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Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope Is Near Death!

This Pope has been one of the most significant figures in the history of man!

I'm not Catholic, but I don't think anyone can deny this man's greatness!
(Click headline for story)


Gay Threat Level - Change - Severe (Red)

Wow, that didn't last long - There are warnings of a Gay Radical attack, as such the threat level has been raised to Severe (Red):

Gay Orbit

Mike Rogers believes that my little banner on the right is a violent call to action. He emailed me to say so. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I use a word like terrorize, I mean it exactly as I stated here:

tr.v. ter·ror·ized, ter·ror·iz·ing, ter·ror·iz·es
To fill or overpower with terror; terrify.
To coerce by intimidation or fear. See Synonyms at frighten.

terror·i·zation (-r–zshn) n.
terror·izer n.

He goes on to implore people to only Email Mr. Rogers
So, this is NOT a violent call to action. Gay people have had enough violence done to them over the decades. We certainly don’t need to be doing it to each other. And Mike Rogers doesn’t deserve to be physically injured any more than you or me.

I agree - as I stated before I reserve the use of the word Terrorist, but I can't argue with the defination! Mike Rogers outings and threats are designed to Terrorize those he targets and it is disgusting.
Therefore, let me be absolutely clear: as it states in the banner, the “call to action” is clearly to email Mike Rogers and register your disgust at his outing campaign. As well, the story that led up to this call to action has been so thoroughly reported in the blogosphere and elsewhere that anyone who believes this is a call to violence clearly has been sleeping through it. There is nothing - absolutely nothing - intended to imply a violent response. It’s not a call to violence, no matter how Mike Rogers wants to portray it that way. Is it a little shocking and attention grabbing? Sure. But it’s that way for a reason. I want you to notice it. I want you to e-mail him and register your disgust at his tactics.

Here is his contact info if you care to share your disgust! As always logical and thoughtful arguments please!



DU Insane Rants - A Challenge

In my previous post - If you can't throw an election throw a fit - I compared the Democratic Underground (DU) to the insane:
...a day at DU is like walking into a shrill and painful sounding psycho ward. The one where the constant painful cries of, "I AM Napoleon and my empire HAS been stolen," echo off of the bare cement walls until your ears hurt and you are forced to turn away in sorry disgust.

Here is a challenge - come up with other commonly known insane rants from folklore, movies, books that would apply to the current rants at DU. (election stolen, war is illegal, Bush undermined the UN.....hahahah that one made me laugh.....)

BTW, I would like to apologize to the insane for the painful comparison!

Gay Alert Level - High (Orange) - Forced Outing Watch

We have gone a couple of days without a forced outing or forced shut down of free speech by the holier then thou Gay radicals so I have lowered the Gay Threat Level from Severe (Red) to High (Orange).

However, with the increased action on the part of the Gay radicals I have joined the Forced Outing Watch coalition. I will update the sidebar with the links as soon as I figure out how to do it and have it look normal.


Update: I couldn't get it to post here but I will get it up and running on the sidebar ASAP.

If you can't throw an election throw a fit!

Just one day after the attacks on William Kristol and the attempted interruptions of Ann Coulter we have this from Drudge:

Pat Buchanan Attacked at W. Michigan U; Man Jailed For Throwing Salad Dressing...


This follows the attempts to silence GayPatiot and LimeShurbet and I couldn't help but wonder if these attacks weren't somehow a coordinated effort.

Not that there is a vast left wing conspiracy, but something more then the old, "we can't throw an election so we are going to throw a fit."

A sign of frustration or of a complete breakdown of the Democratic Party - I'll let you be the judge.

Expanding -

I am not accusing anyone of crooked elections but I find it enlightening that Democrats screamed about the last two elections being stolen - but the common sense fixes, like requiring valid ID (or even expired ID as in Georgia) gets a walk out by Dem's in the Indiana and Georgia legislature as well as a threatened veto in Wisconsin ( my neighbor to the North)!

