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Monday, October 04, 2004

Common Sense - My Phone Damn it!

This should be common sense, but to some it isn't.

The telemarketing association's challenge to the, "no call list," that the Republicans and Administration set up was not accepted by the Supreme Court today. This means that the no call list will remain in effect.

The challenge was based on freedom of speech and equal protection claims - because the law allowed charities and campaigns to continue to call.

I just need to point out that since I pay for my phone NO ONE has a RIGHT to call me on it! Just like I can put up a fence to keep people out of my yard I can now keep them off of my phone by adding my name to this list.

The point is that it is my phone - I pay for a certain number of minutes each month and I don't want to use those to fend off telemarketers! I also shouldn't have to pay more for call blocking or any additional services to keep telemarketers off of my lines! Shoot, I already have to pay extra to have an unlisted number - that's right, in order to NOT have my name in the book I have to pay! What kind of scam is that!

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