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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Who I Read...

Okay, time to update the Blogroll - alright, way past time I know!

Let's fact it, my blogroll is just a convenient way for me to have all my regulars in one place! I read these most days and your welcome to do so as well, but really it is all about me here, right? (After all I have been spotty in my postings and comments are so rare - those are about me too I know, but they are BY you! - Yep, begging for comments!)

Anyway, today I added:

Curmudegonly & Skeptical a new discovery for me. He is unique, funny, and gets right to some very good points!

Hog On Ice been reading since I posted on him back in December. His Gay Underpants post is still one of the funniest things I have read in years!

Is This Life is by a guy, TrekMedic251 who is really a medic! He actually found me and I have been reading his site but, um, updating the blogroll, well it is sooooo hard, right, um, .....
He has some great insights!

I removed The Straight Face Test as it hadn't been updated since the end of January.

OMG, I forgot to include Little Green Footballs, not that they need anymore links, but they are really a great source of info!

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