The left has spent the past 45 years forming a coalition and a platform based on emotion devoid of logic. Let's face it, eliminating poverty feels good - but no matter how hard you try you can't make a logical argument for giving the poor someone else's hard earned money. Reducing the number of criminals sounds great - but try to honestly sell a plan to eliminating the punishment part of our criminal justice system and letting child murderers out of prisons.

This has left the Dem's trapped in the sorry position that breeds emotional violent outbursts from their highly charged followers such as those we have seen. This is why a day at DU is like walking into a shrill and painful sounding psycho ward. The one where the constant painful cries of, "I AM Napoleon and my empire HAS been stolen," arguments echo off of the bare cement walls until your ears hurt and you are forced to turn away in sorry disgust. And those afflicted with this illness can't see it (hence the Ted Rall challenge earlier this year!) which is how they can elect Dean as their chairman.

Enough before I start rambling - what, I'm rambling already.....oh, sorry.

Don't miss DU Insane Rants - A Challenge!
Where you can give your own version of the Napoleonic rants!

Extra - Captains Quarters - Left Decends to Food Fights!
Michelle Malkin - The Myth of Liberal Tolerance
Random Nuclear Strikes - She's Right You Know
The Anchoress - When will the pies and salad dressing become knives?
Mass Backwards - Celebrate Diversity
Right Wing News - You're Running Towards Stage With A Pie In Your Hand? Then You Should Be Treated Like A Threat

Teaching What?

This is amazing - I am going to reprint much of LGF's posting on this - sorry, I am just amazed and I think it is important that we see what infection of insanity has spread throughout our schools!

Ladies and lizards (and lizards who are ladies), I’d like to introduce you to associate professor at North Carolina Wesleyan, Jane T. Christensen. (Hat tip: Drew.)

Here is her faculty web page, proudly reeking of antisemitism and conspiracy mania.

Here is the course she’s teaching for the Spring 2005 semester: (POL 495) 911 The Road to Tyranny.

Read the whole page. You’re not going to believe her recommended web sites and reading sources.

And here is her final exam for (POL302) The American Presidency




Instructions: Write essays on each of the following 4 questions (25 points each). Your answers should be at least one page each, no less. You will be graded on your writing and organizational skills as well as your ability to bring the readings into your discussion. This test is designed to see how well you have thought about the materials we have read and discussed and your ability to discuss these materials after you have reflected on them.

1. How has the war on terrorism contributed to the powers of the Bush presidency? (Discuss at least 4 ways).

2. Discuss the sweeping attack on democratic rights under the Bush administration and what this means for the future of democratic government in America.

3. Whose interests are served by the foreign and domestic policies of the Bush administration?

4. Describe and discuss the role of the Bush advisors. Who are they? What is their agenda? And how is it being carried out?

This lady is amazing although I am sure Howard Dean might offer her a job if she keeps this up!

Here is some of the syllabus of 911 The Road to tyranny

Feb. 8-10 The Pentagon Optical Illusion
Film: In Plane Sight
Reading: Presentation by Thierry Meyssan

Feb. 15-17 9/11 The Great Illusion
Film: George Humphrey,9/11 The Great Illusion
Reading: Geo. Humphrey, 9/11 The Great Illusion

Feb. 22-24 9/11 The Road to Tyranny
Film: Alex Jones, 9/11 The Road to Tyranny
Reading: Select articles from Alex's 911 archive

9/11 The Movie
Film: Michael Moore,Farenheit 9/11
Reading: An open letter to Michael Moore

Her faculty web page includes a link to a petition to impeach Bush - on her faculty web page!

All of this is fine on a personal web site, but this is a site that students shouldn't be afraid to visit and trust me I would be afraid, very afraid!


Thursday, March 31, 2005

Socks Berger To Plead Guilty

Seems whatever he may have been trying to cover up, if anything, is sufficiently under the radar!

Sandy Berger to Plead Guilty to Taking Classified Docs...


Terri Schiavo Has Died

Well it's official Terri Schiavo (which I mispelled Schivo in my only post on the efforts to keep her alive) has died. God Bless her and her family.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free Speech for (D)'s But Not For Thee

Via Drudge - this behavior never ceases to amaze me!


