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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

How -weird Update - Sane/Insane

From Slings And Arrows:

In a moment of clarity (which I am sure will be short-lived) Howard Dean actually said something that made sense:

Every day that goes by without action to stop the Sudan genocide is a day that the anti-Iraq war position so widely held in the rest of the world appears to be based less on principle and more on politics. And every day that goes by is a day in which George Bush's contempt for the international community, which I have denounced every day for two years, becomes more difficult to criticize.
I doubt he will ever come around to saying something to the effect of "uh, maybe I was wrong," but at least this is something.

Unfortunatly his fantasy world closed back in on him and left him in that Democartic LaLa Land as he accused the President of breaking the law with the Swifties. Calling How-weird your prescription is ready!

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