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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Daily Trek Saturday 100204

Am I the only one that noticed Kerry totally dissed Lehrer?

He walked away and Jim looked a bit lost having to interupt him to get a handshake.

Bush immediately thanked Lehrer - very Presidential and polite - Kerry - well he Secret Serviced the guy!

I have not read that anywhere else.

Were we close to a Breslan? DANEgerus has this: A "Beslan" style massacre was planned
in Portland, OR and in San Diego, CA
Portland '7'
Very close to home:
A man arrested by U.S. authorities in Iraq had a computer disk in his possession containing a public report downloaded from a U.S. Department of Education Web site on crisis planning in school districts, including San Diego Unified.

The man was described as an Iraqi national with connections to terrorism and the insurgency that is fighting U.S. forces in Iraq. Officials in San Diego said the man’s intentions were unknown.

San Diego law enforcement officials said there was no indication of any terrorist plot against schools in San Diego or elsewhere in the country. They did not publicly release the information because there appeared to be no threat. The information was relayed to the San Diego FBI office last week and then to the school district Friday.

The disk contained a document entitled “Practical Information on Crisis Planning, A Guide for Schools and Communities.” The 50-plus page document, published in May 2003 by the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, is available to the public on the U.S. Department of Education’s Web site, said San Diego District spokeswoman Peri Lynn Turnbull.
Good thing schools are practicing drills to defend against attacks by Home-schoolers... Public education hates...9/22/2004...home schooling

From Powerline - seems there was a Watergate style break in at the Republican Headquarters in Seattle WA. Selectively took just the important computers!

Keep watching Europe - these people are having trouble and when this happens it spills over here! They can't afford their welfare state and Kerry wants them to pony up money or troops!
With a yellow badge proclaiming "The Netherlands can do better" pinned to his black fireman's jacket, he joined an antigovernment rally this week to protest plans to have firefighters retire at 65 rather than 55, the current practice.
Port workers, garbagemen, airport employees, ambulance drivers and tram operators have also taken part in strikes and demonstrations during the past few weeks as ill humor has built over a wide-ranging package of changes that the government says are necessary to get the Dutch economy growing again and to prepare for an aging society.
The protests will climax Saturday, when unions expect at least 100,000 people to congregate in Amsterdam in what could be one of the largest antigovernment demonstrations in recent Dutch history.
The changes proposed by the government, and the reaction of unions and workers, are familiar in Europe.
Faced with an aging population, creaking health care systems and a swelling tide of red ink, leaders have vowed to cut taxes and government spending and make it harder for people to get unemployment and disability benefits.
What is different in the Netherlands is that the Dutch are not the striking type.
Over the past decade an average of 19 days per 1,000 employees has been lost to strikes in the Netherlands, fewer than half the level of the United States and one-sixth the level of Italy.
Economists say it is a measure of the deep resistance to the changes sought across the Continent that even the Dutch are now hitting the streets.
In the Netherlands, "There are major differences on how the modern welfare state should operate," said Paul de Beer, a professor of labor relations at the University of Amsterdam.
The United States has nothing to fear from rapidly growing technology markets in China and India, Bill Gates, chairman and chief software architect of Microsoft Corp. said on Friday.
"China and India are the big change agents for the years ahead," Gates told students at the University of California Berkeley. "We have to go into the risky new areas. That's what's going to allow the United States to stay at the forefront."
Outsourcing of manufacturing and high technology jobs outside the United States has become a key issue in the U.S. presidential campaign.
"It's a little scary to me that people are thinking of this as a zero sum game," Gates said, referring to criticism of outsourcing and growing overseas tech markets.
"We're at the start of a process where the whole world is getting into this virtuous cycle," Gates said.


Friday, October 01, 2004

Wizbang Identifies Us

We are not bloggers, We are independent, peer reviewed journalists.

One who has a weblog? Look that up in a hip glossary and it does not cover what I do. This is no "on-line diary."

