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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Patriot Day

The Text from the Presidents Proclamation of September 11 as Patriots Day is very moving. Here it is:
Three years ago, our country was ruthlessly attacked, and more than 3,000 innocent people lost their lives. We will always remember the victims: sons and daughters, husbands and wives, dads and moms, family members, co-workers, and friends. And we will always be inspired by the heroism and decency of our fellow citizens on that day. Police, firefighters, emergency rescue personnel, doctors, nurses, and many others risked their own lives to save the lives of their fellow citizens. They demonstrated the great character and bravery of our Nation, and they embody the great spirit of America.

Since September 11th, America has fought a relentless war on terror around the world. We are staying on the offensive in this war -- striking the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. We pray that God watch over our brave men and women in uniform and all who are waging this war and working to keep America safe. And we pray for their families. In the face of danger, America is showing its character. Three years after the attack on our country, Americans remain strong and resolute, patient in a just cause, and confident of the victory to come.

By a joint resolution approved December 18, 2001 (Public Law 107-89), the Congress has designated September 11 of each year as "Patriot Day."

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 11, 2004, as Patriot Day. I call upon the Governors of the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, as well as appropriate officials of all units of government, to direct that the flag be flown at half-staff on Patriot Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe Patriot Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities, including remembrance services, to display the flag at half-staff from their homes on that day, and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 8:46 a.m. eastern daylight time to honor the innocent victims who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand four, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and twenty-ninth.



Daily Trek 091104

A Moment of Silence as today is Patriots Day in honor of those lost in The War on Terrorism started by the radical islamists who attacked this great country of ours!

Had this from Cox and Forkum, but it messes up the whole blog it's a tribute to 9/11, go check it out.

Someone is going to be pissed - If the reports that the infamous Rathergate memos are from the Kerry Camp then Tom Harkin was left hanging in the wind. But he refuses to apologize for his blather! (I know I would be f.....ing livid!) See The American Spectator Washington Prowler.

Ivan the Terrible is still barreling down on Cuba and Florida - 39 dead in Jamaca and it looks like it is on track to hit the what is left of Florida.

Mark Steyn of the Chicago Sun Times rips into CBS and the MSM for the Rathergate memo flap:
Are Dan Rather and ''60 Minutes'' a bunch of patsies suckered by the Kerry campaign? Not exactly. According to the American Spectator, ''The CBS producer said that some alarm bells went off last week when the signatures and initials of Killian on the documents in hand did not match up with other documents available on the public record, but producers chose to move ahead with the story."

WND - Bin Laden close to capture and Bin Laden issues orders for new attacks of Afghan insurgents.

Rathergate Memo Flap has legs - witnesses caving on the entire story not just the memo part - coverage is excellent at Powerline
Seems everymedia outlet that has been hitting the original guard story has been Rather biased to say the least in their Lie-N-Hype type of editing and interviewing, ie misleading experts and misquoting them.

UPDATE: From NRO's Kerry Spot which has great coverage of how the media is trying to spin out of this. And includes the Wizbang quote I reported on here - 34567 All Good forgers....

Attempting to authenticate a signature from a photocopy is exactly what Matley did for CBS.

Game over.

UPDATE: A couple of readers question whether this really is "game over" - whether CBS can hunker down and wait for the storm to blow over.

Actually, it appears CBS no longer has any witnesses backing up its case.


Station Keeping

Just needed to make a point. When I started this blog I had no intention of it being so political - but I couldn't help myself! I had intended to have more witticism and observations - like, well I can't think of any right now.

Oh, and M. Moore Jr., I hope your okay and not in Florida being hit by the repeated storms.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Actually I Am In My PJ's

From Instapundit:
JUST CAUGHT Jonathan Klein debating Stephen Hayes about the CBS forgery scandal. Klein says that "Bloggers have no checks and balances . . . [it's] a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas."

But ABC has this report:

HODGES SAID HE WAS MISLED BY CBS: Retired Maj. General Hodges, Killian's supervisor at the Grd, tells ABC News that he feels CBS misled him about the documents they uncovered. According to Hodges, CBS told him the documents were "handwritten" and after CBS read him excerpts he said, "well if he wrote them that's what he felt."

Hodges also said he did not see the documents in the 70's and he cannot authenticate the documents or the contents. His personal belief is that the documents have been "computer generated" and are a "fraud".

I guess this is the independent verification that Rather was talking about. To paraphrase Lincoln's remarks on Ulysses S. Grant, maybe CBS should get its journalists some of those pajamas. . . . Or maybe, in light of what we've learned, some of these Pajamas.


Daily Trek 091004

Here are some un-document-ed stories you should catch:

Longtime Democratic strategist Pat Caddell said Friday that if documents aired by CBS newsman Dan Rather Wednesday night turn out to be forged as alleged by experts, the presidential race "is over."

And also this great one from Newsmax - who said these people were our friends:
Canadians Building Monument to U.S. Draft Dodgers

From Instapundit another cowardly monument action:

VANDALISM AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE: John Brown notes that a 9/11 memorial on campus was vandalized:

As hard as it may be to believe, the 9/11 memorial placed on campus here at UT Tuesday night has been vandalized.

Apparently, some cowardly and despicable individuals snuck onto the amphitheater Wednesday night and removed all 3,000 flags. They moved them to Humanities Plaza (about 100 yards away) and replanted them, spelling out "The World Suffers." They also chalked various antiwar and anti-Bush slogans on the buildings and on the pavement - in direct violation of University rules.

Fortunately, we were on top of this by 8 am. We quickly washed away the libelous cliches, and returned the flags to where they belong. The memorial stands again, despite the wishes of these idiots.

This is quite disturbing for many reasons. First of all, the memorial was a nonpartisan one - the College Democrats were invited to attend. People of all political persuasions were involved. It had nothing to do with the Iraq war. Yet apparently in this world of rabid antiwar sentiment, even a 9/11 memorial can be considered offensive by certain activists.

Secondly, the cowardice of those responsible is also telling. Why, pray tell, did they not do this during the day? Were they ashamed to be seen? Or were they simply cowards?

Finally, how could someone be so callous as to remove this? 3,000 flags were involved. Every one was taken out of the ground, moved about 100 yards, and planted in the ground again. This was not something that was done in five minutes. These people obviously put a lot of efforts into their vandalism. What message does the fact that they are willing to do this send to the families of those who died on September 11, 2001? Whose side are these people on?

