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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Did He Diss or Dispose

Hey remember when I said it seemed so unusual that Kerry dissed Lehrer?

Diss - Dispose - Compose?

Well, was he dissing him or dis-posing of the evidence that he cheated? Or perhaps he just needed a minute to compose himself after folding up his notes? Doubt he passed anything to Ter...(oh I can't spell that the way it is pronounced) Mrs. Kerry.

Debate video shows Kerry removing something from his pocket and unfolding it! This was a violation of the debate rules both campaigns signed in agreement.

Here is a frame by frame of the tricky cheat!

UPDATE: From a comment on Wizbang -

<>As a professor, I have seen the "Slight-of-Hand" cheat sheet manuver too many times. I could not believe my eyes when I saw it during the "debate." Thank God for Digital Video Recorders!
The cheat sheets I recovered over the years all had either the questions, the answers or both. I wonder which group Kerry's crib notes belongs in.
Prior access to the moderators questions would fit with the other media escapades witnessed during the past few months. I guess that's impossible given the right-wing media culture at PBS.

Perhaps the copy of the test questions - that sure would explain why he had to get rid of them! One Freeper commented that they saw him put something away after his closing remarks but I haven't seen pic's of that yet.

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