Ann Coulter causes stir at KU; Heckling, standing ovations interrupt right-wing commentator...

Combined with the Gay Attacks, the attacks on conservative minorities and you have a PC Police State!!!

Unconfirmed Gay Attack - Threat Level Still Severe - Red!

Wow, Limeshurbet is down again - not sure if Hosting Matters took a third look or received a complaint from Gannon's wanna-be lovers attorney. How do I know they have a crush on Gannon? Well for weeks that was all they could talk about!

I haven't acted like that since last week when I fell in love with that guy from Desperate Housewives!

See here for the last confirmed Gay attack.

Lime is back up with no mention of the drop off this afternoon/evening!

Blogger - Horses - Cows

Damn - blogger went down again! Seems to do that very often or it loads so slow it isn't funny!

Anyway that shit brought to mind a question:

If you have horses and cows can you make a road apple pie?

PS - Having grown up in the country, worked on farms, had cows in the field behind my house and had horses I really know the answer - YES you can if you know the recipe!

I Was Closer Then I Thought About IL's McGyvers

Hey, blogger was down all night last night - according to the message I got their engineers were notified and were working to solve the problem.

Well, it is amazing how this has happened both times I was posting about IL's little McGuivers!

It seems I wasn't that far off about the kids at Red Lake, MN possibly having been able to prevent the killings! Another student, the son of the Indian Nation's Chief, was arrested for possibly conspiring or at the least not reporting his knowledge of the killers plans! - Captains Quarters.

It is suspected that more students knew his plans as well - just like the students who knew of our little McGuivers here in Illinois!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Still at Gay Threat Level Red After Another Attack!

Another blogger has been silenced by the group that attacked GayPatriot (reported here)!

From Outlet Radio Network:
Gay activist Michael Rogers, of Blogactive.com, continues to target critics in an ongoing saga of an online jihad within the blogosphere.

This time the target was LimeShurbet.com, a blog whose site was taken down overnight by the site's commercial service provider. According to sources, LimeShurbert had taken GayPatriot's "WANTED: GAY TERRORISTS" post and created his own "wanted poster" targeting Michael Rogers and John Aravosis (Americablog). Rogers alerted the service provider which then shut the site down.

It seems questioning the gay (read "liberal gay") groupthink can lead to severe panic on the part of those you might question. I know all about this - for years I was that, "gay Republican," here in town - seriously, a lesbian met my sister once and said to her, "Oh, isn't your brother that gay Republican?"

Danegerous has one of the best essays on how Gays and Lesbians can secure their liberty, and it isn't by following the groupthink/voting block that has relegated blacks to back of the democratic party bus!

You want your rights protected? Advocate individualism and individual rights. I'll accept you.

The attacks on Secretary Rice, AG Gonzales and every other conservative who didn't toe the liberal line has shown Democrats to be the intolerant ones - as my congressman once told me (and was echoed by Wead's Bush tapes) it is your character that matters to true conservatives not what group you belong to!

For years I have said they can pass a law letting me get married and fuck my husband on the corner of State and Main every lunch hour but if I can't afford to take a lunch, keep from getting shot by some criminal who we had to reform instead of punish, or avoid the radiation from the terrorist bomb what good is it? Groupthink is a death sentence (ask the black (D)'s) - rugged individualism (besides the clear gay appeal of anything rugged) is the best way to protect all of our rights!

Visit Dane for the wanted poster as well as his thoughts!

Update - It seems that Lime Shurbet is back up including this Email from his hosting company with their determination that there is no cause for action:
Content cannot be definition by definition unless it can be shown that the content is inherently and deliberately untrue. In your particular case, a simple google of “michael rogers gay” brought me to an article by The Independent (UK) about the very bullet points you have listed in the graphic, with quotes from him related to that subject. Further searches reveal other stories by regular journalistic outlets as well, with and without quotes. Suggesting people email him to voice their opinion of his actions is also not an actionable offense, since a look at his own site has links for email to the addresses you have listed - since he is inviting contact via email, and lists available addresses, your posting of them poses no violation of any of our policies or of any statutes. It is your opinion that his actions are as you describe them, and people are free to agree or disagree as they see fit, and post their own opinions, if they’d like to do so. In addition, there is nothing in your graphic that urges any violence against anyone - it reads, in fact, more like the sort of online boycott calls that go around from time to time. Therefore, we would take no action related to complaints by the individual about this item on your page other than to suggest he take it up with you.