Whose, indeed? He's got photos, too. More here. (Via Michael Silence).

Moasoor Ijaz has a great piece on Jihad in Chaos -The extremist ideology is in collapse from National Review Online - it is a great piece and something we don't hear often. Proof that The Bush Doctrine is working!
Osama bin Laden's global vision — of jihadists crawling from the cracks in every enemy state to strike out at infidels with weapons of mass destruction — is drowning in a swamp of confusion among senior jihadists debating who to attack next, how to do it, and for whose benefit. In short, global jihad has turned on itself, and is being destroyed from within — one botched and more wretched attack at a time.This is largely a function of the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes — the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, and their Coalition colleagues — in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their courage and valor in conflict zones has battered the very thesis — that the enemy is too corrupt of mind, too decadent in spirit, and too weak of body to sustain the battle to victory — on which bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, have sent thousands of "martyrs" to their deaths.

Healing Iraq gives great insight into why we can't get Muslim's to condem the terrorists - too many different sects with stacks and stacks of previous fatwas that have to be reconciled. The cleric added that such a fatwa would take some time and would need considerable research and thought which should be done to study the possible benefits of such a fatwa under the present circumstances. It is obvious that according to the twisted mindset of Sheikh Abdul-Sattar and his ilk, a clear fatwa that would help save innocent lives and, most importantly, would serve to give credence to the controversial claim that Islam is a religion of peace is a 'huge task on the Ulemma of the ummah', yet the same clerics are always quite readily prepared to jump on the bandwagon of Jihad and to issue fatwas calling for destruction at every opportunity.
Healing Iraq is a great blog, BTW!

Can Islam change? Many think not but Beslan and 9/11 are leading millions of Muslims to search their souls. Even clerics now question the harshest traditional laws and look for a more humane interpretation of their faith. By Ziauddin Sardar

And definately check out the Rathergate updates on the blogs listed to the right.

Update: From The Corner at NRO
While Doris Kearns Goodwin (on MSNBC) and Michael Wolff (on CNBC) tout the societal usefulness of slime queen Kitty Kelley, you may get a quick lowdown on the media's record of indulgence for her tall tales here.

One note from that:
In 1992, Today dropped an invitation to Richard E. Burke, a former Ted Kennedy aide who wrote a book titled The Senator, which claimed that Kennedy used the drugs cocaine and amyl nitrate in nightclubs and had regular sex with interns. Said then-Executive Producer Jeff Zucker: "In reading it over and seeing the way it was being portrayed by tabloid television, it didn't feel right for us."

Apparently, a book alleging cocaine use by Ted Kennedy is a serious charge which requires serious evidence before it makes NBC's air, while a book alleging cocaine use by George W. Bush at Camp David is fantastic grist for a three-part interview.
Wow - Muslim group takes responsibility for 9-11: 'We are so sorry'

Ivan the Terrible

Ivan appears to be headed to Florida - Those poor people can NOT get a break this year!

I'm waiting to see the documents that prove Bush asked God to keep poor voters home by wiping the state out with hurricanes! Sounds like the drool that comes out of McAulffe's pie hole!

PO Box 34567 - All good forgers go to heaven

UPDATE: The CBS Report had no evidence, the superscripts they showed in the doc's in question don't match - no underlining as in their report and they admitted that their own expert looked at copies! They didn't indicate if there was a typewriter with that font and options, it goes on and on!

When I first saw this it looked rather strange to me: Kerry Spot
ABOUT THE P.O. BOX... [09/10 02:15 PM]

The "P.O. Box 34567" in one of the memos always seemed kind of weird. Not disproven, just kind of weird.

Now James Rosen of Fox News is reporting that the Pentagon questions the use of a P.O. Box on a memo, and that the P.O. Box may never have been used by that unit. He reports that it seems highly unlikely that they would have P.O. Box containing sequential numbers, and that standard military practice has always been to place the actual physical address on the letterhead.

UPDATE: Byron, among others, points out that one of the documents released in February by the White House, a September 5, 1972 letter from Bush asking to perform equivalent duty with the 187th in Alabama is addressed to:

Col. Jerry Killian
P.O. Box 34567
Houston, Texas 77034

Something in my mind goes back to something from the JFK conspiracy case with that PO box - wouldn't that be strange?

Ratherbiased has this wonderful insight:
(Exclusive Must Credit RatherBiased.com) Bernard Goldberg, the former CBS correspondent who in many ways ignited the current debate over bias in the media has now weighed in on the 60 Minutes document controversy, calling it the "almost inevitable" product of liberal media groupthink.

"Assuming that at least some of the documents are indeed forgeries as they now seem," Goldberg says in an email to RatherBiased.com, "This is what happens when a news organziation operates in a bubble--a comfy liberal elite bubble. They WANTED the story to be true, so they apparently minimized or ignored any information that contradicted their pre-conceived notions.

"This is the nature of bias in the news. no conspiracies. Rather never said, 'I know these documents are phoney, but I'll go with them anyway.' He would never do that. The problem is too much like-mindedness, too much groupthink. What happened was almost invevitable. Sooner or later, when you live in the bubble, something bad will happen.

"Let me add that Dan Rather was my friend yesterday, he's my friend today, and he'll be my friend tomorrow."

UPDATE From WizBang - the expert fails his own test:

Just 2 short years ago, CBS's Star witness, Marcel Matley wrote a book titled,
Using and Cross-Examining Handwriting Experts." (pdf)

In it, he denounces his own methodology he used for CBS:

The Problem with Copies
Do not passively accept a copy as the sole basis of a case. Every copy, intentionally or unintentionally, is in some way false to the original.

In fact, modern copiers and computer printers
are so good that they permit easy fabrication of
quality forgeries. [heh -ed] From a copy, the document examiner
cannot authenticate the unseen original
but may well be able to determine that the unseen
original is false. Further, a definite finding
of authenticity for a signature is not possible
from a photocopy,
while a definite finding of falsity
is possible.

Why didn't you tell Dan Rather that Mr. Matley?


