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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

After the War - It's About the Future!

I have said before that it isn't what Kerry did in Vietnam - it may actually have been respectable service (though fabricated and exaggerated.) It is about what he did after he returned. I remember the protestors and their anti-American actions. The more I learn about Kerry and his leadership roll in those actions the more it makes me ill and scares the crap out of me. That a political party has become so completely bankrupt as to nominate this man as their candidate for the Presidency is, in my opinion, tantamount to agreeing to shred our nations future before it is even written.

I honestly don't believe most Democrats know who John Kerry is but having seen the Moore, McAuliffe, Clinton, Durbin (what a Dick) and Pelosi show dominate the scene for the first 6 months of the year I don't know if there is any hope for their party at all.

More on this from PoliPundit:
A Must-Read Piece

As we all know, John Kerry is both a traitor and an opportunist. When he came back from his alleged "tour of duty," he smeared his fellow Vietnam veterans in a brazen attempt to make a name for himself and further his political ambitions.

This article tells you how that behavior affected Paul Galanti. If there is any Kerry voter out there reading this blog, I really recommend you read this article. When you are done, ask yourself how you could even think of voting for this man.

P.S. When I heard the tapes of Kerry's Senate testimony, his pronunciation of Genghis Khan struck me as rather odd, but humorous nonetheless and indicative of a prep school elitist. Little did I know that for one man, hearing that pronunciation of the 12th century warrior's name must have been an extremely painful experience.

From Implosion 101:
The key here is that all of us can dismiss what happened in the fog of war - but what Kerry did when he returned was in the fog of treason, opportunism, or stupidity. None of these are traits that make a good President.

Implosion 101 lesson - An implosion like this is the direct result of one thing and only one thing, running a campaign based on, "anybody but Bush," and the wack-o's like Moore.


World War Update 082404 Russian Planes

Two Russian passenger planes have crashed (dropped off of radar) almost simultaneously after leaving the same airport.

My Way News:

In Washington, a senior U.S. State Department official said, "We are obviously concerned by the news. We're following developments closely and trying to determine the facts."

The U.S. Homeland Security Department was monitoring the situation but was not implementing any additional security measures in the United States, spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said.

The crash comes only days before Sunday's presidential election in the breakaway republic of Chechnya. Pro-Russian President Akhmad Kadyrov was killed by a bombing in May.

A series of deadly explosions in recent years has claimed hundreds of lives in blasts that have been blamed mostly on Chechen separatist rebels.

The sad part is that there are people who just refuse to believe this is a World War! When hundreds of thousands are dead and our economy has stopped in it's tracks them it will be too late.

How -weird Update - Sane/Insane

From Slings And Arrows:

In a moment of clarity (which I am sure will be short-lived) Howard Dean actually said something that made sense:

Every day that goes by without action to stop the Sudan genocide is a day that the anti-Iraq war position so widely held in the rest of the world appears to be based less on principle and more on politics. And every day that goes by is a day in which George Bush's contempt for the international community, which I have denounced every day for two years, becomes more difficult to criticize.
I doubt he will ever come around to saying something to the effect of "uh, maybe I was wrong," but at least this is something.

Unfortunatly his fantasy world closed back in on him and left him in that Democartic LaLa Land as he accused the President of breaking the law with the Swifties. Calling How-weird your prescription is ready!

Waste Not Update - Actions Stink!

CHICAGO (CBS 2) Rock star Dave Matthews and his tour bus driver are facing a filthy lawsuit.

The Illinois Attorney General's office says they're responsible for dumping up to 100-gallons of raw human waste from a tour bus onto the Kinzie Street Bridge earlier this month.

The nasty mess rained down on passengers aboard a sightseeing boat two weeks ago.

The suit charges both the band and the bus driver with violating state water pollution laws, as well as common law public nuisance laws.

A spokesman for the band says all of its tour buses were parked at the time of the incident.

That's gonna hurt with the Greenie Lefties that make up a good portion of their fan base.

Implosion 101 Update 082404 Drudge

Yesterday I pointed out in Implosion 101 that this had turned the corner and Kerry's counter attack was a failed arrogant argument.

