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Friday, October 08, 2004

The Real John Kerry!

Okay, this is what Kerry looked like while he sat there tonight - can't find a picture yet, but I'll post when I do.

UPDATE: AP has this one up now - strange resemblance! Separated at birth?

UPDATE: Found these on the AP photo zone - but it still isn't what I saw. BTW, it is interesting how many mid-expression shots of the President they had compared to Kerry!


The Chaos Theory - Kerry Plan for Iraq - Get Smart!

John Kerry mentioned it tonight and I am sick of hearing from the likes of John Kerry and the newly converted - back to his roots - Andrew Sullivan that there is nothing but chaos in Iraq!

Senator Kerry wants to fight a Smarter more sensitive war and I have finally figured out what he means!

Here is what Kerry sees as our enemy:


And his idea to fight them is to Get Smart!


Thursday, October 07, 2004

Can Someone Explain P-Holes Logic

Can someone explain this logic to me -

Teddy - My eyes look like two piss holes in the snow - Kennedy noted a couple of things yesterday during the hearings covering the release of the Iraqi Survey Group's report:

First was a good point - that the ISG had just received a new batch of Saddam's documents equal to what they had reviewed so far.

Second, despite the fact that every intelligence source in the world said he had weapons, he said we had spent 900 million looking for weapons - and couldn't we use that money more wisely by not looking anymore.

To me that is the strangest and most dangerous logic I have heard in years! Oh sure we haven't found stock piles yet - but for things like anthrax a stock pile the size of a suitcase can kill thousands of people and Saddam refused to provide the evidence that he destroyed his weapons.

Is that the kind of smarter more sensitive war John Kerry is planning for us? What if these weapons are in Syria and ONE of that stack of thousands of documents references that - wouldn't you like to know?

If someone can make a logical argument for what P-hole said that would expain how dropping this search would make us safer please add your comments here.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades has an update on the report and it's conclusions - funny, the lack of WMD was just the beginning including this:
Iraqi intelligence officials then "targeted a number of French individuals that Iraq thought had a close relationship to French President Chirac," it said, including two of his "counsellors" and spokesman for his re-election campaign.They even assessed the chances for "supporting one of the candidates in an upcoming French presidential election." Chirac is not mentioned by name.A memo sent to Saddam dated in May last year from his intelligence corps said they met with a "French parliamentarian" who "assured Iraq that France would use its veto in the UN Security Council against any American decision to attack Iraq."

Daily Trek Thursday 100704

I had a rough couple of days so this is going to be short today but later today I want to share some thoughts on the rash of Leftie violence that has swept the country this month.

Till then here is today's abbreviated Trek:

It really disturbs me that the Democrats are almost giddy about the Iraqi Survey Group's report on Saddam and his weapons programs. To me it makes it clear that they, as has been their pattern in the past four decades, would prefer America to be proven wrong more then anything else that could happen. However I do hope that they latch onto this report as they are drowning and it is the only thing that can save their political lives.

You see despite what the Media and the left would have you believe this report documents the rightness of the President's policies. It also proves that everything the administration said was correct - with the exception of "stockpiles" of WMD. Personally I think it is foolish to believe that we could find what amounts to a suitcase of anthrax - which could kill thousands if not hundreds of thousands, but that isn't the point.

The anti-American Democratic party concentrates on failure, as is their way, but overall it is a victory for President Bush because John Kerry and the Democratic Party have positioned themselves with the United Nations and against the US.

Look at this report with that thought in mind and you will find that it is a clear indictment of the UN, the Euro Weenie parasites, and the Anti-American left. The sanctions were collapsing, they were not only a failure but Saddam "thrived" under them. His military spending grew in leaps and bounds when the Oil For Food program started and he maintained everything necessary to process WMD! The IAEA is upset because Iran just processed tons of the same yellow cake uranium that Saddam had in abundance - over 500 tons!

France was bribed and this report lays that out - the UN is corrupt and this is who John Kerry has hitched his wagon to! When picking your business partners you should really choose a little more carefully!