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Alphabet Wars

This from ABC on the Documents "discovered" and aired by CBS

"These documents do not appear to have been the result of technology that was available in 1972 and 1973," said Bill Flynn, one of country's top authorities on document authentication. "The cumulative evidence that's available … indicates that these documents were produced on a computer, not a typewriter:"

Among the points Flynn and other experts noted:

The memos were written using a proportional typeface, where letters take up variable space according to their size, rather than fixed-pitch typeface used on typewriters, where each letter is allotted the same space. Proportional typefaces are available only on computers or on very high-end typewriters that were unlikely to be used by the National Guard.
The memos include superscript, i.e. the "th" in "187th" appears above the line in a smaller font. Superscript was not available on typewriters.
The memos included "curly" apostrophes rather than straight apostrophes found on typewriters.
The font used in the memos is Times Roman, which was in use for printing but not in typewriters. The Haas Atlas — the bible of fonts — does not list Times Roman as an available font for typewriters.
The vertical spacing used in the memos, measured at 13 points, was not available in typewriters, and only became possible with the advent of computers.

Oh and Drudge has this:


CBS NEWS executives have launched an internal investigation into whether its premiere news program 60 MINUTES aired fabricated documents relating to Bush National Guard service, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"The reputation and integrity of the entire news division is at stake, if we are in error, it will be corrected," a top CBS source explained late Thursday.

The source, who asked not to be named, described CBSNEWS anchor and 60 MINUTES correspondent Dan Rather as being "shell-shocked" by the increasingly likelihood that the documents in question were fraudulent.

Rather, who anchored the segment presenting new information on the president's military service, will personally correct the record on-air, if need be, the source explained from New York.

Wow - the Docu Drama is getting good - did anyone really believe CBS in the first place? Barnes daughter (unconfirmed) is reported to have said her father is just trying to sell books!

UPDATE - The Washington Post is covering the dispute the key paragarph:
After doubts about the documents began circulating on the Internet yesterday morning, The Post contacted several independent experts who said they appeared to have been generated by a word processor. An examination of the documents by The Post shows that they are formatted differently from other Texas Air National Guard documents whose authenticity is not questioned.

Note the key here is that the Old MSM was forced to look into this! What happened before we had the internet? Spoon feeding is over!

Daily Trek 090904

Internet is running slow all over - is it the buzz about the doc's?

Speaking of which - Wow - HUGH Day about the documents go to Powerline (started it all, most inclusive) Wizbang,, The Kerry Spot, Drudge - shoot, just about anyplace!

How about this one
Son of Late Officer Questions Bush Memos...

Also new ABC/Washington Post Poll Bush 52, Kerry 42, Nader 3

Al Qaeda #2 man releases taped statement Fox news

New unemployment claims drop again!
Jobless Claims At 3 Year Low (Polipundit)

Bad news for Kerry is good news for America.

It has now been 39 days since John Kerry met the media in an on camera interview.

More Great Analysis from Neil Bortz - Neils nuze

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan said yesterday that the spread of Democracy throughout Latin America has failed to reduce poverty. Said the wise one: "Democracy has still not efficiently responded to the aspirations of the region's poor." In other words, only socialist and totalitarian societies can eradicate poverty. Right...tell that to the starving people in North Korea. What an idiot. But it gets better.

"Today in some quarters (democracy) is even challenged for being part of the problem," according to Annan. So there you have it...straight from the head of the U.N. Democracy is a failure. The people are too stupid to elect their own leaders and chart their own political course. In Kofi's world, capitalism is a failed experiment. Only government can ensure "fair" allocation of resources so as to eradicate poverty. I'm sure if he thought he could get away with it, Annan would have continued his speech by touting the wonders of communism. To the U.N., only a vast welfare state can bring about the results they're looking for. (Sort of reminds you of the modern Democratic party.)

The truth is now completely out: Kofi Annan is a socialist. This proves once again that the entire mission of the United Nations, at its core, is completely un-American. So why do we participate in this corrupt, worthless organization in the first place?

Beats me.

From Hugh Hewitt comes an update on the World Poll from yesterdays trek:
We are told that if the world could vote, they would elect Kerry. Of course the world would prefer that America return to its Clinton-era, supine target status. If terrorists can get here and murder Americans, they are far less likely to do so in other countries. Like Churchill said, appeasement is like feeding the alligator all your friends in the hope it will eat you last. This poll may be the very best evidence that Bush is waging exactly the right sort of war, and why he is likely to win big. Read George Will's latest. It is an election about security --our security, not Indonesia's or Mexico's or any of the other countries polled.

Also Powerline has written to the AP to file a complaint about the completely made up report about the boo's We can't let this one drop people - we can make a difference and hold them accountable. Send an Email now!

UPDATE - The Weekly Standard's analysis of the document drama:
So can we say with absolute certainty that the documents were forged? Not yet. Xavier University's Polt, in an email, offers two possible scenarios. "Either these are later transcriptions of earlier documents (which may have been handwritten or typed on a typewriter), or they are crude and amazingly foolish forgeries. I'm a Kerry supporter myself, but I won't let that cloud my objective judgment: I'm 99% sure that these documents were not produced in the early 1970s."

Iran Seen Using EU to Buy Time to Get Atomic Bomb - DUH, but of course Kerry and the Euro's just don't get it still! The Euro's don't want to isolate them and Kerry wants t0 give them nuclear fuel - HUH?

Chicago Spy in the Sky! Watch out for the cameras there everywhere - or they soon will be! Not necessarily a bad idea though - wonder how many really are out there already?

ScrappleFace Has The Goods!

Dan Rather KNOWS the docs are authentic:
1972 Email Casts Doubt on Bush Guard Service

(2004-09-09) -- CBS reporter Dan Rather today released the text of a recently discovered email from then-Lt. George W. Bush's Air National Guard commanding officer which casts more doubt upon the military service of the man who would become the 43rd President of the United States.

The revelation of the email comes just hours after questions were raised about the authenticity of typewritten memos from the same officer, shown yesterday by Mr. Rather on 60 Minutes.

According to the previously unseen email message sent in May 1972 by squadron commander Jerry Killian, Lt. Bush phoned Col. Killian because "his internet connection was on the fritz and he couldn't IM me."

Lt. Bush apparently wanted to talk about "how he can get out of coming to drill from now through November."

According to Col. Killian's email, the young Bush wanted to go to Alabama to work as webmaster for a Republican candidate's website.

Mr. Rather said the authenticity of the 32-year-old email has been confirmed by several Nigerian officials who specialize in electronic funds transfer by email.