Drudge has these updates along with an amazing story about Kerry's outreach call to a Swiftie.


Kerry's campaign now says is possible first Purple Heart was awarded for unintentional self-inflicted wound...

  • Kerry received Purple Heart for wounds suffered on 12/2/68...

  • In Kerry's own journal written 9 days later, he writes he and his crew, quote, 'hadn't been shot at yet'... Developing...

  • The support for the Swifties is wonderful! The Swifties have had to fight Old Media as well as Kerry/Edwards the whole time.

    The call lasted 10 minutes, sources tell DRUDGE.

    KERRY: "Why are all these swift boat guys opposed to me?"

    BRANT: "You should know what you said when you came back, the impact it had on the young sailors and how it was disrespectful of our guys that were killed over there."

    [Brant had two men killed in battle.]

    KERRY: "When we dedicated swift boat one in '92, I said to all the swift guys that I wasn't talking about the swifties, I was talking about all the rest of the veterans."

    Kerry then asked if he could meet Brant ["You were one of the best"] -- man to man -- face to face.

    Brant declined the invite, explaining that Kerry was obviously not prepared to correct the record on exactly what happened during Vietnam and what happened when Kerry came back.

    The arrogance in his statements proves that he just doesn't get it at all. It shows that he feels that he can say and do anything because he is elite! The Dem's have never understood the meaning of "Providing aid and comfort to the enemy."

    "Choose or Lose" - MTV's Dilemma!

    Jason had his first day of classes today at College and his Political Science Professor did a survey of where the students get most of their news. To my surprise (according to his reporting) in a class of 30 about 10 of them stated they got their new from Fox News. This was by far the greatest response to any one source.

    I know this shouldn'’t be surprising – after all recent polls have shown a growing number of college students identifying themselves conservative (see this) and Fox News is consistently the most watched cable news network, but as a realist I remember the death grip liberals have on our nations education system.

    The popularity of The Daily Show, the Comedy Central Network’s admittedly unfair parody of the news, was evident in the class with 5 or 6 students naming it as their news source – which is a very scary realization, but no worse then the Alphabets (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN.)

    Comedy Central is a sister network of MTV, with both being owned by Viacom. As such they are heavily into the "“Choose or Lose”" campaign. (In case you don’t remember this campaign it is the one started on MTV in 1992 as an effort to get more liberal youths involved in voting. I say liberal youths because of the very left leaning aspects of most of the networks pseudo news and awareness reporting and programming. Remember the Clinton boxers or briefs question? - should have seen this as an omen!) Their newest series of advertisements include celebrities describing how their social agenda is under attack and pleading for young voters to register and vote. Their pleas clearly indicate that the defeat of Republicans is the only way to save mankind.

    The truth of MTV’s dilemma is that as a greater number of America's youths declare themselves as conservative, Republican, or even as independents who get their news from Fox News (truly the most balanced source on TV) MTV will have their own choice to make – choose to discontinue their "“Choose or Lose"” campaign or lose the hope of ever achieving their liberal agenda.


    As a post script - the professor assigned daily reading of the NY Times and Washington Post - let the indoctrination begin!

    In my opinion I think he would have done well to assign the Enquirer as well – after all their reporting is a bit more balanced and lately they have done much more investigative work! We’'ll see if the Professor ends up balanced or if he, like MTV will have to “Choose or Lose.”

    Final Frontier 08232004 Chandra

    The Chandra X-ray Observatory has re-imaged a familiar scene of a relatively nearby exploded star, revealing new details of the chaotic aftermath.

    The supernova remnant, as it is called, is named Cassiopeia A. It is about 10,000 light-years away.