Now keep in mind what I said a few days ago about the President possibly knowing some things that we don't. Don't you think that after Chirac lied directly to President Bush - actually he knew even before then - he would have had an idea and perhaps done a bit of investigating into why our "allies" had become weenies? Could it be that the reason the world is so upset with the President is that he has upset their tried and true methods of bribery and supporting the terrorism and violence that sustains them! I have said that the old methods didn't work - at least not for those who have true principals that haven't been poisioned with nuance!

This report is just the beginning - If I were Kerry, I would run as far from the UN as I could. Unfortunately he can't, doing so would just about finish his campaign confirming that his history of Flip Flopping was just for political gains.

Here is the latest report - also Roger Simon addresses this same issue here...it's worth the read, here is a part:
"Global Test" my fat tuchas. John Kerry does not deserve the vote of any citizen of the United States until he confronts this reality. Any liberals out there should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a man who wants to ratify this viciously corrupt and immoral system. That's not liberalism - unless you consider the Mafia to be liberal.

Check out Hugh and CQ for great updates on this report.

Wait, what was that about the Saudi's and The President (NewsMax):

According to Middle East news outlets and London's Financial Times, Clinton addressed a business forum sponsored by bin Laden's family-owned construction company - and collected $267,000 for his trouble.

Three months later, when the Saudi royals traveled to Texas to meet with President Bush, they set aside time for a special meeting with Clinton in a Houston hotel, which lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

The sitdown was confirmed by none other than Clintonista-turned-TV newsman George Stephanopoulos - and came on the heels of a report by columnist Robert Novak that Crown Prince Abdullah had pledged up to $20 million for Mr. Clinton's presidential library.

I didn't Trek yesterday but I wanted to point this out Rodney Dangerfield passed away at 82 on Tuesday.
Is that the magic three that people always talk about.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate

Interestingly the key difference between the Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards sides - all throughout the nation is that we (B/C) see the light as bright as ever, and as Edwards pointed out tonight - they see the bright light flickering! They hate what the US is because it isn't their UtopianWorld!

Other comments I would make have been made here:

Hugh Hewitt:
"If you can't stand up to Howard Dean, how can you stand up to Al Qaeda."

A Cheney win, but no disaster for Edwards, though perhaps for Kerry. Cheney wins because of the "global test" exchange and the repeated blows at Kerry's record --not Edwards-- and nailed Edwards on the refusal to count Iraqi casualties. Key thing is that Kerry's record is back on the table. Cheney is very hard hitting on the reality of the war --one weapon in one city-- and a strong defense of Bush as Commander-in-Chief.

Talking heads will have to discuss same sex marriage over the next four weeks, and that doesn't help Kerry Edwards. The jobs rhetoric just doesn't wash with the last year.

"Global test" is an anchor around Kerry's neck, and Edwards attempt to say Kerry has been consistent on Iraqis just absurd, which underscores why this election is essentially unwinnable by Kerry.

But Edwards set himself up for a comeback in four years.

Will the family of a Veep wannabe, dark suit, dark hair, Dark Side, license # I-S-U-E-U, please come and claim the carcass?

Your junior lawyer has been trampled, pummeled, thumped, whupped, sliced, diced, julienned, fried, pureed, laughed out of the county, and has dismayed fellow slimebags across the nation.

You may claim the remains, collected in a large number of small baggies, at the BreckTM booth.

Then there is this from The Kerry Spot:

NO MAS! NO MAS! [10/05 10:47 PM]

My initial conclusion: This was the single most devastating one-sided drubbing since Lloyd Bentsen smacked Dan Quayle all around the stage in 1988.


Ready For Your "Global Test"

Urine Test - Complete

Cholesterol Test - Complete

HIV Test - Complete

Heart Test - Complete

Kidney Test - Complete

Liver Test - Complete

Global Test - IN PROCESS!
Please bend over!


Daily Trek Tuesday 100594

The United Nations signed a cooperation agreement on Monday with the new International Criminal Court, despite objections to the tribunal from the United States.

Now, you wonder why the US is the only one who is willing to take action against murdering dictators -(rhetorical question)! Not only can no other nation afford an army, or afford to give up their oil for food incomes, but they are all participants in this sovereignty grab!
The Bush administration is bitterly opposed to the new court and rescinded former President Bill Clinton's signature to the tribunal's statutes, arguing that it would expose U.S. soldiers and officials to frivolous law suits.

