Right Of The Star

Monday, January 31, 2005

Progressive Reality - Suicidal Dreams

Lets face it, the Democrats hate anyone being labeled, unless it is a Republican they can call a liar!

They hate it so much they continue to try to eliminate the term Liberal from the political language.

They now refer to themselves as progressive and reality based!

Honestly, the Democrats haven't had a progressive - favoring or promoting reform (often by government action) - thought since the anti-war left took over the party in 1968. It isn't progressive to demand the same old broken systems remain in place. It isn't progressive to recycle the same old anti-war arguments over and over again. Progressive is attempting to fix or eliminate broken systems, advancing the lives and rights of Americans through ownership, and supporting freedom around the world. Hardly sounds like today's Democrats does it!

As for the other - well, their reality is anything that blames America first. They ignore any good news and claim that they by only accepting the bad news they are reality based. This type of reality is the same brand that causes the chronically depressed to commit suicide, hmmmm, maybe that explains how they feel about the US and what they really have in mind!