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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Daily Trek Tuesday 100594

The United Nations signed a cooperation agreement on Monday with the new International Criminal Court, despite objections to the tribunal from the United States.

Now, you wonder why the US is the only one who is willing to take action against murdering dictators -(rhetorical question)! Not only can no other nation afford an army, or afford to give up their oil for food incomes, but they are all participants in this sovereignty grab!
The Bush administration is bitterly opposed to the new court and rescinded former President Bill Clinton's signature to the tribunal's statutes, arguing that it would expose U.S. soldiers and officials to frivolous law suits.

You see, this is the UN/Euro/Kerry philosophy - why act to stop genocide in Sudan when you can just arrest the "criminals" and put them in jail forever (no death penalty in UtopianWorld - UN/Euro/Kerry and ICC!)

Problem is the 50,000 dead so far! This is expected to grow to over 300,000 dead in the next 6 months if action is not taken!

It is a double fake - set it up so you risk prosecution if you act - but make yourself feel good by being able to hold those accountable AFTER the deaths of innocents!

Remind me why the terrorists think beheadings shock the west!

According to most speakers at the UN's opening ceremonies last month they agree with Kerry's "Global Test."
Let's sum up the rules of the U.N. game as set out by its most ardent fans from France to Cuba over September's festivities:
(1) Democracy is the governing principle between countries (read outvoting the United States), regardless of the rights of actual inhabitants.
(2) International measures to insist on democracy within states constitute unacceptable interference in a state's internal affairs.
(3) Nuclear non-proliferation is O.K. in theory provided it won't be put into practice until Israel and the United States are weapons-free, and any pressure in the meantime is oppression of developing countries.
(4) The only acceptable contributions of developed countries to the affairs of developing countries are cash donations.
(5) Terrorism is defined as harming one's friends, so Israelis are fair game.
(6) Israel is the greatest threat to world peace.
(7) Sudan should be commended for its role in reducing the spontaneous humanitarian crisis within its borders and anything but minute numbers of friendly neighboring forces would be an illegitimate interference in Sudanese sovereignty.
(8) The U.N. is the centerpiece of all legitimate international action concerning peace, security, self-defense, and the war against terrorism.
Did you know that nearly 1.5 million people are missing from the years of Saddam?

More shocking terrorist activities Bortz reports this:
Now we have learned while al-Sadr was hiding in his Mosque his Islamic goons were quite busy. Their assignment was to kidnap dozens of women and children and bring them into the Mosque. There they would be murdered. I think it's possibly safe to say that many of the women were possibly raped before, maybe after, they were murdered. When al-Sistani ordered them out, Al Sadr and his gang of murderers left the bodies of the women and children inside the Mosque.
So ... what was the purpose? The Islamic killers fully expected American toops to storm the Mosque to get to them. When that happened, and after the smoke cleared, the innocent and peace-loving followers of Al Sadr would be able to show the bodies of innocent women and children who were killed in the brutal U.S. assault on this place of holy worship. Clever plan ... didn't work.<>
Never forget, especially now, the brutal, murderous nature of the Islamic killers. They will murder their own sisters, mothers, sons and daughters if they think that they will then be able to use the western media to blame the deaths on American soldiers. And when the time comes, the Western media will be all-too-eager to relate the story just exactly the way al-Sadr wanted them to.
The Sun (UK) is reporting the first thing I have EVER agreed with Billy Bob Thornton on:
He said: “I think Shakespeare’s overrated. It’s bulls**t. I’d never go and see a Shakespeare play. Who’d want to see me in Hamlet?“Who cares? I don’t know why actors do it. Shakespeare is just a bunch of soap operas.
In case you were considering believing Kerry's lies about Veterans funding issues - the Wall Street Journal has the truth!
  • When Bush took office there were 3.8 million veterans relying on the government for health care. At that time the waiting list for an initial visit or a referral to a specialist was six months or more and there were 300,000 veterans on the list.
  • Today there are 5 million vets relying on government health care. There are 3,000 on the wait list, a 99% reduction.
  • Four years ago the Veterans Administration spent $48 billion on health care. Today that figure is $70 billion. VA medical spending is up over four years from $20.2 billion to $26.9 billion.
Regarding the Debates - Dennis Prager points out that he couldn't lose since:
No matter what position you hold about American foreign policy and the war in Iraq, John Kerry holds your position
He goes through many of Kerry's stated positions then ends with this:I believe that this debate can lead to only one conclusion:
Either John Kerry is a man of few principles who will say almost anything on the most vital issues of life and death in order to get elected; or he is personally so confused on this issue that he will repeatedly make self-contradictory statements.

There is no other explanation for this unassailable fact: John Kerry won the debate because he sounded better; and he sounded better in large measure because he got away with saying whatever any voter wanted to hear.

That is one reason President Bush looked so annoyed at times. It is very hard for the principled to listen to the unprincipled.


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