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Friday, October 15, 2004

Daily Trek Friday 101504

Okay, not much of a trek because of the bad air from yesterday, but here is a bit of a Trek for now.

Wow I am on a roll lately - remember how I mentioned that I was sick of the pundits claiming they knew what was up in Iraq (now and before the war) and that they might just want to let those who know the facts make the decisions?

Well this comes from Instapundit that confirms my belief:


Sunni Arabs in Iraq are becoming more agitated about being caught in a war pitting an alliance of Saddam supporters and Islamic radicals, against the majority Shia Arab and Kurds who want peace and prosperity, at any price. The Sunni Arabs are increasingly desperate to do something about their situation. Despite the threats from Saddam's old enforcers (almost all of them Sunni Arads), and the al Qaeda influenced Islamic radicals; tribal and religious leaders are suggesting that the Saddam hardliners and foreign Islamic radicals leave. Leave Sunni Areas, leave Iraq, leave this life, it doesn't really matter. The Sunni Arabs see nothing but woe from the Saddam supporters and Islamic radicals. . . . The Sunni Arabs have been cowed by the terror, but not completely immobilized. Deals are being cut, to be finalized when Iraqi troops and police enter Sunni Arab towns under the shadow of American firepower. Will the Sunni Arab leaders remain with the Iraqi majority. Considering the alternative, they probably will.

Sounds promising; I hope it turns out this way. StrategyPage certainly has a pretty good record of accuracy.

Read this, too, which certainly supports the above.

UPDATE: Shannon Love observes:

It may be just an accidental strategy on our part, but allowing this or that group of insurgents to control an area for a period of time seems to have long-term benefits. The locals might imagine that they hate the Coalition and the provisional government, but a few days or weeks of living under the rule of the insurgents seems to provide a stark reality check. The insurgents are thugs and religious extremists, who terrorize and extort the local population and eventually draw down retaliation from the Coalition. The insurgents lose the struggle for hearts and minds through their own brutality. . . .

The actions of the insurgents cause the locals to view the Coalition as the lesser of two evils. We win the battle for hearts and minds by default.

I don't think it's an accident.

The key lesson of Vietnam is to let the warriors fight the war not the polititions! By doing so you can minimize the effects of the anti-American party of peace and their Lie-N-Hype followers! These traitors cost us that battle in the Cold War and they would do it again in this battle in the War on Terror. Thank God we have learned this major lesson of Vietnam!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Breathing Was My Mistake Today

So I get up today open the door to let the dogs out and end up getting a face full of asphalt smell! The construction nearby must be repairing the road or something along those lines.

Because of the weakened condition of my system those chemical exposures are one of the worst things that can happen to me. I now have a POUNDING HEADACHE and have already thrown up once! I think I may have minimized the damage by being proactive in meds and other methods, but this may have an impact for days!

All for making the mistake of breathing! I hate this!

UPDATE: Now my skin is crawling - particularly on my scalp - just tracking the symptoms for you!

UPDATE II: Skin is now breaking out in eczema! Itchy and red - soon to break out in sore blotches!

UPDATE III: It is now 5:30pm just about an hour after I first inhaled - and now the lining of my nose and sinuses are swelling and producing post nasal drip like you wouldn't believe!

UPDATE IV: Now 6:30pm breathing better - meds kicked in - head improving too! Joints are killing me and I had to take a nap to keep from puking again, but now I feel better. Hopefully the worst is over, skin still bad!

UPDATE V: About 12:30am the 15th - up from a nap and I think I am better but I know I will be dragging ass!!!

Implosion 101 Tired Idears

It has been mentioned over and over that John Kerry looked tired last night - with one person asking if Kerry had a duty to tell us if his cancer had returned.

But as the debate went on last night I noticed that Kerry began to lose his composure on proper pronunciation. Being from the land of no R's (Massachusetts - "pock the caah" = park the car) Kerry managed to add R's to his speech! He had idears, that were better then his opponents idears and his idears had worked in the past where those other idears haven't worked!

What's up with that, it might be a good idear for him to warsh the caah before he pocks it!