This is the term I will use from now on! I might shorten it to IPRJ or IndePRJ, but i am not sure yet. At times this is an on-line diary, but mostly it is commentary and news updates.

Daily Trek Friday 100104

Remember when the left screamed about the President's axis of evil speech and about our pulling out of the Anti-Ballistic Missle Treaty?

Well, knowing what we know now - you can only say that these were right on! Iran is the primary sponsor of terrorism in the world! Iran and North Korea were breaking their international agreements and developing nuclear weapons! Iran and North Korea both tested missles this year that have the ability to hit our allies - North Korea can hit the US with theirs! And as John McCain noted in his speech at the RNC, the option was not containing Iraq. That containment had been paid off already and was failing!

Remember that these events are not new, they were happening before the President even took office and the President knew about them. The pundits and Democrats had no clue - gee, that is why we elect a President!

We now have the start of a means to defend against these threats - if we had waited until our enemies tested these weapons it would already be too late and we would be behind the eight ball!

If Iran gets mad at London do you think those people will hesitate to launch one of their new missles? Will those in London thank us if our system is in place to defend them? The old deterrent policies are no longer valid!

We don't have a direct democracy. Why not? Well, not all decisions are easy nor popular! Decisions about national security have to be made by someone with the info and determination to go beyond the what is popular in the world!

I have said before that I believe the pundits are wrong - we have the means to defeat the terrorists in Iraq and the world! We just need the will to do so and a vote for the President will demonstrate that will.

The Trek:
It's Debate fever all over the web! Check out all the blogs and don't forget Drudge .

Again I need to point out that Kerry seemed to forget to thank the moderator - that seemed very unsportsman like, but this is the guy who blamed his Secret Service bodyguard when he fell over.

has a great piece that voices what I said last night about Kerry and the left just not getting it about the war on terror!

In fact, this reveals that Senator Kerry considers the war on terror to be the war on Al Qaeda. Either intentionally or subconsciously, he is defining down the war to mean simply destroying the Al Qaeda elements in Afghanistan. Kerry does not see the bigger picture.

If bin Laden were killed tomorrow, absolutely nothing would change, because the vast majority of the Islamic fanatic groups not only are not part of Al Qaeda, but actually pre-existed it. Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Chechen rebel groups all function independently of bin Laden’s group, and while they make common cause, they do not share resources, infrastructure or planning. Kerry’s myopic focus on bin Laden and Afghanistan reveals he views the problem as a criminal one, rather than a systemic cultural and intellectual failure across the Arab world.

He sees the events of 9-11 as an isolated attack by a madman, rather than the culmination of attacks on the west that begin at least with the 1972 attack by Palestinian militants on Israeli athletes

Which is worse, fighting too many enemies or fighting too few? Read that whole thing - it is a great analysis!

One of the big lines is reviewed here in TAS Special Report, His Own Worst Enemy:
I'm not exactly sure what you mean, "passes the global test," you take preemptive action if you pass a global test.

My attitude is you take preemptive action in order to protect the American people, that you act in order to make this country secure.

At that moment it became clear that what was foremost in Kerry's mind was the concerns of foreign countries, and not the interest of his own. With that, the best Kerry could hope for was a small victory in the debate. Most likely, he achieved a tie.

And this one:
I want to correct the president, because he's misled again this evening on what I've said. I didn't say I would bring troops out in six months. I said, if we do the things that I've set out and we are successful, we could begin to draw the troops down in six months.

After that remark, Kerry looked silly when he said, "I've never wilted in my life. And I've never wavered in my life."

Check out all the American Spectator (TAS) analysis!


Almost everything on both sides was old news except that Kerry pronouncement that he opposes the US working on bunker busting nuclear weapons. Somehow I had missed that in the campaign so far. Of course these weapons are one of the key means of destroying underground nuclear installations built by rogue states like Iran. This should be brought out into the open and emphasized by the Bush campaign. Thursday, September 30, 2004


Despite all the hate out there the President leads in the polls, could it be Hate Fatigue?