Abuse Investigations
Hosting Matters, Inc.

Edited for spelling - blogger crashed last night as I was posting this!

Monday, March 28, 2005

GayPatriot Update - Gay Threat Level - Severe (Red)!

Hey, I reported on GayPatriot having to quit blogging.

Well it seems he was silenced by threats from one of the activists who loves to out people.

As a gay man I think this is an absolutely abhorrent practices that the fringes of the gay community came up with! Nothing like preaching that your personal life shouldn't matter but then making someone's personal life your focus. (BTW, I have no clue who these two are (I am a bad gay man) but I think they work with Jeff Gannon because I seem to recall always seeing their name with his! (wink, wink))

Anyway, GP called a couple of these guys gay terrorists in a posting framed like a wanted poster. In the times we are in I wouldn't have used that term because it weakens the term terrorist at a time when we are at war with terrorists, but they are definitely EVIL in my opinion.

Check out LGF for the story and let me know what you think.

How You Know Mother Nature is a woman - A Bitchy Woman!

I love mayonnaise! Someone actually invented a food that tastes like sex! Not specifically the taste (although that protein taste of.....um, nevermind) but the comforting and smooth taste, more of a feeling, like the comforting satisfied feeling right after sex.

We all know the tongue tastes sweet, sour, bitter, and salt - but the tongue actually tastes that creamy texture like in Mayo. Which is one of the problems with making fat free items - that texture is hard to replicate without fat!

So mayo is great but why is it so bad for you - nothing like mayo to clog a few capillaries and help lead to an full artery clogging heart attack!

So I am at one of my specialists and I wonder aloud to him why a person gets cravings for the things that are bad for them. (Want to know more about my disability go here and contribute if you can. I will be updating that with more on my illness in the near future!)

Not just things like mayo and sugar, but things like cantaloupe, other melons, and bananas. Yes even bananas! These are bad for me! Did you know these have a protein in them that is very similar to the protein produced in ragweed pollen? Yep - if you have hayfever then these foods can affect you and might explain why some days you feel bad for no reason! Of course I have BAD hayfever but I LOVE fruit - all fruit, especially banana's and melons! (Check your mouth the next time you eat one of these foods - get that tingling coated feeling? Might want to check for hayfever!)

My Doctor turns to me and says, "Well, that is how you can tell Mother Nature is a woman! A man would never make something that tastes so good so bad for you!"

Yea, real scientific I know, but I was Shocked, not that he said that, but that his basic philsophy might be right on the mark - can you just imagine the first discovery of mayo:

Mother Nature: Chef, I want you to make a food that has a wholesome, creamy, full taste that man (generic man, not man man) will love. I thought it would go good with tuna, chicken, or even with potatoes!

Nature's Kitchen - Chef#1: Okay, how about something that reminds the senses of the comforting feeling you get right after sex!

MN: Great idea!

Chef: Okay, how something simple like a mix of broccoli, wheat germ, and tofu for texture?

MN: No, no, no. With a feeling like sex it will be something Men (men men, not the generic men) will want to eat this up and your choices would be too good for you. This is something people will really want to eat! How bout you try this whip these eggs with some oil and spices - a real artery clogging recipe!

Chef: Your the boss!

MN: By the way, do you have any Advil? We aren't even to my heavy flow day and these cramps are downright UNNATURAL!

So I realized my Doctor might just have been onto something. Think about it, if it had been Father nature mayo would have tasted the same but would have been so good for you that eating it would have guaranteed an extra 5 years of life! Mayo, pizza, and beer that is!

BTW - That someone actually did that fist mixing of mayo or that first recipe of something like an Angle Food Cake is really amazing when you think about it! Most of us don't know the basics of what makes up our food anymore. It isn't hard to believe that following the fall of Rome we lost the recipe of cement for centuries!

