your concern of CEO pay. In 1993 the government decided (in all their infinite wisdom) that CEO's made too much so they passed a law limiting the ability of a corporation to deduct CEO (actually, the top 5 corp officers) pay that exceeded $1 million. They excluded perks and stock holder approved merit based stock bonus plans. As a result, as humans are wont to do, they followed the law but found ways to work within but around... the bonuses grew providing huge growth in actual compensation as the stock market grew and so did their stock options. This caused corporate officer income growth above the wage growth prior to the law. All perfectly legal. The government can never predict unintended consequences! The government cannot alter human nature.

BY THE WAY, THE 2017 TAX LAW ELIMINATED THIS EXEMPTION! This should lead to more accountability for actual pay. 

One point here, corporations don't actually pay taxes...they are just a pass through. The money comes from one of 3 places, the customer (higher prices), the employees (lower wages or hours), or the stock holders including IRA's and 401k's (about 44% of Americans, 54% when you include individual stock holders more then half of Americans, BTW, stock buybacks impact the wealth of these Americans as well). (lower dividends or stock growth). People pay taxes, corporations don't. 

Government is not what, “we choose to do together,” as we heard repeatedly recently. Government is actually what 50% plus one person choose to do together, the individual be damned. Corporations are actually what we choose to do together. Don’t like the corporation, don’t join (invest), don’t use/shop there, start your own to compete! 

The beauty of our system, as established, is that most of our concern and regulation should be a local issue not federal (as close to home as possible). As mentioned above each Rep has 733,000 citizens they represent. How is the average (non billionaire) citizen supposed to make a dent in an election of that size? Yet, they can get their neighbors together to oust their county board rep, or alderman. One person can talk to a lot of neighbors! They can even have an impact on mayor or county board chair. But the further you get from home the harder it is. Congressman, Senator, good luck. 
And that is the root problem, all the rest are symptoms. 

Money in politics, blame the fact that the Federal Government has their paws in everything meaning everyone has some skin in the game and are willing to pay to keep that power. Again, just a symptom. 

It never ceases to amaze the calls for more government when experience and history show over and over that this only leads to is more corporate cronyism, graft, and corruption.