And more:

Kerry Honorably Discharged from Senate

(2004-09-09) -- On a day when new allegations surfaced about George W. Bush's National Guard service in 1972, Democrat presidential candidate John Forbes Kerry officially received his honorable discharge from the U.S. Senate.

The discharge, coming just four years before the end of his fourth Senate term, was granted to allow Mr. Kerry to "pursue other interests at a time when the nation has a surplus of senators," according to the official discharge letter.

Mr. Kerry immediately defended himself against charges that he had sought special treatment due to his status as a presidential candidate.

"Despite allegations that I rarely attended Senate sessions, committee hearings and votes, and that I have introduced no significant legislation in the past 20 years, this honorable discharge proves that I have fulfilled my duty to the nation," Mr. Kerry said.

The Vietnam veteran added that, "unlike Mr. Bush, I have not made my record of political leadership a campaign issue. Instead, I have stayed focused on my military service 35 years ago. After all, that's what's most important to ordinary Americans."

(Satire - in case you couldn't figure it out!)

Implosion 101 Contemptible Argument

September 9, 2004 -- YESTERDAY John Kerry an nounced somberly that the nation had reached a "tragic milestone." He was referring to the thousandth American death in the Iraq war.

But he might well have been referring to the tragic milestone his own career reached when he ascended the podium yesterday in Cincinnati and, I believe, consigned his presidential hopes to the ash-heap of history.

For what Kerry did yesterday, in his most unambiguously anti-war speech yet, was to make an unintentional mockery of himself and his party. He has taken to calling the war in Iraq "the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." But yesterday he boiled down his chief complaint against the war to an astonishingly crass level.

While paying the necessary obeisances to the sacrifices of our troops in Iraq, he quickly moved on to complain that the key problem with the cause for which they have been making these sacrifices is just too damn expensive. The $200 billion price tag, he complained, "is $200 billion that we're not investing in education, health care and job creation here at home."

You see, we could have lots of after-school programs and lots of other nice stuff if it weren't for Iraq!

"$200 billion for Iraq, but they tell us we can't afford after-school programs for our children," he said. "$200 billion for Iraq, but they tell us we can't afford health care for our veterans."

There is so much wrong with this argument that it's hard to know where to begin. There's the simple matter of Kerry's bald-faced falsity. First of all, the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind Act has increased by 65 percent the amount of federal money spent on schooling. Spending on veterans' health care has grown a whopping 27 percent.

Bush has spent freely, far too freely in the eyes of most of those who obsess about fiscal responsibility. But even engaging in this kind of discussion brings the issue down to Kerry's astoundingly crass level.

If Kerry wants to argue that we should never have gone to war, for whatever reason he may choose — the failure to find Saddam's WMDs, the unforeseen difficulties after the end of major combat operations, the putative recruitment of more terrorists, the tragic death toll — fine.

These are serious issues, and a serious policy discussion could ensue from a Kerry speech that raised them.

<> But he doesn't want to talk about serious issues, because his effort to have it every-which-way on all these matters as he bobbed and weaved his way into his party's nomination has caused him to take (by one count) eight different positions on the war so far.

So now it comes down to this: The war has cost too much. And why?

Kerry offers two arguments. One is debatable. One is contemptible.

The debatable argument is that the Bush administration didn't properly plan for the insurgency that followed the ouster of the Hussein regime. Bush has now acknowledged as much by discussing the "miscalculation" that occurred because no one expected the initial combat to end so quickly.

The problem for Kerry is that if he makes this debatable argument, he is forced to attack Bush from the right. To argue that Bush didn't take the insurgency seriously enough forces Kerry to argue that there needed to be more troops and that, right now, we need to finish the job in Fallujah and Najaf.

And right now, Kerry can't attack Bush from the right. Because of his incompetent conduct in the aftermath of the Democratic Convention, Kerry is facing an increasingly disgruntled and impatient Democratic base. The base is 90 percent anti-war. If he gets on their bad side, they might give up on him or even vote Nader.

That's why he prefers the contemptible argument.

Yesterday, he said that the war cost too much because George W. Bush didn't get allies who were willing to pay for it. "America has paid nearly 90 percent of the bill in Iraq," he said. "Contrast that with the Gulf War, where our allies paid 95 percent of the costs."

Well, the Gulf War cost $61 billion back in 1991, and most of it was paid for by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Does John Kerry really think we should be going to the Saudis today for money to pay for U.S. operations in Iraq? Does Kerry actually think anyone will believe that his supposed friends in Germany and France would have given him money to pay for a war against Saddam Hussein?

Americans with grave concerns about Iraq actually deserve a better advocate than Kerry, who wants to reduce those concerns to a false monetary calculation. This is a serious country, and Iraq is a serious business. Barring some event out of Kerry's or Bush's control, this unserious man from Massachusetts will not become our president.

Implosion 101 Archive

Daily Trek 090904

Keep what works while you add new techniques like school massacres - in case you thought we were done with bombings A powerful bomb exploded near the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on Thursday, killing at least three people and wounding 50. Fox news

Update to the Media Declares War....On Bush - Comes this from Captains Quarters:
Sharon Bush, who is divorced from the president's brother Neil, said in a statement: "I categorically deny that I ever told Kitty Kelley that George W. Bush used cocaine at Camp David or that I ever saw him use cocaine at Camp David. When Kitty Kelley raised drug use at Camp David, I responded by saying something along the lines of, 'Who would say such a thing?' "Although there have been tensions between me and various members of the Bush family, I cannot allow this falsehood to go unchallenged."

But I bet she will still be on The Today Show - but still no Swiftie!

Genesis Space Probe Fails to Deploy Chute, Slams into Earth - Space.com

UPDATE From the American Spectator Washington Prowler:

The Boston Globe claimed that when it published its story on Wednesday that essentially plowed old ground about President Bush's National Guard service, it was merely a coincidence that its sister publication, the New York Times, as well as CBS News and several anti-Bush groups, were mounting a mud-slinging campaign on the same topic on the same day.

That may be true.

But the facts remain that several news organizations continue to sit on stories that are more recent than the events of 1971, and would prove extremely damaging to the Kerry campaign.

"I don't know why they aren't running the stories," says an editor at one of the news organizations. "The stories are in the can and have been combed through by our lawyers. It's frustrating."


