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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 100704

I had a rough couple of days so this is going to be short today but later today I want to share some thoughts on the rash of Leftie violence that has swept the country this month.

Till then here is today's abbreviated Trek:

It really disturbs me that the Democrats are almost giddy about the Iraqi Survey Group's report on Saddam and his weapons programs. To me it makes it clear that they, as has been their pattern in the past four decades, would prefer America to be proven wrong more then anything else that could happen. However I do hope that they latch onto this report as they are drowning and it is the only thing that can save their political lives.

You see despite what the Media and the left would have you believe this report documents the rightness of the President's policies. It also proves that everything the administration said was correct - with the exception of "stockpiles" of WMD. Personally I think it is foolish to believe that we could find what amounts to a suitcase of anthrax - which could kill thousands if not hundreds of thousands, but that isn't the point.

The anti-American Democratic party concentrates on failure, as is their way, but overall it is a victory for President Bush because John Kerry and the Democratic Party have positioned themselves with the United Nations and against the US.

Look at this report with that thought in mind and you will find that it is a clear indictment of the UN, the Euro Weenie parasites, and the Anti-American left. The sanctions were collapsing, they were not only a failure but Saddam "thrived" under them. His military spending grew in leaps and bounds when the Oil For Food program started and he maintained everything necessary to process WMD! The IAEA is upset because Iran just processed tons of the same yellow cake uranium that Saddam had in abundance - over 500 tons!

France was bribed and this report lays that out - the UN is corrupt and this is who John Kerry has hitched his wagon to! When picking your business partners you should really choose a little more carefully!

Now keep in mind what I said a few days ago about the President possibly knowing some things that we don't. Don't you think that after Chirac lied directly to President Bush - actually he knew even before then - he would have had an idea and perhaps done a bit of investigating into why our "allies" had become weenies? Could it be that the reason the world is so upset with the President is that he has upset their tried and true methods of bribery and supporting the terrorism and violence that sustains them! I have said that the old methods didn't work - at least not for those who have true principals that haven't been poisioned with nuance!

This report is just the beginning - If I were Kerry, I would run as far from the UN as I could. Unfortunately he can't, doing so would just about finish his campaign confirming that his history of Flip Flopping was just for political gains.

Here is the latest report - also Roger Simon addresses this same issue here...it's worth the read, here is a part:
"Global Test" my fat tuchas. John Kerry does not deserve the vote of any citizen of the United States until he confronts this reality. Any liberals out there should be ashamed of themselves for supporting a man who wants to ratify this viciously corrupt and immoral system. That's not liberalism - unless you consider the Mafia to be liberal.

Check out Hugh and CQ for great updates on this report.

Wait, what was that about the Saudi's and The President (NewsMax):

According to Middle East news outlets and London's Financial Times, Clinton addressed a business forum sponsored by bin Laden's family-owned construction company - and collected $267,000 for his trouble.

Three months later, when the Saudi royals traveled to Texas to meet with President Bush, they set aside time for a special meeting with Clinton in a Houston hotel, which lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

The sitdown was confirmed by none other than Clintonista-turned-TV newsman George Stephanopoulos - and came on the heels of a report by columnist Robert Novak that Crown Prince Abdullah had pledged up to $20 million for Mr. Clinton's presidential library.

I didn't Trek yesterday but I wanted to point this out Rodney Dangerfield passed away at 82 on Tuesday.
Is that the magic three that people always talk about.


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