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Monday, May 14, 2007

The Law Of Unintended Consequences, Destroying The Vulnerable In Society (One Hit At A Time)

Here's was the real catastrophe. If you look at all the real statistics on black Americans, everything was getting better, better, better, better, better and blacks were succeeding and then bam comes this cultural revolution.

You can not, if you were at the bottom of society, let it all hang out, tune in, turn on, drop out. That was an absolute recipe for failure and it was disastrous for Black America.

Myron Magnet
History Channel "Hippies".

One of the things that I have never been able to understand is why many in the counter culture (then and now) and the left are so willing to deny the reality of human nature and human history (except for, of course, those things we are supposed to feel guilty for doing to some repressed group). Utopia only exists when the population is one. Eventually people get jealous, greedy, or just irritated.

This was an outstanding program, catch it in rerun if you get the chance.

PS - Utopia, Population One - I like that, I think I will use that again.

Heroes Welcoming Heroes

I missed this earlier this month, but I have to highlight these guys. They are all heroes to me:

A welcome home before ‘home’
May 6, 2007

ROCKFORD — A detachment of men and women from the U.S. Navy made a stop Saturday in Rockford, fueling their chartered jet before starting the last leg of their journey home from the Persian Gulf.


The Rockford layover was about 2½ hours long. Making the time pass faster was a mobile canteen from The Salvation Army, along with dozens of well-wishers from the Rockford chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Mark Lawrence, an Army veteran of the Vietnam War, said his motivation for greeting the sailors was to show support for the troops.

“We didn’t get a welcome home from Vietnam,” he said.

John Lawrence, Mark’s brother, is an emergency disaster services coordinator for The Salvation Army. He said Saturday’s work, during which they offered snacks, coffee and mobile phones, was “hugely successful.”

“If we know about it, we’ll be here,” he said. “I’m just glad we can help.”

The unit was flying on a Ryan International Airlines 757-300. They left Kuwait at 1 p.m. Friday, Rockford time, and made fueling stops in Romania and Iceland before landing at Chicago/Rockford International Airport at 11 a.m. Saturday. (emphasis added)


Testing Complete, Maybe

Well, I made it through the week but I think I have to retest a couple of things at the end of this week so while I was on meds again for the weekend I may be off of them this next week. It is miserable, so if posting is light again that is the reason but I will be back.

I was tagged by Matt Walker of Thermidor Rising with a movie challenge but I wasn't able to get to it. It is on my list for this week.

Rockford Blogger Trek 05142007

Update -- I have updated and posted Rockford Bloggers my Right Of The Star Blog, here is a link to the category.

Well, I better get this in now since I may not get to it later.

Here is an update on the Rockford Area Bloggers. If you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates. I would encourage you to visit them all!

New to the list:
Those already on the list:
  • Phil Pash seems a bit burnt out on blogging but he has updated since he said that. I like his thought process and his local updates.
  • The Rockford Rascal this left leaning (oops, he leaned so far he tipped right over) blogger, "outed," himself this week on local radio but I missed it - too sick for early radio I'm afraid. I have to give him credit, he is right there with the left wing talking point each and every day.
  • Notes In The Key Of Life is the blog of Cindy Swanson. She updates most days.
  • Thermidor Rising has in depth conservative thoughts on varied topics including Republican candidates and Catholicism.
  • In The Mind of Malar Local radio personality and stand up comedian.
  • X-Ray Spex is a cartoonist, I think (Catwoman).
  • SisterTalk liberal lesbian from S. Wisconsin.
  • Power and Control is strongly supporting Democracy in Iraq and has a banner you can add to your blog here.
  • Purple Medical Blog - Medical Info, some good stuff.
  • T1Rex - Telecom Tech - some really great tech stuff.
I dropped the following this time due to inactivity: Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition, Miasmatic Review, Angry Republican Mom, Snug Harbor, Mrs. Blue, Ryan Packer, Phil's Observations, The Speed Shop - The Bodyshop Blog, and Brainspinning.

The list is mainly from searches but it is really hard to find them so if you are a Rockford area blogger or know of one let me know so I can add them to these updates.

Update: One For The Road was kind enough to give us the new address for Miasmatic Review. Thanks!