Next Arlington Cemetary!

World Net Daily (WND)

Vet sues to save mountaintop cross
Association made compromise with ACLU to remove it
The cross was erected in 1954 and today honors veterans of World War I and II and the Korean War.

"The long and complicated struggle to remove the cross now involves hundreds of donors and owners of plaques purchased to honor our nation's veterans," said Charles S. LiMandri, West Coast regional director of the Law Center.

"These individuals were promised that the cross would stay as a part of the memorial atop Mt. Soledad," he continued. "It is a sad day when we are faced with the prospect of withholding a promise made to those who wish to honor our nation's veterans, and instead surrender to the demands of a hypersensitive atheist who is set on destroying one of San Diego's most treasured landmarks."

Once this piece of history is destroyed is it a far cry to think our National Cemetaries are next? DKK

What Did He Say? Better Red Then In the Economy

I think I heard this correct:

C-Span - Congressman Neal (D) preaching to Alan Greenspan defined the Bush Tax Cuts as "removing 2.3 Trillion Dollars from the economy," right before he called Greenspan Your Excellency!

1) What an arrogant ass
2) What a fool

When did the Federal Government become "the economy?"

When you combine this with what Hillary said earlier about taking and redistributing our money for the better good it sure sounds like a socialist/communist model to me - in case anyone had any doubts that the Democrats true colors were actually RED! This is what a Kerry Presidency holds - and they don't even try to hide it anymore.

I Worked With Her!

Okay, I have held my tongue as long as I can but I can't stay quiet any longer!

I worked with Levitra 20 years ago - and frankly she did nothing for me back then and since I have come out since then I KNOW she wouldn't do anything for me now!

Now anyone met Viagra or Cialis?

Seriously, I did work with Levitra!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Daily Trek 090804

Blogger was down from 10 pm last night to about 2 pm today! No clue why, just wouldn't update.

There starting to catch on!
Russia prepared for pre-emptive strikes on 'terror bases' worldwide...
Britain supports policy..
Better late then never!

More They had to do a poll on this? See yesterday - The World would overwhelmingly elect Kerry! Can I just say we saw what the old ways (Kerry ways) lead to - we need new ways and actions! If your interested go here (US World Election - BTW, as of today it is 39% Nader 43% Kerry and just under 5% Bush.........These people are fools who would duck anytime an Islamic Cleric Fart!) to see who supports whom in our elections. More reason to reelect Bush!

Kerry Spot: If your not reading it daily start!

Did I just wake up in 1971 or did Kerry's speech today sound like the wrong position he took on Vietnam after he returned?

Update 1800
Still in Hiding (PoliPundit)

It has now been one month and seven days since John Kerry last answered questions from a real reporter.

Come on, senator! Tell us why you won't sign form 180 and make your military records public.

Log Cabin Republicans can't go with Bush (No Pun Intended!)!

CNN/USA Today/Gallup
Bush - 52
Kerry - 43

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

FINALLY A Plan That Makes Sense

No, not from John Kerry - Finally a plan to do something to fix the Illinois Tollways and make them user friendly! You think Moses was good parting the sea? Try getting 8 or 10 toll lanes back into 2 highway lanes - that would be a miracle!
Register Star:When Bob Stephenson heads from Rockford to Chicago and back for his job each day, the state logs his exact whereabouts eight times -- four tolls on the way to Chicago, four on the way back.

Like thousands who routinely drive through northeastern Illinois, Stephenson uses an I-PASS transponder to pay tolls. As Stephenson passes through each plaza, tolls are automatically charged to his account. He doesn't have to throw change in the basket.

Stephenson's commute would be even smoother under Gov. Rod Blagojevich's $5.3 billion plan to improve the state's tollway system: I-PASS users like Stephenson would pass through arched checkpoints rather than chugging through congested toll plazas. Those paying cash would be routed to the side of the highway to pay the fare, twice as much as today's rates, at a booth.

The idea is to get more motorists using I-PASS. And the same time that Stephenson is enjoying the convenience of I-PASS.


Media Declares War on......Bush

Okay, so the media (and you know I mean the Old MSM) won't check the facts related to the Swifties, won't call the terrorists what they are - terrorists, calls a security fence a wall but they have now decided that after 4 years as President it is time to revisit the Bush National Guard Record!

From Drudge:




I want to repeat what I have said before - this is old news related to Bush.

Kerry is applying for the job - Bush isn't!

Most importantly they are on the wrong story - it wasn't what Kerry did in Vietnam or what Bush did in the Guard - it is the treasonous activity Kerry participated in when he returned.

Daily Trek 090704

Unfortunately the death toll in Iraq has topped 1000!

But the Democrats have built a toe hold on this magic number!

Okay, I am getting dizzy from trying to keep up with Kerry's policy on Iraq! And Bill Kristol points out that he attacked this new stand when it was Howard Dean's :
"those who doubted whether Iraq or the world would be better off without Saddam Hussein, and those who believe today that we are not safer with his capture, don't have the judgment to be president or the credibility to be elected president."

14 Dead and 15 Billion cost - thanks Frances!

OOPS - looks like the nuance failed again! (HT - S&A)
Iran's foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi has bluntly rejected a nuclear disarmament plan floated by US vice presidential hopeful John Edwards, calling it "campaigning."

Senator Edwards told the WPost that the proposal would represent a "great bargain" for Iran -- and that should Iran reject it, a Kerry administration would be forced to conclude that Iran actually was, as the Bush administration now contends, actively pursuing the weaponisation of nuclear materials.

"If we are engaging with Iranians in an effort to reach this great bargain and if in fact this is a bluff that they are trying to develop nuclear weapons capability, then we know that our European friends will stand with us," Senator Edwards told the Washington Post.

More From Hugh Hewitt:
At the risk of exhausting your reading patience this morning, I think we also have to start thinking about the effect of Kerry's campaign on the Senate races. Kerry combines with Michael Moore to alert the national electorate to the fact that the Democrats are not serious about national security. Three names immediately leap out as ideological clones of Kerry: Daschle in South Dakota, Murray in Washington State, and Boxer in California. Now the states of Washington and California are center-left states to be sure, but they are even more vulnerable states with long coastlines, borders, and harbors. It is only a matter of time until the war hits the west coast. Murray famously announced that Osama was beloved because he built roads and schools, and Boxer called the Madrid bombings a "rail accident." Boxer's misstatement was just her famous denseness showing through again, but both of these lightweights need retiring if the war is going to get serious oversight in the Senate. And Daschle needs to go as a message that obstructionism will not work in this era. In short, the next 60 days should be a debate about the war and little else. In every Senate and House race and certainly in the contest for the presidency.