You see, this is the UN/Euro/Kerry philosophy - why act to stop genocide in Sudan when you can just arrest the "criminals" and put them in jail forever (no death penalty in UtopianWorld - UN/Euro/Kerry and ICC!)

Problem is the 50,000 dead so far! This is expected to grow to over 300,000 dead in the next 6 months if action is not taken!

It is a double fake - set it up so you risk prosecution if you act - but make yourself feel good by being able to hold those accountable AFTER the deaths of innocents!

Remind me why the terrorists think beheadings shock the west!

According to most speakers at the UN's opening ceremonies last month they agree with Kerry's "Global Test."
Let's sum up the rules of the U.N. game as set out by its most ardent fans from France to Cuba over September's festivities:
(1) Democracy is the governing principle between countries (read outvoting the United States), regardless of the rights of actual inhabitants.
(2) International measures to insist on democracy within states constitute unacceptable interference in a state's internal affairs.
(3) Nuclear non-proliferation is O.K. in theory provided it won't be put into practice until Israel and the United States are weapons-free, and any pressure in the meantime is oppression of developing countries.
(4) The only acceptable contributions of developed countries to the affairs of developing countries are cash donations.
(5) Terrorism is defined as harming one's friends, so Israelis are fair game.
(6) Israel is the greatest threat to world peace.
(7) Sudan should be commended for its role in reducing the spontaneous humanitarian crisis within its borders and anything but minute numbers of friendly neighboring forces would be an illegitimate interference in Sudanese sovereignty.
(8) The U.N. is the centerpiece of all legitimate international action concerning peace, security, self-defense, and the war against terrorism.
Did you know that nearly 1.5 million people are missing from the years of Saddam?

More shocking terrorist activities Bortz reports this:
Now we have learned while al-Sadr was hiding in his Mosque his Islamic goons were quite busy. Their assignment was to kidnap dozens of women and children and bring them into the Mosque. There they would be murdered. I think it's possibly safe to say that many of the women were possibly raped before, maybe after, they were murdered. When al-Sistani ordered them out, Al Sadr and his gang of murderers left the bodies of the women and children inside the Mosque.
So ... what was the purpose? The Islamic killers fully expected American toops to storm the Mosque to get to them. When that happened, and after the smoke cleared, the innocent and peace-loving followers of Al Sadr would be able to show the bodies of innocent women and children who were killed in the brutal U.S. assault on this place of holy worship. Clever plan ... didn't work.<>
Never forget, especially now, the brutal, murderous nature of the Islamic killers. They will murder their own sisters, mothers, sons and daughters if they think that they will then be able to use the western media to blame the deaths on American soldiers. And when the time comes, the Western media will be all-too-eager to relate the story just exactly the way al-Sadr wanted them to.
The Sun (UK) is reporting the first thing I have EVER agreed with Billy Bob Thornton on:
He said: “I think Shakespeare’s overrated. It’s bulls**t. I’d never go and see a Shakespeare play. Who’d want to see me in Hamlet?“Who cares? I don’t know why actors do it. Shakespeare is just a bunch of soap operas.
In case you were considering believing Kerry's lies about Veterans funding issues - the Wall Street Journal has the truth!
  • When Bush took office there were 3.8 million veterans relying on the government for health care. At that time the waiting list for an initial visit or a referral to a specialist was six months or more and there were 300,000 veterans on the list.
  • Today there are 5 million vets relying on government health care. There are 3,000 on the wait list, a 99% reduction.
  • Four years ago the Veterans Administration spent $48 billion on health care. Today that figure is $70 billion. VA medical spending is up over four years from $20.2 billion to $26.9 billion.
Regarding the Debates - Dennis Prager points out that he couldn't lose since:
No matter what position you hold about American foreign policy and the war in Iraq, John Kerry holds your position
He goes through many of Kerry's stated positions then ends with this:I believe that this debate can lead to only one conclusion:
Either John Kerry is a man of few principles who will say almost anything on the most vital issues of life and death in order to get elected; or he is personally so confused on this issue that he will repeatedly make self-contradictory statements.

There is no other explanation for this unassailable fact: John Kerry won the debate because he sounded better; and he sounded better in large measure because he got away with saying whatever any voter wanted to hear.