Economy still picking up - but keep looking for those oil prices!

What was really in the War resolution that Kerry keeps stumbling over? Larry Kudlow has looked and guess what:
this congressional authorization for war specifically and unambiguously says that further diplomacy will not adequately protect the United States against the threat posed by Iraq.

Not only are Kerry’s newfound qualifiers not included in this resolution, his so-called diplomatic qualifier is actually precluded by the resolution. This is precisely why Kerry’s latest anti-war political offensive leading up to this evening’s foreign-policy debate has no resonance with either registered or likely voters according to virtually every poll.

Oh, and Karen Hughes pointed out on Fox that in 1991 when Kerry voted AGAINST the first gulf war he stated at that time that he couldn't support it because he knew it was a vote for WAR and not just to pressure Iraq!


Key Debate Strikes

For me the debate was nothing new, but there were some keys that hit home - and I have repeated them for weeks now.

Folks, the war on terrorism is NOT a manhunt for Osama! World War didn't end when Hitler committed suicide - it ended when the Germans were defeated and the war was then taken to Japan's homeland! The war on terror will not end with we get the word that Osama is found. That is the consistent September 10th thinking of the Democratic Party!

John Kerry was a typical Democrat - we need the world to agree, we need to eliminate weapons, the world is upset with us - I don't think most American's give world opinion any weight in their choice of President. The American people remember that the UN WAS in Iraq but cut and ran after one bombing.

John Kerry's answer - he's going to call a meeting (summit)! That is what Clark said Clinton did so much better then the Bush administration yet they ignored the fact that Bin Laden had declared war on us!

Kerry still seemed to struggle with his multiple positions on Iraq.

John Kerry believes that Nuclear weapons proliferation is the greatest threat to the world - but when Kerry says it he doesn't just mean weapons in the hands of terrorists - he seems to believe that those weapons in our hand is just as bad! He feels so strongly that he would eliminate weapons that may be necessary in our future.

But the key, that I think that the American people understand is that you can't give in to the demands of a tin pot dictator in North Korea. We tried two party talks - they cheated before Clinton even left office - almost before the ink was dry!

One last point - On Korea, Bush managed to put a quick and effective death to Kerry's claims that Bush is unilateral - and that hit hard.

The Democratic Party does NOT understand that the pre 9/11 ways hadn't worked!

Kerry was in such a hurry to appear as the family man with his wife that he didn't thank Lehrer - not very polite or Presidential.

Bush had his "smirk" which is really more of a twisting of his mouth and a few of his facial ticks - Kerry had a very condescending, high minded, almost shocked look on his (very long) face when the President spoke.

President Bush connected - he looked at the camera, he scored with security issues, he didn't accept Kerry's concept of a "global test" for US security and he made it clear that he understands the reality of a post 9/11 world.

John Kerry and the Democratic Party line has not changed since I was in high school despite the fact that the country changed after that attack on our nation.

That is my take - there is great blogging out there - Hugh Hewitt has a great question by question scoring of the debate.

UPDATE: Lockhart admitted that it was at best a draw on C-span.

Update: Kerry tried to use the George HW Bush (41) failure to disarm Saddam, problem is most Americans believe that was a mistake caused by the Multilateral approach! I have heard "we should have kicked his ass then," more times in the past year then in the previous 10! Again this statement by Kerry was denying 9/11.

UPDATE: Does Kerry remember that we had nearly 200,000 troops sitting on Iraq's borders in the hot spring - he wanted us to wait - build up forces but then wait - imagine having to attack in 116 degree weather because we decided to wait for another resolution process with the bribed allies as Kerry suggested tonight.

BIG UPDATE: Wizbang points out these two Kerry errors!
item: Kerry - (On domestic security) "That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there."

Problem: I was there. The NYC subway never closed during the convention

Item: Kerry recounted how he had (with former Senator Smith (R-NH)) gone down into the bowels of the former KGB under TREBLINKA SQUARE.