Daily Trek Thursday 101404

Okay, the last debate was well worth the time! There is a clear fundamental difference between the candidates positions that can and have been debated repeatedly - and that is a good thing! To me there is also a clear difference between the candidates. President Bush is clearly a man of principle with core beliefs that guide his entire life. John Kerry appears to be a man who is afraid to have a core belief, just in case the one he chooses is wrong!

You'll recognize the symptoms of this as it is similar to the disease Clinton suffered from - no, not VD! In Clinton's case he was a consumate liar who was able to sell his lack of a belief system and I am not sure Kerry can.

Another fundamental difference in the parties philosophies is how they address the issues that define us as people. The Democrats pander to everyone as a part of a group. Republicans honor the individual - it was clear in the proposals for health care and social security and in the issue related to being gay. Kerry went out of his way to address the gay issue by using Dick Cheney's daughter as a part of this "protected group." Something many of us found as offensive. Something that would have been lambasted by the left if The President had dared to reference. Amazingly John Kerry can get away with it, with his campaign manager going so far to say that her lesbianism was "fair game" in this election!

The difference is clear - although she is an individual in the eyes of Republicans to the left she is nothing more then a part of a group and Kerry can use the group to his advantage! Republicans are barred from using the group by the PC police, not that they would want to. You see, Republicans value the individual and judge her based on her individual strengths not her identifying characteristics. This is the same philsophy that allows coordinated attacks on GOP headquarters to be overlooked by the media - it is okay for someone to attack the mean Republicans!

This is why the likes of Andrew Sullivan can't shake his Euro philosophies! He attempted to call himself a conservative for the past couple of years - but the truth of his group mentality couldn't keep from breaking through! The individualism of America is almost incomprehensible to Europeans but runs deep and strong here.

The Trek:

Back to Andrew Sullivan, he didn't see anything wrong with Mary Cheney being used as a Kerry pawn. He says:
When Kerry cites Bush's wife or daughters, no one says it's a "low blow." The double standards are entirely a function of people's lingering prejudice against gay people.
His and the Democratic party's prejudice is what is really showing! The display of lingering prejudice is clearly demonstrated by Senator Kerry as he didn't just cite Mary Cheney - he then had to add, "who is a lesbian." Is it acceptable to cite Justice Thomas' wife and then add the phrase- a white woman? If Andrew wants to be treated as an equal then he can't act so superior - maybe that is where some get the impression that gay people want "special" rights.

Gaypatriot puts it this way:
Now to my pet peeve of the night. Why on earth did John Kerry feel the need to answer the gay marriage question by saying "Hey! His vice president has a daughter whose a lesbian!" (You know, one of those kind of people...)

It was one thing for John Edwards to bring it up since he was sitting next to the Vice-Lesbian Father during their debate. And, at the time I felt that Edwards was quite
condescending and demeaning when talking about Mary Cheney. It's a whole other universe for Kerry just to throw it out there tonight.

If this is such a wedge issue, why are the Democrats the ones bringing someone's family into it? "Your momma!"... "No, your lesbian vice president in-law!" C'mon. Even the FOX News commentators are buzzing about it. It was gratuitous at best.
But of course this disgusting behavior is acceptable to the left:
Leaders of the Special Olympics say they are "astounded and appalled" by an anti-Bush political flyer being distributed in Tennessee.

It shows the head of President Bush superimposed on the body of a Special Olympics athlete; and it reads, "Even if you win, you're still retarded." CNS

Great coverage of the Debate by the usuals over here on the right ------> or down below depending on your browser. Check them out for debate updates.

Check back in the late afternoon for an update on lawyers and the vote!

BIG UPDATE: Kausfiles agrees with me - almost word for word
Kerry's move looks less like hypocrisy-puncturing and more like a straight appeal to homophobia. As such, it does no credit to Kerry. ... Perilous race analogy: What if Kerry were debating a conservative on affirmative action, and that conservative had a black wife, and Kerry gratuitously brought that up in an attempt to cost his opponent the racist vote? Would Andrew Sullivan approve? I don't think so. ...
UPDATE: Why is Mrs. Edwards speaking about the Cheney daughter's "preference" - it isn't a preference or choice - even Kerry says she was born gay! But then again that is the say one thing believe another Democratic philsophy! (Danegerous)

BTW, it isn't a preference or choice!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Final Debate Prep

Okay, getting ready for the debate - keep your eye out for the Kerry look:

How many times can you catch the look!