That is one reason President Bush looked so annoyed at times. It is very hard for the principled to listen to the unprincipled.


Monday, October 04, 2004

Common Sense - My Phone Damn it!

This should be common sense, but to some it isn't.

The telemarketing association's challenge to the, "no call list," that the Republicans and Administration set up was not accepted by the Supreme Court today. This means that the no call list will remain in effect.

The challenge was based on freedom of speech and equal protection claims - because the law allowed charities and campaigns to continue to call.

I just need to point out that since I pay for my phone NO ONE has a RIGHT to call me on it! Just like I can put up a fence to keep people out of my yard I can now keep them off of my phone by adding my name to this list.

The point is that it is my phone - I pay for a certain number of minutes each month and I don't want to use those to fend off telemarketers! I also shouldn't have to pay more for call blocking or any additional services to keep telemarketers off of my lines! Shoot, I already have to pay extra to have an unlisted number - that's right, in order to NOT have my name in the book I have to pay! What kind of scam is that!

Notable Sights Monday 100404

There have been some big stories today:

Burt Rutan's Spaceshipone entered the record books as the first privately developed craft to enter space (62 miles) twice within a two week span. That means they claim the X-prize of 10 million dollars. And it happened on the anniversary of Sputnik! Link..

CNS is reporting on newly translated Iraqi documents that indicate links between Saddam and terrorists and point out that he had WMD's. Link...

Another chemical shell was discovered in Iraq! Link...

Two new post debate polls indicate that while Kerry may have won the debate there wasn't much of a change in the race. Both indicate Bush maintains a 5 point lead in likely voters with one indicating 7 points up with registered voters. I have said I don't really trust any polls this season after all if people in Madison Wisconsin will burn swastikas in your lawn for having a Bush/Cheney sign, a teacher being fired for having a Picture of the President displayed with other President pictures (see Trek) how many people will really tell a stranger on the phone what they think. Link...

Hmmm, France kept concentration camps open after WWII ended in order to hide their cooperation in killing Jews! AND most of their records are sealed for between 60 to 150 years! Link...

Janet Leigh passed away at 77. Link...

UPDATE: Gordon Cooper - one of the original Seven Mercury Astronauts passed away today also at 77. On the same day as Spaceshipone and Sputnik! These Seven were the best of the best and our nation is greatful!

Daily Trek Monday 100304

This is what I find amazing - (HT - Malkin):
A middle school teacher walked out on her job after being asked to remove a picture of the president from her classroom, she said.
We live in a society where it is no longer acceptable to have a picture of the President of our country on the wall in a classroom! This seriously concerns me! This is the type of attitude - this hatred for our country is a receipe for defeat. In large enough numbers or positions of influence these American Haters could have cost us the cold war or any other conflict in our past just as they cost us Vietnam.

Could the race be a dead heat again? Polls indicate it is - but that is fine. Obviously based on the Clinton years the Dem's think cheating is acceptable - but we'll see how America feels about it when we are fighting for our very existance! If enough people have given into the Clinton mentality we could be in serious trouble - longing for the, "it was only sex," lie is a temporary solution to the long term problem of terrorism!

Last week's debate was so full of material that Bush could use against Kerry it should be a good month for ads! From the "Global Test" to offering Iran nuclear fuel - oh, and when Kerry critizes Bush for not securing nuclear material fast enough, is he counting the 500 tons of Yellow Cake from Iraq and the tons Libya gave up?

And if you doubted Kerry had something in his hand check out this high resolution Quicktime Video from Little Green Footballs. There is no doubt, now what do you think that was? Anything would be against the AGREED UPON rules - even a pen! (Did he Diss or Dis-pose)

This is from Cox and Forkum, I know it screws up the formatting, but it is great! I'll take it off and just link afternoon!

Michelle Malkin has another great article pointing out another fake hate crime against Muslims. FAKE MUSLIM HATE CRIMES: WHERE'S THE APOLOGY, CAIR? Of course none of us should hold our breath waiting for the apology - but they were loud enough when they demanded an investigation into the incident. This and we're still waiting for the Muslim community to let us know where they stand on the murder of innocents.

