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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wizbang nails it or bangs it or..oh just go read it

Warning - be sure to swallow any liquids in your mouth before proceeding to J at Wizbang's comparison of the Democrats to Monty Python!

John Cleese for Democratic National Chairman

I loved it - it's funny because it is true! (Said with my best Karen from Will and Grace accent!)

A sample, from which you won't get anything but here it is:
"I'm sorry, this Congressional session is over. Good day."

"That was not the entire session."

"I'm afraid it was."

"No, it wasn't."


Monday, February 21, 2005

Understanding the Honeypot.

Marvin Hutchins takes on those who believe that Iraq has promoted Jihad at his Little Red Blog. I would just add that those opposed to our actions in Iraq fail to understand the Honeypot Doctrine as described in The Art of War. (I wrote about that) The left will never understand that these Jihadis (or is it Jihadists) are already out there - without Iraq they may have waited two years to attack us in Chicago, but without fundamental freedoms and reform in the region they will continue to produce those who find it easier to blame America, the Jews, and the West rather then examine their own culture and society as the cause of all their ills.

By the way, can I just point out that Blogger's spell check doesn't even have Blog as a word, you would think they would add that one wouldn't you?

Screw Stability - Bush to the Weinies

American Future (man I'm loving that place) has a great summary of the President's speech to the Europeans today.

My absolute favorite line from the speech was this:
In the Cold War, Europe saw the so-called stability of Yalta was a constant source of injustice and fear. And Europe also saw how the rise of democratic movements like Solidarity could part an iron curtain drawn by tyrants. The spread of freedom has helped to resolve old disputes, and the enlargement of NATO and the European Union have made partners out of former rivals.

This is what the left and the Europeans (yea, I know no real difference between them - the both hate America) just don't get and is the fundamental difference between the factions.

This was also a direct shot across chancellor Schroeder bow. President Bush's SOTU speech pushed freedom - saying that word 27 times. It was followed by Schroeder speech where freedom wasn't mentioned but stability was the main focus.

I love this guy - as I said in earlier posts - he has upset the apple cart because that cart was clearly broken and was about to tumble down taking the entire free world with it - that it what 9/11 taught us. The old ways didn't work, why keep doing them over and over! Just as he said about his budget cuts, we will not fund or work with systems that do not get results! And his opposition hates it and hates him for it - many got rich off the corrupt stability after all!

More On Howard (Moore-on Howard?)

During the debate between Howard Dean and Richard Pearl last Thursday Howard admitted what I had said in my earlier post that the Dem's hate what America is but love what it could be if only we had a plan to, "restore America to it's moral greatness."

The left believes that we aren't great - and that is where they are wrong.

Spoils of war, America not only doesn't take any - we set up things like the Marshall plan to give some of our treasure to our former enemies.

Land, don't want any, occupation, don't want to do it - however we will leave bases scattered throughout the world to protect nations and thus allow them to spend their defense budgets on their social welfare all the while verbally attacking us. (Oh, but don't suggest reducing those troop levels or their government will pitch a fit about the impact upon their economy, the great threat to their vaunted welfare state is not terrorists, but the possibility we might pull out our troops! (now I know this is an exageration - and I am the first person who will argue that these bases were for our own protection as much as for theirs.))

Update: I saw this debate on Cspan, you can check it out there.

In the 6th Year He Made Their Heads Explode!