Problem: Treblinka was the name of a NAZI EXTERMINATION CAMP.

Update: Here is the Bush/Cheney Fact Checker:

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Daily Trek Debate Day 093004

It's Debate #1 Day and I am excited - My comments will come late if at all before tomorrow's trek, have a forum at Rockford College. Of course they would schedule this on one of the most important days of the campaign. Okay, it wasn't scheduled on purpose - but knowing the panic of the liberals - and the typical liberal slant of our education system........

The trek is late today, sorry. I was up too late trying to fix a friend's computer and ran out of time. Didn't get it fixed either! The guy doesn't have any of the restore disks either - it may be a lost cause, but I have determination! Despite what I have read I think I can fix it.

Speaking of pundits (who was speaking of pundits?) I am getting sick of hearing that the administration didn't have a plan for Iraq, no one expected the war to go like this, or even the all famous we're losing the war! I think the administration knows exactly what they are doing! Yea, the Iraqi army decided to regroup and fight a gorilla war rather then face to face - can you blame them with an M1 headed right towards you? Anyway, it goes to the point I made the other day - Iraq is a magnet for terrorists! Thank God - lets just hope it is a stronger magnet then the mall that is 2 miles from my house!

The Trek:

Terrorists have killed 35 children in Baghdad! Where are the moderate Muslims - where are the followers of Muhammad condemning this brutal murder?

Are the Iraqi's tired of this yet - will they hold the terrorists responsible accountable or will they just blame the US again?

Here is a WND account of a congressional candidate who calls it correctly - Muslims is not a peaceful religion Islamic terrorism is not, "aberrational behavior". Until I see the marches against the murdering of innocents and hear the cries for accountability I have no other choice but to believe they are a religion of hate and terror!The best part:
Muslim groups responded immediately, calling Eckhardt's characterization of Islam inaccurate and dangerous, the paper reported.

Wow, an immediate reply to the candidates comments - what has taken so long for comments about the murder and destruction from the followers of this, "peaceful," religion? Here is the candidate's site - drop him a line supporing him! Kurt Eckhardt for Congress.

Merck has pulled it's Vioxx arthritis drug off the market and asked people to stop taking the drug because of a greater risk of heart attack. Luckily I avoided taking this one by staying out of my old office and the bad air there.

Mount St. Helens may be ready to blow! Scientists say 70% chance of eruption. Here is the Volcanocam.

A judge ruled portions of the Patriot Act illegal - oh great, back to the days of the Gorelick wall! Don't want to check someone's computer before the blow up the bomb - that might offend someone. Remember these aren't just random searches, there is oversight! Why do so many people have so much to hide? Aschcroft is set to appeal.

I'll say it again - the overproduction of lawyers in this country has lead to many of the problems we have today. In my opinion that is one of the reasons the Democrats are no longer a national party. Now the Kerry team is trying to figure out how to change the rules of the debate because it the rules didn't say "specifically" where the lights have to be! They are treatening to remove the light on their own when they visit the hall today. Newsmax.

Sorry this is so disjointed today - my mind is in a fog like you wouldn't believe! Not quite dizzy, but close to it, it is such a strange feeling but thoughts just don't flow! Not to mention my spelling! Something I am bad at anyway is completely out the window - if it looks close my mind thinks that is okay.

My point - go click on the blogs linked to the right over here ----------->
There are great stories on CBS and their falling for a new draft story - the were scammed again, and check out the 5 things Athena at Terrorism Unveiled has learned in the month she has been in Jordan they are great and I might expand on these later.

I have to go do give myself a shot to try and clear this up because it is getting worse.

More later


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Daily Trek Wednesday 092904

Slow start today - more of The Trek after a bit of recovery:

From Terrorism Unveiled - she attended a forum on American Policy in Iraq - seems everything is Israel's fault.
In the 20 minute speech Israel was mentioned 31 times - 1.55 times per minute (my correction from "seconds")! This is the Arab Obsession!
When you blame everyone else for your faults you are reaching the point where you are a lost civilization!