Then what about this, hmmm - out cry against killing innocents, not even close!
A member of the group responsible for the Beslan school massacre last month is a British citizen who attended the infamous Finsbury Park mosque in north London, The Observer can reveal.

Two other members of the group, loyal to Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev, are also believed to have been active in the UK until less than three years ago. They are suspected of taking part in the raid on the school in which 300 people, half of them children, died.

Jane at Armies of Liberation says this about Al Qaeda after Iraq:

Once elections take place in Iraq, the US military may remain for many years, but its likely al-Qaeda won’t.
Al-Qaeda’s goal in Iraq is to formant a civil war, empower Sunni extremists and create a Taliban style utopia. The false identity of “resistance” falls apart in the face of a legitimately elected government, even to those rooting for their success like al-Jazeera and France.Zarqawi has stated that once the Iraqi government “extends its control over the country, we will have to pack our bags and break camp for another land.”
Facing increasingly democratic regimes in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and mounting pressure in Pakistan, al-Qaeda may attempt to regroup in Yemen, one of the least developed countries in the world. >> Read more

That would be nice - we just need to have the strength and will to get there!

Hugh Hewitt
agrees with me that the anti-American Democrats like Kerry believe that there is an equivalence between us having nuclear weapons and terrorist regimes!
I have begun researching the bunker-buster question because I sense Kerry's outrage at the very idea of America developing and possessing such weapons was both authentic on his part and potentially disturbing to millions of voters who instinctively understand that the armory of America is different from the armory of every other country in the world, that our nation can be trusted with all sorts of weaponry that the world cannot be trusted with, and that our electorate will not reward a candidate who, as Kerry did on Thursday night, proclaims our weapons program to be part of the proliferation problem.

Allah has this recounting of John Kerry's:

Stronger at home, respected in the world:

It's sad that a senator with 20 years of experience doesn't notice our commitment. This is immoral (...) I don't think this was a question of ignorance.(...)
The news story (in Polish) is here
We knew this one (DANEgerous):
France, Germany and Russia were bought and paid for:
A LEAKED report has exposed the extent of alleged corruption in the United Nations’ oil-for-food scheme in Iraq, identifying up to 200 individuals and companies that made profits running into hundreds of millions of pounds from it.
The report largely implicates France and Russia, whom Saddam Hussein targeted as he sought support on the UN Security Council before the Iraq war. Both countries were influential voices against UN-backed action.
DANE also has this great quote from one of our greatest....enemies - John Kerry's best friends!
Add to this the recent bizarre phrase from French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin. The head of the Figaro press group went to see him about the kidnapping of two French journalists in Iraq; Raffarin assured him they would soon be freed, reportedly saying, "The Iraqi insurgents are our best allies."

New Season New Challenges

Well, the heating season is here - new allergies and all new challenges. If posting is slow this week bare with me.

Anniversary Weekend Over

Hey, this was Jas and my anniversary weekend - celebrated! Kinda like Presidents day isn't the actual day.

We didn't do anything but had dinner Saturday night - but it was a pretty decent weekend.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Did He Diss or Dispose

Hey remember when I said it seemed so unusual that Kerry dissed Lehrer?

Diss - Dispose - Compose?

Well, was he dissing him or dis-posing of the evidence that he cheated? Or perhaps he just needed a minute to compose himself after folding up his notes? Doubt he passed anything to Ter...(oh I can't spell that the way it is pronounced) Mrs. Kerry.

Debate video shows Kerry removing something from his pocket and unfolding it! This was a violation of the debate rules both campaigns signed in agreement.

Here is a frame by frame of the tricky cheat!

UPDATE: From a comment on Wizbang -

<>As a professor, I have seen the "Slight-of-Hand" cheat sheet manuver too many times. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it during the "debate." Thank God for Digital Video Recorders!
The cheat sheets I recovered over the years all had either the questions, the answers or both. I wonder which group Kerry's crib notes belongs in.
Prior access to the moderators questions would fit with the other media escapades witnessed during the past few months. I guess that's impossible given the right-wing media culture at PBS.

Perhaps the copy of the test questions - that sure would explain why he had to get rid of them! One Freeper commented that they saw him put something away after his closing remarks but I haven't seen pic's of that yet.