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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Breathing Was My Mistake Today

So I get up today open the door to let the dogs out and end up getting a face full of asphalt smell! The construction nearby must be repairing the road or something along those lines.

Because of the weakened condition of my system those chemical exposures are one of the worst things that can happen to me. I now have a POUNDING HEADACHE and have already thrown up once! I think I may have minimized the damage by being proactive in meds and other methods, but this may have an impact for days!

All for making the mistake of breathing! I hate this!

UPDATE: Now my skin is crawling - particularly on my scalp - just tracking the symptoms for you!

UPDATE II: Skin is now breaking out in eczema! Itchy and red - soon to break out in sore blotches!

UPDATE III: It is now 5:30pm just about an hour after I first inhaled - and now the lining of my nose and sinuses are swelling and producing post nasal drip like you wouldn't believe!

UPDATE IV: Now 6:30pm breathing better - meds kicked in - head improving too! Joints are killing me and I had to take a nap to keep from puking again, but now I feel better. Hopefully the worst is over, skin still bad!

UPDATE V: About 12:30am the 15th - up from a nap and I think I am better but I know I will be dragging ass!!!

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