But where is the outrage against the murder of innocents in buildings, schools, cars - or for beheading?

Brit Hume mentioned that the rate of attack standards in Iraq changed earlier this year! The level of force necessary to qualify is much lower now then it was prior to the change - did you know that? I didn't and I follow the news like a mad man - I am mad damnit! "He's mad I tell you, Mad!"

Finally, the US is requiring all foreign visitors to provide a fingerprint and photo! Of course there are those libs who just don't get it! Even Jason figured months ago that not doing this for everyone was just plain stupid! Attention libs, entering the US is not your right!

Congressional investigators are looking into a semi truck load of documents related to the UN Scam! Finally as Friends of Saddam points out!

Another great open minded UN employee speaks out - gee, they can't even appear to be friendly anymore! Why again are we part of this band of butchers?
UNITED NATIONS, Sept 24 (AFP) - An official from the corruption probe into the UN's "oil-for-food" programme in Iraq resigned on Friday following reports she had compared US President George W. Bush to Osama bin Laden.


The resignation came after the Heritage Foundation, a Washington think tank, issued a press release noting an article that Di Lellio had written in London's Guardian newspaper two years ago.

In the piece, written on the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks in the United States, Di Lellio railed against "Bush and his puppeteers" as well as a US ally in the Iraq war, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"With defenders like (Bush) and Berlusconi, largely unchecked by a sycophantic media, who needs bin Laden to destroy culture, personal freedom, respect for other human beings, integrity, and the rule of law -- all the things that make our lives worthwhile?" she wrote.

Wizbang has this great update: Daily Democrat Desperation & Delusion Dispatch


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Lie-N-Hype 9/11 - The Australian Connection!

Lie-N-Hype 9/11 - The Australian Connection!

I love Australia, it is beautiful and there is no better friend of the United States in the world today!

Knowing this fact and having heard and read about all of the bashing of our allies the Kerry Campaign has been doing lately and having heard for the past 4 years how the Republicans somehow messed up the vote in Democratic controlled areas of Florida - I realized that there is an answer the Kerry camp hasn't taken advantage of yet!

Our secret ballots are, "Australian Ballots!" That is right - it is our friend Australia's fault that Bush won in 2000!

Obviously this proves there was foreign interference in Florida - Michael Moore should be doing a movie like Lie-N-Hype 9/11 about this, follow the money and find out who in Australia is getting rich off of the War on Terror!

It's painfully obvious, Everybody knows it!
(PS - to those who have a brain that isn't fried this is satire - to the rest of you, you better get a movie in production and get the memo's ready because this could affect the outcome of this election!!!!)

Daily Trek Tuesday 092804

Okay, I don't usually like to rip into peoples appearance here (just here mind you, in real life is different) for things they can't change but I am amazed that some people even make it to become famous.

For example, what really is wrong with Chris Matthews mouth?

And why do Teddy Kennedy's eyes look like two piss holes in the snow?

UPDATE: Drudge says Kerry himself is on Orange Alert - seems this tan is preplanned - remember the other JFK v Nixon!

This guy was the botox king and now he got ahold of a tanning booth!

Who can say?

The Trek:
Hugh Hewitt discusses another MSM attempt to rip into the blogsphere in this posting - but so far I haven't seen it pointed out that the key to blogs aren't so much that they are "journalism" or "journalists" - but the fact that they are like town halls or when Thomas Paine printed "Common Sense" BUT I will always remember the panicked reaction from the media elite - even O'Reilly managed to get all worked up! (I had a link here but I lost it!)

Speaking of Town Halls, they have two great analysis of Kerry's newest campaign focus, Iraq. Larry Kudlow has a great analysis of Kerry and the Siren of Defeatism and why that is a losing position for a Presidential Candidate - but the key here are some of the quotes that contradict Kerry's claims.

