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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Doc Day

Hey, Doc appointment day. For some of us who are disabled that can be a full day effort so blogging may be light.

Check out the links, especially the new Forced Outing Watch list!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ass Biting On Demand!

"This is another example of where we just don't get it," says a Democratic pollster in New York. "We knew the Pope was dying. We knew we had an opportunity, and we just ignore it and go ahead and act like the Democrats all those Red Staters think we are. We attack the Republicans for trying to save the Schiavo woman, and we ignore the Pope's passing. Somehow I know this is just going to come back and bite us in the ass."

Well, who am I to let down a Democratic Pollster - especially one willing to talk to The American Spectator's Prowler.

Her Catholicism notwithstanding, Pelosi was especially adamant about pressing ahead with the political agenda, according to a House leadership staffer. "This wasn't counter-intuitive," says the staffer. "This was just being stupid and stubborn. It's another example of where we are going wrong as a party."

It is all about Nancy boy (Blows-me) Pelosi and Harry ass Reid's agenda, damn those Catholics...

President Bush devoted his weekly radio address to praising the John Paul II, recalling the Pope's heroic charge for freedom and devotion to the culture of life.

Democrats around the country were said to be angry that Reid and Pelosi wasted an opportunity to show the party's faithful side to a nation that clearly would spend the weekend focused on the death of the Pope, and not judges.

But the Democrats just couldn't! They had to push ahead with their agenda despite this once in a lifetime event.

Democrats have been patting themselves on the back lately that they have figured out how to better communicate with Red State America. You wouldn't have known it on Friday and Saturday, when congressional minority leaders, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi refused to adapt the party's weekly radio address to the breaking news that Pope John Paul II was on his death bed.

"We had a plan in place for a national radio address that would have highlighted the Pope's stand on social justice and equality for all," says a Democratic National Committee staffer. "They wouldn't do it. They said it would look like pandering, that it wasn't helpful

They really don't get it.

Gay Threat Level Lowered - High (Orange)

Hey, according to Orbit Mr. Rogers bought ad space on his site.

Good - maybe I will finally be encouraged to see what nobody (that I know) is talking about! LOL, I have stopped there once now and found it unentertaining, messy and - actually boring.

Now lowering the threat level was a difficult decision considering it was noted that Mike Rogers has attacked Log Cabin Republicans for supporting Social Security reform. Here is what he said:

Mike Rogers is criticizing Log Cabin Republican director Patrick Guerriero for “getting into bed with” USA Next - the folks behind the anti-gay AARP ad.

Shame on Gurriero for hopping into bed with USA Next. By doing so, The President of Log Cabin has sold out EVERY gay man and lesbian in America.
Ahmmmm… no. This is blatant deception on Rogers’ part - which is easy for him to do, as most of his readers are easily led and know little about critical thinking and doing their own research.

Rogers is implying that Log Cabin and USA Next are partners in something, when that is completely untrue. Log Cabin, rightly, has signed on to the president’s Social Security restructuring plan. Why? Because it is good for gay people - or at the very least, it’s much better than the current system.

Shame on Mike Rogers for NOT supporting a plan that would allow gay Americans to pass on their retirement plans to whomever they choose. Shame on Mike Rogers for (I assume) supporting the current system that discriminates against gay and lesbian Americans. By getting into bed with those that support the status quo, Mike Rogers has sold out EVERY gay man and lesbian in America.

I couldn't agree more and said so before here!

In addition he pulled a trackback Orbit put on his site. That isn't how a blog is supposed to work is it?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Danger To The South

CIA director Porter Goss wasn't kidding when he put Mexico in with Venezuela, Haiti, Bolivia and Nicaragua as the most unstable countries in the hemisphere.

So begins The American Thinker's analysis of the political outlook for the upcoming Mexican elections this year.

As a substitute for reform, Fox encouraged Mexicans to skip over the border to the U.S., to take up life as illegal aliens - and send dollars back to Mexico
The danger on our southern boarder is hard to ignore,
why has an administration that I have praised for addressing issues and not, "kicking the can down the road," (like virtually every issue during the eight years of Clinton) not properly addressed this issue?

Could it be
the plight of those already here,
The poverty, the exploitation by the migrant rackets, the permanent underclass status, the ease with which aliens can lose everything they've worked to build if they are apprehended by law enforcement is heartbreaking. These people are helpless.
Understandably concerning and worth addressing, but not valid for ignoring the boarder issue and those who are still streaming across the boarder aren't helped by being trapped in this same hell!

Earlier I posted that perhaps there was something we didn't know about the southern boarder and our war on terror efforts, perhaps a cooperative Fox is better then a Chavez look alliance.
For the U.S., there's a potential Hugo Chavez on its border, one who's already talking about an oil alliance with Venezuela. Oil supplier number three teaming up with oil supplier number four to stick it to the gringos sounds like $105 a barrel oil already. For Latin America, there's one more demagogue ready to retard the region's growth by destroying Latin America's largest economy. The danger is obvious to everyone.


The Power of Faith

Charles Krauthammer has the definative analysis of the Pope's impact on the world:
I am not much of a believer, but I find it hard not to suspect some providential hand at play when the white smoke went up at the Vatican 27 years ago and the Polish cardinal was chosen to lead the Catholic Church. Precisely at the moment that the West most desperately needed it, we were sent a champion. It is hard to remember now how dark those days were.