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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

VP Debate

Interestingly the key difference between the Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards sides - all throughout the nation is that we (B/C) see the light as bright as ever, and as Edwards pointed out tonight - they see the bright light flickering! They hate what the US is because it isn't their UtopianWorld!

Other comments I would make have been made here:

Hugh Hewitt:
"If you can't stand up to Howard Dean, how can you stand up to Al Qaeda."

A Cheney win, but no disaster for Edwards, though perhaps for Kerry. Cheney wins because of the "global test" exchange and the repeated blows at Kerry's record --not Edwards-- and nailed Edwards on the refusal to count Iraqi casualties. Key thing is that Kerry's record is back on the table. Cheney is very hard hitting on the reality of the war --one weapon in one city-- and a strong defense of Bush as Commander-in-Chief.

Talking heads will have to discuss same sex marriage over the next four weeks, and that doesn't help Kerry Edwards. The jobs rhetoric just doesn't wash with the last year.

"Global test" is an anchor around Kerry's neck, and Edwards attempt to say Kerry has been consistent on Iraqis just absurd, which underscores why this election is essentially unwinnable by Kerry.

But Edwards set himself up for a comeback in four years.

Will the family of a Veep wannabe, dark suit, dark hair, Dark Side, license # I-S-U-E-U, please come and claim the carcass?

Your junior lawyer has been trampled, pummeled, thumped, whupped, sliced, diced, julienned, fried, pureed, laughed out of the county, and has dismayed fellow slimebags across the nation.

You may claim the remains, collected in a large number of small baggies, at the BreckTM booth.

Then there is this from The Kerry Spot:

NO MAS! NO MAS! [10/05 10:47 PM]

My initial conclusion: This was the single most devastating one-sided drubbing since Lloyd Bentsen smacked Dan Quayle all around the stage in 1988.


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