Then Matt Towery goes into an indepth accounting of how Kerry's bet on Iraq is Risky. This is a great analysis of the shifts in the voters concerns and how this has affected Kerry's campaign.

The key to both of these is that Kerry's strategy is praying for bad news in order to get elected.
For Kerry to win now, he must, in effect, hope for more sour news from the war front. And that's risky business for the man who insists he's best qualified to be commander in chief.
Remember political will always defeats a gorilla war - the will to win can!

Senator Kerry wants to call of the ads that are distracting from the issues - or more accurately he would like to stop talking about his record and try to paint everything as bad news for Americans so he can beat us down just a bit more!

CSN has a great piece on where the first TV ads started and who started them - a democrat, could have figured.

Oil has topped $50 per barrel - and OPEC is powerless to control the price. Remember I have said many times that spikes in oil prices have always lead to a recession! The government doesn't have much wiggle room in the event of an emergency - a national energy policy is a must!

President Bush says Senator Kerry could spend 90 minutes debating himself- probably the best line of the campaign to date.

The new ABC news poll shows President Bush has a definite lead, but why then did CNN have to report it this way: Bush apparently leads Kerry in pre-debate poll ? Perhaps as Powerline points out the internals are getting worse for Kerry. Imagine the 18 to 30 year olds going for Bush! Watch MTV for an hour and you will be swamped by their screams to get out and vote - and virtually each and every one has a very liberal - vote against Bush - message! Like I said, if the polls keep up this way they will drop their choose or lose campaign.

Now who's trying to cheat? From Daily Kos:
I like to keep up with the enemy and i am on their mailing list. Got an email asking me to help in the last 72 hours. I am going to sign up to help. We should get as many of us as possible to sign up to help in the last 72 hours. May or may not make a difference, but could really screw up their organizing for GOTV if enough of us do the same thing.

Mine was sent for Florida. Here's the link:
Volunteer in FL

I changed the link for Ohio and it works.

Little Red Blog points out what I have said for quite some time:
"We are not creating terrorists, those who are already terrorists are bringing themselves to this "Mother of All Battles"."....................Our war is a just war. A much larger body of believers feeds those who fight against us than we are ready to accept, and in defeating them we will have to increase not just the size of our forces, but also the strength of our moral argument. I have no doubt that we have the truth and moral certainty needed to defeat the Islamist. I do however question whether or not we are willing to state it as such, just as I am concerned that we lack the willingness to do so in daily or political life.
I'm still waiting for the outcry from the Islamic world about the School massacre and the beheadings! Those who do not denounce these barbaric actions support them!

Here in Illinois we have had an annual outcry about the University of Illinois mascot Chief Illiniwek - and in California Arnold vetoed a law banning the use of the term Redskins. Well finally someone did a survey - seems just over 9% of American Indians - yes, they prefer American Indians over Native Americans - object. 90% don't mind the term.

Why is it that the liberals who run the PC police don't care what those affected think? When did we lose the ability to brush things off without getting offended - and when did it become illegal to offend someone?

Check out Tongue Tied for regular offenses like this one - you can't make these up!

The Oakland Tribune reports that police in that California city have been forced to stop putting up DUI checkpoints because Latinos complained they were snagging too many undocumented guests.

The checkpoints, in which officers demand drivers licenses and proof of insurance, have snagged dozens of illegal immigrants who are “not licensed to drive yet otherwise obey the law,” the paper says.

The department has agreed to a moratorium on the checkpoints until guidelines can be drawn up that would presumably only allow police to enforce drunk driving laws and not any others.

(hat tip to Tim B.)

I have never understood the mindset that would make it immoral to enforce the law - but read that last line from the paper - "Not licensed to drive yet otherwise obey the law!" So how many violations of the law are enough to justify arresting these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DRIVING ILLEGALLY!