Hmmm, seems the Bush records are all out there but conveniently the press has failed to put them all together into a comlete picture - well here they are. Oh, BTW, they failed to even check for Kerry's full records but somehow have figured out that the Swifties have been discredited - how does that work again? Oh yea, Media Contridictions!

Slings and Arrows says:


Hundreds of children slaughtered in Russia. It is not the fault of corrupt special forces.

Read the list of Islamic Terrorist attacks that can't be attributed to anything else!

Read this 'Innocent religion is now a message of hate'

It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims.

Then From Polipundit -
Still in Hiding

It has now been one month and six days since John Kerry last answered questions from a real reporter.

Come on, senator. Why won't you tell us all about Cambodia, the CIA man, and the magic hat?
Update 1706
Did they really need to do a poll?: Britons Want Bush Out, Poll Reveals

Update 2016
4RWW have a great analysis of the world's handling of Sudan, read it, here is how it ends:
The only UN peacekeepers worth a damn were the ones from the Anglosphere - America, Australia, and Britan (with Poland recently rejoining the ranks of the competant). The Dutch? Hiding in their compound while civilians get murdered. Everywhere the UN has put troops from other countries than the big four, murder, rape, child prostitution, and corruption has followed. The UN without the USA is worse than nothing, it's an impediment to peace worldwide.

If you want to get a taste of the world without the USA, look at Sudan. If you want to get a taste of Democrat Party policy, look at Sudan. If you want to get a feel for UN control, look at Sudan. If you want to get a taste of how John "Let's enforce UN sanctions" Kerry would handle terrorism.... look at Sudan.

Wizbang: After Beslan, what next? - Hospitals! There was that FBI warning last week of VA hospitals!

What Did He Say? Confused People Like Me!

From The Kerry Spot at NRO - You just can't make this stuff up!


It's moments like this that I really pity the nice men and women working in Kerry's campaign. They put enormous effort into convincing the press and the public that their man isn't indecisive, isn't a waffler, isn't incapable of making the quick, tough decision, and then...

Mr. Kerry stepped boldly into the verbal minefield early, arriving at a front-porch session with supporters in Canonsburg, Pa., near Pittsburgh. As he likes to do, he brandished a bit of local color to show he wasn't just any interloping politician blowing through town.

But in so doing he seemed to forget that Republicans have been tearing him down for months as a vacillating, indecisive, finger-in-the-wind politician of the worst order.

"Everybody told me, 'God, if you're coming to Canonsburg, you've got to find time to go to Toy's, and he'll take care of you,'" Mr. Kerry said, dropping the name of a restaurant his motorcade had passed on the way in. "I understand it's my kind of place, because you don't have to - you know, when they give you the menu, I'm always struggling: Ah, what do you want?

"He just gives you what he's got, right?" Mr. Kerry added, continuing steadily off a gangplank of his own making: "And you don't have to worry, it's whatever he's cooked up that day. And I think that's the way it ought to work, for confused people like me who can't make up our minds."

"Confused people like me who can't make up our minds." If Karl Rove had the mind-control ray that his enemies keep accusing him of having, could he have come up with a worse phrase for Kerry to use? Heck, maybe Rove really does have one of those things.


What Did He Say? Fond of What?

Alright with all this revisiting of Vietnam and the protests it brings to mind the question of what kind of parents the Fonda's were. Now I don't know and I do admire Henry Fonda's acting skill - but I have to wonder what upbringing would lead to a Hanoi Jane.

Then I think maybe there was some kind of Mommie Dearest or unseen trauma that the kids had to deal with.

After all, in the day when the last name, first name input method on forms was much more prevalent then it is now they gave us:

Fonda, Peter

Or even Fonda, P. And with all due deference to Whoopie, don't get me started on the Bush Twins! (I saw that movie!)


Find Me An R/C Swift Boat!

Okay, I have been Googling but I can't find a Radio Controled Swift Boat!

Mark Steyn: No other word for it but slaughter

PHOTOGRAPHED from above, the body bags look empty. They seem to lie flat on the ground, and it's only when you peer closer that you realise that that's because the bodies in them are too small to fill the length of the bags. They're children. Row upon row of dead children, more than a hundred of them, 150, more, many of them shot in the back as they tried to flee.

Flee from whom? Let's take three representative responses: "Guerillas", said The New York Times. "Chechen separatists", ventured the BBC, eventually settling for "hostage-takers". "Insurgents", said The Guardian's Isabel Hilton, hyper-rational to a fault: "Today's hostage-taking," she explained, "is more savage, born of the spread of asymmetrical warfare that pits small, weak and irregular forces against powerful military machines. No insurgent lives long if he fights such overwhelming force directly . . . If insurgent bullets cannot penetrate military armour, it makes little sense to shoot in that direction. Soft targets – the unprotected, the innocent, the uninvolved – become targets because they are available."

And then there was Adam Nicolson in London's Daily Telegraph, who filed one of those ornately anguished columns full of elevated, overwritten allusions – each child was "a Pieta, the archetype of pity. Each is a Cordelia carried on at the end of Act V" – and yet in a thousand words he's too busy honing his limpid imagery to confront the fact that this foul deed had perpetrators, never mind the identity of those perpetrators.

Sorry, it won't do. I remember a couple of days after September 11 writing in some column or other that weepy candlelight vigils were a cop-out: the issue wasn't whether you were sad about the dead people but whether you wanted to do something about it. Three years on, that's still the difference. We can all get upset about dead children, but unless you're giving honest thought to what was responsible for the slaughter your tasteful elegies are no use. Nor are the hyper-rationalist theories about "asymmetrical warfare".

For one thing, Hilton is wrong: insurgent bullets can "penetrate military armour". A rabble with a few AKs and a couple of RPGs have managed to pick off a thousand men from the world's most powerful military machine and prompt 75 per cent of Hilton's colleagues in the Western media to declare Iraq a quagmire.