Oh, and just to be more offensive, I am now the number 1 ranked site for a google search of, "linger farts".

Jay Tea Turns One

Congradulations to Jay Tea over at WizBang - this is his one year Blogiversary!

This is his great blogiversary post.

His insights have added much to the blogosphere!

A Trek for Monday 032805

I'm not sure if my health will allow me to resume Daily Treks, but here is one for today.

Michael Crichton was on Cspan this weekend in one of the Students & Leaders series. It was really good - this guy is one of the most under rated open minded, forward thinking, geniuses of our time.
You can watch it here. It is question and answer but on Cspan he has a couple of other talks recently.

American Future
has this from the Guardian UK about the so called Reality Based Community (Progressive Reality - Suicidal Dreams) that believes the war in Iraq was illegal under international law:
Those who believe that is a fact of cardinal moral importance have not yet had the courage to admit the inevitable conclusion of their position. It is that there now needs to be a "coalition of the willing" to restore the legal government of Saddam Hussein to its rightful position as the sovereign authority in Iraq. Tony Blair must be arrested and tried by the ICC, and Saddam should be the primary witness against him. That is the inescapable logic of the champions of international law. It should make every-one realize how unreal is the world in which they live.

You do realize that without reform there is a guaranteed cut in Social Security benefits! The private accounts are designed to offset that cut that is going to happen.

GayPatriot had to suddenly stop blogging - but thank goodness GayPatriotWest (AKA Dan) is going to keep the site going! No idea why, but I can tell you regular blogging is harder then it looks. I have found I favor Dan's style so I am okay with this.

The man who caused a "Pro" movement update: Instapundit has this NOW THEY'RE MARCHING FOR DEMOCRACY IN MONGOLIA
(Yes I give President Bush credit - and wouldn't it sound bad to call it a positive movement - just sounds too biological to me!)

Roger Simon has a report on Oil For Food and Kofi's knowledge of his son's doings - and when I say doings I mean dealings, and when I say dealings I mean robbery - Roger is very careful about his postings so I would bet this will hit Tuesday when the report comes out - no wonder Kofi has considered resigning lately!

From the WTF (via Drudge) - U.S. soccer team assaulted in Mexico with objects and chants of "Osama" by Mexican fans... Wait, aren't these the guys who's President was just here begging us to carpet the boarder crossings so everyone can come here in comfort? Oh yea, and wasn't he just calling the citizens of the Minuteman Project vigilantes? I say build a wall as tall as it takes! Anyone sneaks in they don't even get a hearing they go back NOW! When one gets shot - and you know one will - give the guy who shot them a medal and send the body back, now no hearing!


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Entertainment Trek - Dizzy Day!

Okay, so I watched Desperate Housewives for the first time tonight because of the whole gay story line - I just wanted to see how it played out, not because the guys is hot or anything!

Anyway, was I a week early and next week is the new season or what because they didn't even mention it or have the guy on! So now I wasted an hour AND I can tell you each and every sub story each in it's own very long winded sentence!

Over two weeks ago I ordered a CD from Amazon using their Super Saver Shipping method (order more then $25 and shipping is free - okay it was actually 3 CD's) and it took about 10 days to get. They kept pushing the ship date back, but the shipping was free! I really wanted this CD and if I had felt better I would have gone out and gotten it at the store, but the shipping was free! It finally got here and I LOVE my new CD and I can't believe I waited as long as I did, but the shipping was free! Can't look a gift horse............gift horse my ass!

The CD is The Killers - go to their site, check out the AOL Sessions (Great Music resource I realized) The past few years I have missed bands like this! I have relapsed into country because I can't stand rap/hip hop/bad unintelligible foul poems to a sickeningly repetitive mind numbing beat!

To the point, The Killers are great like a compelling mix of the original (not the newer "hipper" new stuff) U2, Duran Duran, The Cure, and Erasure. I love them!

