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Monday, February 21, 2005

More On Howard (Moore-on Howard?)

During the debate between Howard Dean and Richard Pearl last Thursday Howard admitted what I had said in my earlier post that the Dem's hate what America is but love what it could be if only we had a plan to, "restore America to it's moral greatness."

The left believes that we aren't great - and that is where they are wrong.

Spoils of war, America not only doesn't take any - we set up things like the Marshall plan to give some of our treasure to our former enemies.

Land, don't want any, occupation, don't want to do it - however we will leave bases scattered throughout the world to protect nations and thus allow them to spend their defense budgets on their social welfare all the while verbally attacking us. (Oh, but don't suggest reducing those troop levels or their government will pitch a fit about the impact upon their economy, the great threat to their vaunted welfare state is not terrorists, but the possibility we might pull out our troops! (now I know this is an exageration - and I am the first person who will argue that these bases were for our own protection as much as for theirs.))

Update: I saw this debate on Cspan, you can check it out there.

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