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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One Says, "You Lie," One Doesn't Have Time

In an attempt to back up his assertion that we have lost the war in Iraq Harry Reid (D) now says he will stick his fingers in his ears and scream lalalalalalalala till all the generals go away!

I can't say it any better then this from Dean Barnett at Hugh Hewitt:
Harry Reid has said he will not believe David Petraeus if Petraeus reports progress in Iraq as he’s expected to do. In other words, in addition to his declaration of defeat last week, Reid has now in essence called General Petraeus a liar. Let us not forget that this is the same senator who nearly clucked with joy over the prospect of gaining additional Senate seats because the situation in Iraq would be less than satisfactory when the next election season rolls around.

Click over and watch the video. I guarantee it will anger the blood.

Then there is dear sweet Nancy Pelosi (D) who doesn't have time to attend an update (2nd time since the surge began) from General Petraeus. Isn't this the most important issue today, at least that is the impression the left has given:

ABC News

As the House and Senate prepare to vote this week on the final conference report on the $124 billion troop funding bill — which would also mandate that U.S. combat troops begin withdrawing from Iraq on Oct. 1 at the latest — Gen. David Petraeus is scheduled to come to the Hill tomorrow to brief lawmakers on the progress of the recent troop escalation.

ABC News has learned, however, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., will not attend the briefing.

I guess that is better then showing up already declaring the General a liar.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Rockford Blogger Trek 042407

Update -- I have updated and posted Rockford Bloggers my Right Of The Star Blog, here is a link to the category.

Wow, it has been some time since I last checked into or looked for Rockford Area Bloggers. It is clearly long overdue so here is an update to my previous Rockford Blogger Trek. If you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates. I would encourage you to visit them all!

New to the list, former newspaper reporters, Phil Pash has outstanding regular updates on the Rockford area and other issues of interest.

The Rockford Rascal who left a comment on my post here wishing me well (Thanks, that was nice), but then saying, "I also gather that you're quite conservative. Too bad about that. But, hey, it takes all kinds." (Seriously, would you ever say that to someone you walked up to or just met in polite company? I know I wouldn't, but to some it is okay to do on the internet. Worse yet, we have never actually met! Perhaps that is the cause or maybe just a symptom of today's political discourse.)

Well, let me thank him and welcome (late I know) his Rockford blogging - no "too bads" or anything the more voices participating the better.

He is clearly far left, appears to have worked for the Register Star (based on comments someone left) and from his comments here and on his blog I think I can guess who he is based on an Email exchange I had in the past.

Notes In The Key Of Life is the blog of Cindy Swanson who works for WQFL. This looks like a good read.

Thermidor Rising is a conservative Northern Illinois Lawyer.

X-Ray Spex - which states, "Promising penetrating insight, delivering cheap cardboard glasses." That is great!

Miasmatic Review closed in June 2005.

There is the Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition blog, it was last updated September 25, 2006.

Updated from my previous Rockford Bloggers post:

SisterTalk - Beloit/Rockford she is back (April 20, 2007) after 7 months off of blogging.
Angry Republican Mom is from Paw Paw. Dropped out of blogging in 2006.
Snug Harbor Byron IL. - Had a major family illness last April (2006), had to move in with family - no updates since. I hope they are okay. His wife has a site, Mrs. Blue, but it hasn't been updated since April 2006 either.
Power and Control - fairly well known blogger, with a libertarian outlook. He has some some really good posts.
Ryan Packer - Defunct, last I read he came out as Gay and then his site disappeared.
Phil's Observations - Updates in November 2005, appears defunct.
Purple Medical Blog - Medical Info, some good stuff
The Speed Shop - The Bodyshop Blog -403 forbidden error
T1Rex - Telecom Tech - some really great tech stuff.
Brainspinning - far left Roscoe, IL - Now defunct, gone.

So that is it for now, lost quite a few but added some as well!

Again, if you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates

UPDATE: Cindy Swanson (Notes In The Key Of Life), from above, was kind enough to leave a comment and point me to her radio co-host Darren Marlar's blog: In The Mind of Malar. Thanks Cindy!