Oh, is it just me or do those new Lexus GS7 (or something like that - why can't luxury cars have real names instead of secret code numbers?) commercials where you find the start button in almost impossible to get to places like at the bottom of the ocean, locked in a safe Mission Impossible style, or buried in a mountain of ice make it appear virtually impossible to get into a Lexus? I know, it is supposed to make the car look exclusive and all - but seriously, how many of us will scale a mountain or break into a safe just to start our car............

BTW, I am so dizzy I am bordering on sick - kinda like sea sick!

Who I Read...

Okay, time to update the Blogroll - alright, way past time I know!

Let's fact it, my blogroll is just a convenient way for me to have all my regulars in one place! I read these most days and your welcome to do so as well, but really it is all about me here, right? (After all I have been spotty in my postings and comments are so rare - those are about me too I know, but they are BY you! - Yep, begging for comments!)

Anyway, today I added:

Curmudegonly & Skeptical a new discovery for me. He is unique, funny, and gets right to some very good points!

Hog On Ice been reading since I posted on him back in December. His Gay Underpants post is still one of the funniest things I have read in years!

Is This Life is by a guy, TrekMedic251 who is really a medic! He actually found me and I have been reading his site but, um, updating the blogroll, well it is sooooo hard, right, um, .....
He has some great insights!

I removed The Straight Face Test as it hadn't been updated since the end of January.

OMG, I forgot to include Little Green Footballs, not that they need anymore links, but they are really a great source of info!

Easter Trek! Random Ramblings!

Amazingly beautiful Easter here, hope it is where you are as well! - Well, kinda amazing, the beauty outside has released a flurry of pollen or some other allergen that have made me dizzy, itchy, and downright miserable (itchy eczema and all) upon the mere opening of an outside door! None the less it sure looks beautiful!

Amazingly Google, who managed to decorate it's logo for things like world water day, can't seem to bring itself to do the same for Easter! (Malkin) They also stopped listing Captains Quarters blog as a search result but they do manage to advertise for Hamas recruitment though (LGF).
CQ has links to other strange items about Google (like using a NeoNazi website as a news source) and Roger Simon had some problems with them as well!

What if the Bible was warning us against Anarchists and not an AntiChrist? Revelations looks much more prophetic in that light doesn't it? (Ed-of course it does you idiot - it IS the Bible after all.)

Strange how Janus is just anus with a J. How many other words can you think of that have anus at their root?

More on this later (if health allows), but can you name another figure in history that has started a worldwide "pro" movement (pro-democracy) with the result being demonstrations that have far outstripped the "anti" movements (anti war, anti capitalism, anti American, anti Bush) best efforts in numbers, attitude, and cause. The left has become nothing but the "anti" coalition!

More thoughts as they come to me...stay tuned!

More - oooh, ooohh, ooohhhh, I remembered one more thing - important one too! Remember that Texas law the left is using to call Bush a hypocrite? Well it seems someone in the Corner - Via DANEgerous - recalls what it really was about! Bottom line, it gave the family GREATER power and flexibility in attempting to save their loved ones! The left had already given the authority to the medical ethics board of a hospital! Now I haven't read the law, but it would appear the facts - making the best of a bad situation by giving families more options - once again defeat the left's lame attempts to defame Bush! Go read the history but here is a summary:
That 1999 bill: first, formalized more protections for in-hospital review second, gave patients 10 days of treatment while seeking transfer, and third, authorized court proceedings to extend the 10 days for reasonable additional periods to accomplish transfer. Now this was not what patient advocates wanted and it wasn’t what Governor Bush wanted. However, it was an important advance over the existing situation of no legal requirement of treatment pending transfer, for any period of time. The votes were not there in the Texas legislature to accomplish a more protective bill. So Governor Bush signed it because it was an improvement over the existing law.


A few days ago I wasn't feeling the best and I was watching Cspan and thinking about bloggin on a Washington Post presentation covering foreign policy - well, as I looked I guess I wasn't just thinking about it - I actually posted this rambling on March 22. Sorry to anyone who tried to make sense out of that last week! It is amazing what a sick mind can do (yes, sick mind in more ways then you know!)