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Thursday, January 24, 2019


while I agree with some of your points on others I have to go back to my original point -- who were the adults, and honestly, perhaps if there were more grown people acting like adults instead of activists playing a game of, "I'm not touching you," like toddlers, well perhaps we would have less tragedies like all of those in Rockford in the past few years, they truly break my heart.

While you see tomahawk chopping I see the motions you would see at any teen pep rally, yeah, kinda an in your face motion and rude, but you see them at sports events, adult and high school, in music videos, even Bernie Sanders uses that at times as does AOC (it is an often seen thing on YouTube because somehow kids think you can't tell they really mean it unless they SHOW you!). I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, but because they were Native's for our discussion I'll grant you that it was tomahawk. But, again, KIDS.

While I'm granting the benefit of the doubt, I'll even grant you that Mr. Phillips WAS trying to deescalate the situation, though I'm not sure how those kids were supposed to know that (particularly if they are as cloistered and racist as has been implied in the media) -- while young should respect cultures, knowledgeable Adults also need to respect cultures and perhaps teach others how to do so. Getting in someone's face is not respecting these boy's culture at all. As a matter of fact it is rude and if not then very near abusive! Invading a person's space beating on a drum does not teach cultural respect, at all -- again, ADULT? 

With both of these as a given, Mr. Phillips Adult co-activist who was caught on tape telling another student he didn't belong, the white man stole this land, and to, "go back to Europe where you belong," was clearly NOT trying to deescalate the situation! So if you're going to count the tomahawk....well, ADULT? 

By the way, that is when the only ADULT acting person in the entire situation, Mr. Sandman told his friend to knock off the back and forth with the activist, motioning with a "cut" symbol! Yet somehow he is the one that received the initial death threats from Adults and lambasting from the media.

Mr. Phillips group was also not trying calm things the next night when they tried to enter the DC Basilica the pounding and chanting but that is a different situation.

As far as heroes and color -- why do you even have to bring color into it? Culture, perhaps, but color? Differences of belief even. Contrary to what has been the prevailing narrative the past couple years color is not what most Americans base their lives and beliefs on! What does that say about things and about people's mindsets when that is where some go first thing. Well, I return to my point, do I see heroes? No, but I see actual children and adult children. If Mr. Sandman didn't move on then the Adult, Mr. Phillips, should have (funny that in one video you can hear Mr. Phillips friend say we can move on now, we got what we needed.)

Was Mr. Phillips an, "abusive adult"? Yes, he used a child or group of children! HE WAS THE ADULT HERE, really, have we so forgotten how adults are supposed to behave and demonstrate to children just so we can make a point proving that they are, "the evil people I disagree with," It's about media and we have abandoned adulting and adulting is important! We don't raise kids we indoctrinate them to either hate the other or to feel so aggrieved by the other that they are evil! It worries me that the point of an ADULT (no matter the color) using kids (no matter the color), whether intentional or not -- in this media frenzied age is not seen as a form of abuse. If Mr. Phillips really wanted to deescalate things then he should have placed himself between the two sides. He would not have moved into the crowd as he clearly did. That would have been the ADULT thing to do (perhaps he wasn't petulant, but he clearly played the well known childhood game of, "I'm not touching you," not the adult game of, "just move on!"

But, on all sides, if perhaps we had less activists demanding change in others or action from government and instead we had more ADULTS raising their children, helping their neighbors, helping their neighbors raise their children, and yes, holding others accountable for their and their children's actual actions (not perceived) then we would have less tragedies like this week!
Thanks, prayers, and love to you and to all!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Covington Catholic Student response

Oh, you bet your ass if we could afford a PR firm we would! It is 2019, you'd be crazy not too!

Look at this year's Heisman Trophy winner, on what should have been the best day/week of his life he spent it apologizing for a tweet he sent calling his friend, "y'all queer," nearly 10 years early when he was 14 years old!

Kevin Hart had a comedy routine that he partially posted on Twitter (5 to 7 years ago I think) where he explained how he wanted his son to be straight....he had to apologize and had to step aside from hosting the Oscars!

More then 40% of colleges and 65% of employers check social media and it is nearly 100% that check Google -- shoot, I Googled and checked the county crime filings for out kitchen contractor! Colleges have stated that they have offered admission to individuals who failed to include on their applications things that fit the right thinking (lgbt club) and have declined admission and even revoked offers for admission to those with the wrong thinking (hunting/gun club).

Imagine a school district hiring a new coach/athletic director/teacher and you have an application from a guy with a clear Google and one of the members of the Duke La cross team, the team that was totally exonerated! Knowing it has to go before the board and the conflict that could occur with parents.....who do they hire?

Now imagine your not even in college like the La cross players, you're a 15 year old child and what is supposed to be an adult comes up and bullies you pounding a drum in your face...you don't do anything wrong. Other so called adults say you should be punched, doxed, humiliated, and even put through a wood chipper head first! You're picture is every where and more so called adults say you are 20 years from being the biggest sex offender in the past 35 years, or so his year book said (Justice Kavanaugh).

What is your life like in 20 years, 30 years, who knows. All I know is that adults have to get a handle on themselves soon, start thinking of what an adult is and should be, and stop with the idiotic memes.

Till then, getting a PR firm seems like a reasonable thing. A child, not even able to drive is being totally abused by ADULTS. Adults need to grow up and start Adulting.

By the way, David Hogg (Parkland survivor) has said some truly horrible things about people he as never met. He had a PR firm and he got an offer for Harvard despite the fact that his SAT is 200 points below the score 75% of all Harvard students. I'm not comparing the two, but the findings showed it was a government failure in Parkland and yet he has the right thinking.