    Monday, August 23, 2004

    Olympic Update

    Jeremy Wariner, of the United States, (3359) celebrates as his wins the gold medal in the 400-meter finalat the Olympic Stadium during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, more... (Mark Baker / AP)

    Silver-medalist Paul Hamm of the United States, left, gold-medalist Igor Cassina of Italy, center, and bronze-medalist Isao Yoneda of Japan are seen in the medal ceremony for the high bar during the men's gymnastics individual apparatus finals at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Monday, Aug. 23, 2004. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

    Brazil's Sergio Dutra Santos makes a diving attempt at a ball during their volleyball preliminary round match against USA at the 2004 Olympics Games in Athens, Monday, Aug. 23, 2004. USA won 25-22, 25-23, 18-25, 25-22. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)

    Laughing at Superior Intellect

    Hey, Captains Quarters have a great posting on Bush calling Kerry's bluff - very true with this great observation:
    So while George Soros and Peter Lewis-funded 527s poured tens of millions of dollars into commercials calling Bush AWOL and a deserter -- charges later proved false -- and using discredited testimony from former Ambassador Joe Wilson to promote the "Bush Lied" meme, the Kerry campaign has gone into hysterics over a $250,000 ad buy in three states by combat veterans who fought for the right to free speech. The dissonance has become too great for the entire press to refrain from comment, and if the Democrats can't keep from begging George Bush to make it stop, the media will take increasing notice of the whiff of desperation coming from the Kerry campaign.

    As William Shatner once told Ricardo Montalban in Star Trek II, I'm laughing at the superior intellect.


    Reason Enough

    The International Herald Tribune SEOUL North Korea called President George W. Bush an imbecile and a tyrant who puts Hitler in the shade, unleashing a stream of insults Monday that seemed to rule out any serious progress on nuclear disarmament talks before the American elections in November.
    "The meeting of the working group for the six-party talks cannot be opened because the U.S. has become more undisguised in pursuing its hostile policy toward North Korea," a spokesman for North Korea's Foreign Ministry told the country's state-controlled news agency.
    This after we announce our troop withdrawal or up to 12,000 from South Korea? Is this guy insan......er, nice dictator (Kerry's sensitive approach!)

    Another reason to vote for President Bush! The more they dislike us the better we are doing!

    What Did They Say 082304 The Good Doctor

    Elaine Kamark (sp?) who is now a Doctor (God help us all) actually said that the Swifties story has been out there since early August and that the President's waited too long to denounce 527 ads!

    Is she serious? When it took 11 days for the NY Times to address the issue at all? It is getting pretty thick in here isn't it!

    Implosion 101

    If you don't think the Kerry campaign is imploding - just read a few sections of The Kerry Spot. Including the conversation Kerry had with Bob Dole.

    Attempting to tie the Vets to the Presidents campaign is not working (despite the media's attempts to give every bit of assistance they can.) People see the Moveon crap and understand that they are funded by Democrats - and in the same vein the Swift Vets are going to be funded by Republicans. The public sees this as no harm no foul! Only the truly elite would think this is a winning (or is that whining) response.

    It does seem that for once Kerry can actually be single minded on one thing, the demand that everyone stop attacking him! But we have seen attack after attack on the President and Kerry has the nerve to tell Bob Dole that he hasn't spent a penny attacking the President --(see The KerrySpot for his lies on this one!) But is this working? They won't answer the charges and that along with the constant changes in the stories is causing serious damage. The President has the job, his resume is the last 4 years - Kerry's resume is turning out to have huge holes in it.

    I am still amazed that a one minute advertisement has caused the beginning of this massive implosion and the 1 hour 56 minutes of "Lie-N-Hype 9/11" missed the mark. Amazing how the truth can still shine the light on the world. ("Lie-N-Hype 9/11" = "Fahrenheit 9/11" for those new here - see this, "Lie-N-Hype 9/11" Vs. The Swifties.) This meltdown will only accelerate when the new ad's charges are given their exam by the blogs - something the media just won't do.

    The key here is that all of us can dismiss what happened in the fog of war - but what Kerry did when he returned was in the fog of treason, opportunism, or stupidity. None of these are traits that make a good President.

    Implosion 101 lesson - An implosion like this is the direct result of one thing and only one thing, running a campaign based on, "anybody but Bush," and the wack-o's like Moore.

    BTW, that "Lie-N-Hype 9/11 Vs. The Swifties" was written two weeks ago yesterday - knock, knock, knock - Old Media, is this thing still on? Why have the alphabets fallen from my dial?

    Operational Power Status

    Okay, I am back, but just on emergency meds - maintaince meds are still a no no until follow up appointment but just had to get back to writting.

    And MM (jr) thanks for your wishes (see these comments)!