When your asymmetrical warfare strategy depends on gunning down schoolchildren, you're getting way more asymmetrical than you need to be. The reality is that the IRA and ETA and the ANC and any number of secessionist and nationalist movements all the way back to the American revolutionaries could have seized schoolhouses and shot all the children.

But they didn't. Because, if they had, there would have been widespread revulsion within the perpetrators' own communities. To put it at its most tactful, that doesn't seem to be an issue here.

So the particular character of this "insurgency" does not derive from the requirements of "asymmetrical warfare" but from . . . well, let's see, what was the word missing from those three analyses of the Beslan massacre? Here's a clue: half the dead "Chechen separatists" were not Chechens at all, but Arabs. And yet, tastefully tiptoeing round the subject, The New York Times couldn't bring itself to use the words Muslim or Islamist, for fear presumably of offending multicultural sensibilities.

In the 1990s, while the world's leaders slept – or in Bill Clinton's case slept around – thousands of volunteers from across the globe passed through terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and were then dispatched to Indonesia, Kosovo, Sudan . . . and Chechnya. Wealthy Saudis – including members of the royal family – invested millions in setting up mosques and madrassas in what were traditionally spheres of a more accommodationist Islam, from the Balkans to South Asia, and successfully radicalised a generation of young Muslim men. It's the jihadist component – not the asymmetrical one, not the secessionist one – that accounts for the mound of undersized corpses, for the scale of the depravity.

If the Russian children are innocent, the Russian state is not. Its ham-fisted campaign in Chechnya is as brutal as it is ineffectual. The Muslims have a better case in Chechnya than they do in the West Bank, Kashmir or any of the other troublespots where the Islamic world rubs up against the infidels. But that said, as elsewhere, whatever the theoretical merits of the cause, it's been rotted from within by the Islamist psychosis.

I wonder if, as they killed those schoolchildren, they chanted "Allahu Akbar!" – as they did when they hacked the head of Nick Berg, and killed those 12 Nepalese workers, and blew up those Israeli diners in the Passover massacre.

The good news is that the carnage in Beslan was so shocking it prompted a brief appearance by that rare bird, the moderate Muslim. Abdulrahman al-Rashed, the general manager of al-Arabiya Television, wrote a column in Asharq al-Awsat headlined, "The Painful Truth: All The World's Terrorists Are Muslims!" "Our terrorist sons are an end-product of our corrupted culture," he wrote. This is true. But, as with Nicolson's prettified prose in London, the question remains: So what? What are you going to do about it? If you want your religion to be more than a diseased death cult, you're going to have to take a stand.

What happened in one Russian schoolhouse is an abomination that has to be defeated, not merely regretted. But the only guys with any kind of plan are the Bush administration. Last Thursday, the President committed himself yet again to wholesale reform of the Muslim world. This is a dysfunctional region that exports its toxins, to Beslan, Bali and beyond, and is wealthy enough to be able to continue doing so.

You can't turn Saudi Arabia and Yemen into New Hampshire or Sweden (according to taste), but if you could transform them into Singapore or Papua New Guinea or Belize or just about anything else you'd be making an immense improvement. It's a long shot, but, unlike Putin's plan to bomb them Islamists into submission or Chirac's reflexive inclination to buy them off, Bush is at least tackling the "root cause".

If you've got a better idea, let's hear it. Right now, his is the only plan on the table. The ideology and rationale that drove the child-killers in Beslan is the same as that motivating cells in Rome and Manchester and Seattle and Sydney. In this war, you can't hold the line against the next depravity.

Mark Steyn is a columnist for Britain's Telegraph Group and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Daily Trek 090604

Happy Labor Day!
Update 2:47a

Michelle Malkin has this
An outrageous Jihadi kiddie show that brainwashed Muslim youths about the glories of "martyrdom" is airing again on Palestinian Authority TV. The clip was yanked after a U.S. Senate hearing last year exposed the despicable broadcast. (The PA has received some $1.2 billion in State Department funding/foreign aid from the U.S. over the past decade.) View the chilling video here.
Go read the whole post - it is amazing and will make your blood boil! This one is important you have to understand what we face!

Did you realize the extent of the Terrorist activities in Russia last week:Three terror attacks in Russia over the past twelve days have claimed almost 500 lives and left nearly 700 injured. The bombing of two passenger jets on August 24 killed ninety. The August 31 suicide bombing outside a Moscow subway station killed 10 and injured 50. At this writing the toll in Beslan stands at 350 dead, 600 injured and 250 missing. (Alphabet City)

36 Days since Kerry met with a senior member of the media on camera!

Wait, now there was a contract before there wasn't a contract giveing exclusive rights to Kerry's military records to his biographer!
Kerry biographer urging: Release military records: Brinkley warns Navy medals probe could be 'death knell' for campaign

Implosion 101 Finding An Adult!

Hugh Hewitt :

The Washington Post reports that there is yet another Kerry campaign shakeup:

"'We need someone on the plane who has a relationship with him and is an adult,' said a senior campaign official, who asked for anonymity to talk more freely about strategy. 'You need heavier fire power here. There is no room for error in days to come, and this takes the pressure off of headquarters.'"

He also points out this:

The Kerry campaign's meltdown is less important than Russia's response to the gathering storm of terrorism within its borders and directed at its people. Putin's options are limited, for the reasons detailed by The Belmont Club. One trend seems almost certain, though, which is increasing cooperation between Russia and the United States in the suppression of Islamism in its most radical forms. The French may try appeasement, but appeasement doesn't seem to be an option for the remaining superpower and the one most recently in that position.

The choice in the U.S. election is between resolve and retreat, and Putin cannot retreat without the dismemberment of his country. The 100 Years War began in 1333 and lasted until 1453. How many of those living in 1336 thought the conflict was close to its end? In the United States, the sufferers of Moore's Disease evidence the irrational belief that America can walk away. We can't, which is why Bush will win handily.

Implosion 101 Archive

They Must March Against - Not For!

When Alan began to cry from hunger, Dzandarova was allowed to join several other mothers in an adjacent room, which had its own water and was several degrees cooler.

After a former local political leader visited the school Thursday, the women in the adjacent room were told there was "good news": They would be released.

"They said, 'Pack your things quickly, and take your babies with you,' " Dzandarova said.

Shortly after, she learned that she would have to choose between taking her son or her daughter.