UPDATE: The checkpoints are back on - Jerry Brown called the stoppage a dumb idea! But get this, they will only be after the evening commute time, they will be rotated throughout the city, and the public will be made aware of what general area the road blocks will be - what is that - this PC stuff really is dangerous!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Implosion 101 No Legs Left To Stand On

As I have watched this election season come to a head I have watched as each and every item John Kerry settled on as the "new" attack theme be cut right out from underneath him by the reality of the situation.

It was the economy - oops, it's doing pretty damn well.
It was jobs - oops, we are growing jobs
It was the National Guard story - oops that was all a fraud perpetrated upon the American people by John Kerry's media.
Now it was the Iraqi front in the War on Terror - oops, the French and Germans won't help out no matter how much we suck up and kiss their unwashed asses!

Again this confirm what I have said before: This man (Kerry) is anti-American and so is his party! Here is the key - they don't think they are anti-American because their idea of America is their utopian dream - not the reality of where America and the world are! In other words - they are in favor of what they want America to be - but they are definitely against everything America is currently. That is how they can justify betraying America for the "Greater Good"!

When do you admit your campaign's last leg is gone? I suppose right after you admit that your entire life has been a fraud.

Implosion 101 Archives

Daily Trek Monday 092704

Wow, the French and Germans won't send troops to Iraq! But then again since the Lie-N-Hype'ers have made it appear such a mess that no one would help us! It has become the Big Lie - except it isn't the Government lying this time - it is Moore's Lie-N-Hype 9/11.

Wonder how The Talented Mr. Kerry will flip flop to meet this reality - or will he just hold to his failed policy - Yep, a policy that has failed even before he had the chance to be elected! That is twice now his policies have failed this month! Remember the proposal for Iran that Iran rejected right after Kerry Edwards offered it!

This is great, coming from the team that called our closest ally a liar!

When you are such a pessimist I suppose all these rejections are expected - but I mean, come on!

Mount St. Helens may be ready to blow again - scientists earlier thought it was just minor gas, but now it might end up being a full eruption. BTW, we went to Mt. St. Helens last year - it was stunningly beautiful!

Speaking of blowing - smoke that is, Jimmy Carter - possibly the worst President in US History - claims Florida's voting standards don't meet international standards! Come on people, voting is never perfect anywhere - that is life and always has been! Some people won't be able to work a ballot no matter what! Machines break, people mess up, whatever! Up till 2000 and the Gore tantrum everyone understood that!

Folks this directly reflects the lack of personal responsibility that the left and trial lawyers have instilled in the American people! Yep I said it - nothing is ever anyone's fault anylonger because someone will sue you if you ever admit you might have possibly been wrong!

Oh, and it seems that Left Wing Group - ACT (Harold Ickes) has really stirred up things in Wisconsin (my neighbor to the north!) The voters registrations they submitted didn't have the required identification. When the clerks sent out requests for identification they weren't returned. Experts say that is typically what happens when someone just sits and registers names out of the phone book rather then real voters!

TREK REDUX - more of the Trek:

Neal Boortz has a great proposal - give Haiti to the UN! Haiti is a failed state the UN has yet to prove that it can do anything in the real world! The Vatican has it's own state, why not the UN!

Also from Neal:

There is a woman named Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is a Dutch Member of Parliament. She has been moved to a safe house because of death threats. And what did she do to require such security measures? She dared to criticize the Islamic religion.

She is a former Muslim...and she made a movie about it. In her movie, she criticized Islam's treatment of women. As a result, her private address has been published on an Islamic extremist's website, and she has received threats on her life. All because she dared to speak out.

A public figure criticizes Islam...as a result, they threaten to kill her. Such a tolerant religion, isn't it? By the way, did you know nearly all of the terrorists in the last 20 years have been Muslims?

If you haven't stopped by Terrorism Unveiled yet today do so! Make sure you read her post Absolutely Majnoon (Crazy) for a bit of insight into the mind of Islam! This sight is an amazing insight into life in the middle east and is well worth your time!


Daily Trek late today

Hey, feeling under the weather so the trek will be late today - sorry! Check back afternoon.