This is the third time I have tried to write this post - seems my mind fog caused the first to be incoherent, the second was too serious and now this:

Since the first day of his presidency George W. Bush has managed to systematically take every item the Left believe in, the shakey/shifting foundation of their entire existence, and proceed to not only prove them wrong - but to prove that they are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

  • Bush and the Republicans hate blacks/women/hispanics - you know the facts, Bush and the Republicans have appointed more women and minorities to high level positions then any administration in history. People are dealt with based on their qualifications and job performance. Something the left has claimed to hold as a core belief, yet all they could do is attack any minority that supports the administration. OH, and let's not forget the windfall that Social Security Personal Accounts could leave for generations of black families. A legacy forever.
  • Bush and the Republicans hate Gays - oops, you know the Gannon story - gay guy but no one cared, as long as he did his work. Years ago when I reconciled my being gay with my political beliefs I realized that the conservatives I met dealt with me based on what I had done not on what group I was with. This is true of Bush. Now comes the news of his comment from 1998 or so in the tapes from the NY Times (sorry no link, I just can't bring myself to give them the link) it seems President Bush doesn't care and won't fire anyone for being gay - it doesn't matter. What matters is how you do your job! But what do we get from the left - nothing but attacks on the gay journalist - that is all the left can talk about, they are obsessed with the fact that the guy was gay, and amazingly he was allowed to cover the President.
The New Republic says (Thanks American Future):
But he may be the first president who apparently does not see individual people in racial categories or sex categories. White or black, woman or man, just as long as you're a conservative. That is also an expression of liberation from bias.
  • Iraq, oops they had elections.
  • Middle East, President Bush realized that the old status quo of keeping stability and ignoring the tyranny that leads to terrorism had to change. The President ignored Arafat and now things may be moving - and yes, Arafat's death caused most of these changes, but had he not been shut out I bet it wouldn't have worked out as it seems to so far. Left threw a fit!
  • Korea, nope, only 6 party talks. If you cheat it will be on all 6 of us (including China), left threw an absolute fit!
  • The UN, bunch of crooks so why would we consider dealing with them till they clean it up or board it up!
  • European weinies - they are so high and mighty, let them solve the Iran issue and either prove they can do something constructive for the world or prove them to be worthless.
  • Economy, damn another victory. He even broke even on jobs - damn that just isn't possible!
  • Social Security, the left's total hatred for Bush has caused them to ignore their own statements of support for social security reform a mere 6 years ago under a Democratic President!

This is just a short list that strikes at many of the left's core beliefs! I covered some of them during the campaign as the President seemed to cut the knees out from under the left every time they came up with their new winning strategy.

Today's Democratic party is based on denial and massive cognitive Dissonance. This goes clear to their core - claiming they are reality based and progressive are the first examples. They still don't believe that their tired old worn out policies and believes weren't supported by the majority of Americans. Either the election was stolen or those who can actually believe they lost think it was because they just didn't get their message out. Is this reality? They got their message out - it was rejected by the majority of Americans.


The left says that our foreign policy is the root of all evil, but in the next breath they want us to impose our moral beliefs upon any country that wants to trade with us by forcing those countries to adhere to our environmental and labor standards. That is what Howard Dean said during his debate with Richard Pearl last week. You remember Howard, the leader of the Democratic Party!

The result of these actions will cause moderates to identify themselves as Republicans and the Democrats to become further divided.

When history books are written about this Presidency and how he proved the left's entire belief system to be bankrupt it will be noted that, "having shown once again that he was misunderestimated by the left, his policies were again a success. In the Sixth year he caused such trauma in those on the left, who were already susceptible to illness like PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma), that he made their heads explode - literally explode. A situation now known as BURST (Bush Ultimately Right Sixth (year) Trauma) , a situation that develops when the cognitive dissonance affects every single belief a person holds causing their brains to boil and their heads to explode.

Extra: Wizbang has this great story on a NY Congressman suffering the final phases of BURST! Here and here.

Update: J from Wizbang points out
While I like the easily-pronounced "BURST," I think I prefer BDS -- Bush Derangement Syndrome. It's simpler and more elegant.

Otherwise, a fine rant. It catches the condition quite nicely.

(Jay Tea of www.wizbangblog.com)

I would agree that BURST and BDS are different stages of the same illness, but BURST will appear to be fatal (as most head exploding illnesses are). In many cases BDS isn't fatal, but for those with the BURST derivative it will be, at least for their party!

By the way, thanks to Jay for taking the time to read and comment - it means alot!