Daily Trek 101304

Okay, I am starting to feel a bit better, I was just BEAT! Not to mention the fact that most of my winter clothes cause me to have a reaction - that is one of those amazing things that sneak up on you! There you are and you realize your shirt is making you sick - seriously!

Now, take a deep breath because there is now less then 3 weeks left before the election! I have to admit that even I am getting a bit sick of the politicing! And if I am getting sick of it then you know that others who don't love it as much as I do have GOT to be getting fed up. Now I know that most people don't pay as much attention as I do - but still with the non stop Bush bashing that has been going on for the past year it is hard to not to hear it.

What does that mean for the election? Well, just like everyone else I don't have a crystal ball and the tarot was too hard to read last time, and after the legal crap in Florida I know why! (Maybe I'll try that one again.) To me the ongoing wisdom is difficult to justify in these unique times - but hasn't every election been in completely new times!

What I would like to see happen is an overwhelming victory for President Bush - something that sends the message that we are a united people and that the unacceptable bashing of our country and it's leaders has become more unacceptable with each passing year! A complete repudiation of the anti-American Vietnam protest era and what it has wroght today in the from of the Democratic party in all it's Lie-N-Hype glory!

Let me know in the comments section of your sick of the election yet - till then The Trek:

Massive Voter Fraud (See S&A and scroll till you see the listing of fraud!) on top of the unbelieveable levels of violence by anti-Bush/Cheny organizations has the potential to make this election more dangerous then the one in Afghanistan! Speaking of which, that election has to be one of the most amazing things I have seen this past year! I didn't even mention the threat of the terrorists! Drudge is reporting Chechen Terrorists have entered the US via Mexico (Gertz at Washington Times) - remember these are the people who murdered school children in Russia!

Did you hear what the Party of Peace is doing beside the ongoing violence? They are openly threatening Sinclair Broadcasting - how is that for protecting freedoms! Sinclair is planning on showing Stolen Honor - a documentary about Kerry and his anti-Ameircan Protest days:
Kerry Senior Advisor Chad Clanton to SINCLAIR Broadcasting: 'They better hope we don't win' [said on FOX NEWS DAYSIDE]...
By the way it is my intention to corelate the Party of Peace with the same mindset of that infamous Religion of Peace!

John Edwards promises that if him and John Kerry are elected people in wheelchairs will walk again - just like a trial lawyer to sound like a snake oil salesman!
Edwards Stem Cell Vision: 'We will stop juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other debilitating diseases... When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.' Edwards made the unprecedented campaign promises during 30-minute speech at Newton High School gym in Newton, Iowa
Listen to this on TV if you get a chance - that man would have made a great preacher in a revival show! These trial lawyers are the same ones that sued our vaccine makers out of business leaving us exposed to a potentially lethal flu season!

Mount St. Helens is building up a magma dome again - a precursor to an eruption? Check out the volcano cam if you want to see if she has blown yet!

GayPatriot hopes Kerry can infect his pessimism on Osama the way he did Christopher Reeve as he wonders Who Kerry will sentence to death during this debate - no, it isn't as bad as it sounds!

Of course during this weekend we learned that Kerry paid under 13% in income taxes - less them most people I know and we're poor! And he thinks we need to go back to 9/10 when terrorism can be just an nusance! 3000 people dead is a nusance, wow! By that defination I wonder what the holocost was, irritating? (BTW, remember Ter...still can't figure out how to sound out Mrs. Heinz Kerry's name....she said we need to just accept terrorist attacks the way Europe does!)

Monday, October 11, 2004

Delayed Trek

Drudge is reporting that Christopher Reeve passed away on Sunday - not many details, God Speed Superman.

I am beat and will be sleeping in - the Trek will follow my awakening - if I can arrange one!