Dzandarova had both Alan and Alana with her and made a snap decision to pass Alana to her 16-year-old sister-in-law. But the guerrillas saw through the ruse and refused to allow her to take the older child.

"Alana was clinging to me and holding my hand firmly. But they separated us, and said: 'You go with the boy. Your sister can stay here with her.' I cried. I begged them. Alana cried. The women around us wept. One of the Chechens said: 'If you don't go now, you don't go at all. You stay here with your children … and we will shoot all of you.' "

She couldn't save both of them. She could only die with both of them — or save one of them and herself.

"I didn't have time to think what I was doing," she said. "I pressed Alan even stronger to myself, and I went out, and I heard all the time how my daughter was crying and calling for me behind my back. I thought my heart would break into pieces there and then."
You read this and wonder where that outcry is. As a student of History I am telling you that just as the French thought they would be immune by opposing the US at every turn the Muslim community in America and around the world is running a huge risk by not coming out and demonstrating against this bastardization of their culture - and I mean MARCHING IN THE STREETS AGAINST THIS TYPE OF INHUMAN BEHAVIOR! When the backlash happens, I don't know when that will be, one more school, one more bus, one more pregnant mother and her children murdered, it will not be pretty and the screams of racism will fall on a deaf planet!

Gitmo, Abu Grahib, and the internment in WWII of some Japanese will appear tame compared to what will happen when the world reaches it's breaking point.

From the rest of the 4RWW post:

These scum sucking parasites SHOT CHILDREN IN THE BACK!

Kill them. Kill them all. Find every terrorist training camp and bomb it flat. Find every person who supports terrorists and kill them all. Kill the entire family. Salt the earth where they live. Find anyone who gives money to terrorism and kill them. Find anyone harboring terrorists and kill them. Kill them all.

Find villages who help terrorists and bomb it until nothing lives. Hunt them down and kill them. Find their families and kill them as well. Destroy anything and everything that the terrorists use. Napalm their villages, salt the earth, and plow it under. Leave nothing standing, nothing remaining. Find where their parents live and kill them as well. I want to inflict more pain and suffering on these oxygen thiefs than anyone ever thought possible. I would gladly find the person who ordered this mass murder and cut their throat. I would reach into their neck and yank their tongue out with my bare hands, and laugh while they drowned to death in their own blood. These people are not human, they are parasites feeding on humanity and destroying it in the process.




Can you blame them?

Update - See the Michelle Malkin posting regarding the brainwashing of toddler terrorists!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Daily Trek 090504

Updated 23:45

Analog Kid points out something that I think is indicative of the political spectrum.

"I just looked at the top 20 or so lefty blogs and I can?t find a single story about the tragedy in Russia. Not ONE."
Command Post - GWOT

The only terrorist caught alive was shown on channel 1, today. His last name is Kulov - a Chechen.
  • According to German intelligence (as reported in strana.ru), the Arabs who took part in the hostage taking, were Syrian and Jordanian citizens who trained in Afghanistan.
  • U.S. government has donated $50,000 to the Russian Red Cross.
  • Ariel Sharon called Putin today, to express condolences on behalf of all Israelis and to wish speedy recovery to the wounded.Sharon also offered Israel’s help, if need [see also here].
  • Germany is spending 100,000 euro on medical supplies to be sent to Beslan.
Slings & Arrows - 30,000 Muslims at Convention in Chicago (within spittin distance, but why waste the sp.....) S&A asks the key question, will this opportunity to step up to the level of humanity and condem the slaughter in Russia - don't hold your breath!

Actually don't bother waiting at all - we get this from a radical cleric in England Cleric supports targeting children. This is what I am talking about here!

Wizbang - excellent analysis Inside the minds of John Kerry and John Edwards - points out the differences between attorneys and business men - and why we need businessmen now! I have been saying this for years!

Now for the good news - what - Europe is reaching Crisis Point.
It could all turn ugly; an unratified European Constitution, stagnating economies, new dark nationalist politics and a fragmenting European Union. The proximate cause of both France and Germany's political crisis is that they are not generating enough jobs and growth even though both are high productivity economies.
Too bad they still don't really get it! Another warning of bad things to come from the EU - they have already demonistrated a propensity to blame everyone else for their economic and moral failings (Remember WWII!) Will we be who they blame or will they turn against each other?

Frances still a danger - The fact the this thing took forever to cross Florida may end up costing more then 5 billion! Watch out in the panhandle - she's still heading your way!


Armies of liberation explains the Russian tragety - go read the rest! (HT - 4 Right Wing Wackos)

The years of overt legitimization of Palestinian and other terrorism has eroded the civilian status of every human. The road from the point blank shooting of a pregnant Israeli mother and her two little children in the name of dead Palestinians leads directly to the bombing of homes in Riyadh when some Salafists find the Saudi regime not in compliance with their version of Islam.

The seizure of a school full of children was not a far step down from the gleeful immolation of four contract workers in Iraq. Jihadiis define all Americans as legitimate targets and do not lament any Iraqi children within the bomb radius. In England, Sheikh Yousef Al-Qardhawi, head of the International Council of Muslim Clerics published a new fatwa declaring: it is an obligation incumbent on the Muslims to kill American citizens in Iraq…it is forbidden however to desecrate their corpses.

The path to School Number One runs through Spain and the Philippines and the appeasement of terrorists. It runs through the Sudan where hundreds of thousands of children may die in an accommodation to the sovereignty of a brutal Islamic regime. It runs daily through Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and India, in smaller but no less brutal acts of jihad.

The beheadings in Iraq are another way station along the way to Beslan. The ideological embrace of the Iraqi resistance and the horrific bombing of civilians in Iraq has devalued all humanity. The 89 Iraqi pilgrims murdered in the al-Shura massacre by Zarqawis jihad are comrades to the murdered Russian children. Daniel Pearl, Paul Johnson, Fabrizio Quattrocchi and Kim Sun-il are their bigger brothers.

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said: No argument can justify taking children hostage and threatening to kill them. French spokesman, Cecile Pozzo di Borgo, strongly condemned the hostage-taking, saying no cause could justify it. What cause can justify the targeted murder of their older siblings or their grandparents?

Until the UN demands immunity for Israeli and provides it to Iraqi children, every child in the world is in attendance at the Beslan School Number One.

After Frances clears this had better be the top story, but by then it will be old news! Can the attack on innocent children ever be "old news"?