Right Of The Star

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Retrospective Trek

Today James Carville asked which part of the Clinton Presidency the Republicans didn't like - Peace or Prosperity.

Bush's win in November shows that Americans realized that Clinton's Peace and Prosperity were nothing but illusions, or more accurately delusions caused by sweeping problems under the rug! Iraq, terrorism, stock market bubble, social security, medicare, and on and on and on - these problems were all, as President Bush says, kicked down the road and not addressed.

Now we are handling them and the Adults in America understand this, giving President Bush a second term. Unfortunately Democrats just don't get it.

Two quick treks

First of all I am really amazed that those on the left, particularily in the Left wing media don't get it.....We are sick of their constant attacks on the US and our President - that is a lesson they should have taken from the election, but they just don't get it! They intend to pound the President into the ground or destroy the nation trying, damn it!

Second, Star Parker has taken and expanded my point on Social Security in an excellent essay where she asks, "What's the Congressional Black Causus Thinking?"

I noted these same points a couple of weeks ago when I said:
Social Security Reform - Imagine the wealth creation that would occur in just 3 generations when the left over funds are passed on to the account owner's beneficiary! This would be a windfall to our grandchildren! Particularly to blacks and a huge bonus to Gay Partners. Imagine the benefits to charities! Want to pass this reform - get these people to see these benefits and they will get it passed!

Under the current system the system itself sucks up all unpaid benefits upon death, something inherrently unfair to all, but more so to black men who still have the shortest life expectancy in the US!