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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Observations on This Trek

Here are some random observations on this Trek we call Life!

Middle East Peace for Dummies - Stop blowing up innocent civilians, kill all those that do!

Social Security Reform - Imagine the wealth creation that would occur in just 3 generations when the left over funds are passed on to the account owner's beneficiary! This would be a windfall to our grandchildren! Particularly to blacks and an huge bonus to Gay Partners. Imagine the benefits to charities! Want to pass this reform - get these people to see these benefits and they will get it passed!

It is often possible to identify a Liberal by their appearance which leads me to believe it is a genetic trait! I wonder if they have a form of Gaydar that goes off when they meet in the street?

Speaking of which, Peter Beinart of the New Republic is under attack from the so called tolerant left for encouraging his party to get tough on Terrorism or risk extinction. He will find himself in the Andrew Sullivan zone soon - BTW, Andrew was also the Editor of the New Republic! Actually Beinart may end up in the Zell Miller wing of the Republican Party, or perhaps a Gay Patriot sooner then you would imagine!

The Democrats are so short sighted that they honestly believe that people voted, "against their own interests." Which really means that they voted against immediate rewards in an attempt to overcome long term problems. This thinking is why they will never be able to achieve Peter Beinart's goal of being tough on terrorism. If today's lib's were in power in WWII we might just have lost that one!

I am sick of pundits who, just like the Dem's mentioned above, can't see the long term issues but would rather harp on the short term blips.

This short term thinking is also why Dem's would never reform Social Security - they can't see past next week - and as Ann Coulter once said - paraphrased - for them history began this morning.

Journalists and the rest of the left think it is their job to make news rather then report news. This is pure stupidity!

Drove past a car on the way to MIL's (Jas Mom) that I would have pulled over if I were a cop. It had a flag emblem on the window that had been placed upside down - like the idiots on the far left love to do now. Remember Kerry's hatred for the symbols of America - here is more proof that the left hates everything America is today. According to the United States Code this display of the flag (§176. Respect for flag - a)
The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.
That is why I would have stopped this long haired idiot! I would have made him get out of the car and checked to see if he was being held at knife point and had him explain what danger he was under. The intent of displaying the flag like this was similar to dialing 911 before we had phones!

A front in the War on Terror I forgot when I wrote The Fronts In This World War includes a direct attack on the world wide international corruption! We can't defeat terrorism without a victory in this front, it is what buys governments, funds terrorists, and allows acts of terrorism to be explained by nuance!

I hate nuance!

More as the come to me!

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