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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Next Arlington Cemetary!

World Net Daily (WND)

Vet sues to save mountaintop cross
Association made compromise with ACLU to remove it
The cross was erected in 1954 and today honors veterans of World War I and II and the Korean War.

"The long and complicated struggle to remove the cross now involves hundreds of donors and owners of plaques purchased to honor our nation's veterans," said Charles S. LiMandri, West Coast regional director of the Law Center.

"These individuals were promised that the cross would stay as a part of the memorial atop Mt. Soledad," he continued. "It is a sad day when we are faced with the prospect of withholding a promise made to those who wish to honor our nation's veterans, and instead surrender to the demands of a hypersensitive atheist who is set on destroying one of San Diego's most treasured landmarks."

Once this piece of history is destroyed is it a far cry to think our National Cemetaries are next? DKK

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