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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Daily Trek 123104 - A Year

And what a year it was! I am not going to do a look back on 2004, so many things happened it wouldn't be possible to hit all the highlights.

All I will do is wish you all the best for the year ahead and ask that if you haven't donated funds to help those affected by the deadly Tsunami please do so now, over 140,000 - ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND - people dead so far!

The stingy Americans have already donated over $200,000,000 ($200 million) in total contributions and will continue to do so because we are the most generous nation that has ever existed.

Happy New Year - may the blessings of the year ahead light all your lives.

Amazon's Red Cross Donations Here
- $7 million as of Midnight 12/31/2005

Update - the US Government has increased it's commitment tenfold to $350 Million. Stingy, Americans!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Daily Trek 122904 - UN believable

The devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean is unbelievable. Wizbang has a rundown of posts here.

If you haven't given yet Amazon is collecting donations here - thanks Instapundit - almost a million dollars as of 1:44 12/29/04 (what, we're supposed to be stingy!)

Now we know what kind of mind set it takes to work in that sinkhole known as the United Nations! What kind of thought process does it take to honestly believe that charity is required and that the most generous nation in the world is stingy? That is screwed up!

unfortunately that is what the anti-American left around the world believe. Amazingly they forget this:

"In short," researchers Alexander Karp, Gary A. Tobin and Aryeh Weinberg write in the journal Philanthropy, "American philanthropy is extraordinary by any world standard and the reason is that America herself is exceptional." (4rww)

Or perhaps we should take a real look at how the bureaucratic system Mr. Egeland loves, Prestopundit has this post - so striking I am posting the entire thing.
IN ONE YEAR private citizens in Americans sent $35.8 billion overseas to help out non-Americans. The year used for those figures was 1998. The numbers today would be far higher.

Meanwhile, most foreign assistance from Norway -- the home of U.N. bureaucrat Jan Egeland -- comes not from private citizens, but from the government. An inefficient and wasteful government bureaucracy in fact:

The Norwegian Department of Foreign Aid is under heavy criticism from state auditors for gross misspending of aid money. Funds are wasted on pointless projects and expensive consultants, and there are few routines for retrospective self-evaluation and verification that the money has gone where it was supposed to go, that it actually did any good ..
More on Egeland here.

If you'd like to think or write intelligently about foreign aid, it's non-optional to have read some Peter Bauer, winner of the Friedman Prize.

Speaking of the American haters and their Pundidiots they are always harping that the President doesn't, "admit his mistakes," - don't we have to have reached the point where the an accurate determination can be made as to weather a mistake was actually made?

Just a thought - like I have said before I think the President has so much more info on the things these Pundidiots love to harp on that he can make these determinations.

Speaking of which, the "Bush Honeypot Doctrine" analysis is right on point - and is something the dem's and many Pundidiots just can't seem to understand! (Thanks 4rww)

Okay, the funniest writing I have seen anywhere in a long time is at the Hog on Ice blog - go here for his Gay Underpants post and see if you don't agree!

BTW, did you know that Blogger spellcheck suggests breastfeeding for Prestopundit?

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

All my best to every reader of this site!

Merry Christmas and God Bless everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Time - W of the year!

Time Magazine has named President George W. Bush their Person of The Year!

Excellent analysis of this at America's Future here and here.

UPDATE: While I love the fact that GWB received this award I can't help but wonder if he really won it because the people at Time and the rest of the MSM can't believe he won the election. After all, everyone they know hates him with a passion! They know the deck was stacked against him. Was he given this honor as a way of asking how they could have misunderestimated the American people? Just a thought.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Tree Trek 121604 - Eyes Too Big

Yesterday we got our tree. We both loved the tree we had last year - it was perfect for the space. Not too wide, not too tall, just right!

Well this year our eyes were bigger then our stomache! Seriously bigger! Even for the sunken room and the huge empty space it is big.

It is pretty, but looks more like something you would find in the Center Court of a Mall.

Oh, and Jason is a master at decorating!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Daily Trek Wednesday 121404 - Pundidiots

Okay, just the other day I said that I was amazed at how wrong the pundits or as I will now call them Pundidiots have been about almost everything President Bush has done. Worse yet it appears that the majority of them are arrogant rather then just short sighted as I had opined.

Today Roger Simon has this great insight into one of the key Iraqi complaints, the disbanding of the Iraqi Army. Once again it proves my point that the President and those in charge have some information available to them when they make these informed decisions. It goes like this:

As it happens, the question of whether we should have "disbanded the Iraqi Army" came up at our party for Iraq the Model the other night. Because I have never been to Iraq, speak no Arabic, never have been in the Army, etc., unlike others, I have never had a strong opinion on this issue. I simply do not consider myself qualified. But I have to say I was surprised at the response to the question. Omar, the younger brother, all of twenty-four but waaay wise beyond his years, simply laughed and said it would have been impossible. There was no way we could have kept the Iraqi Army together even if we had wanted to. The Iraqi Army, hugely underpaid conscripts who hated what they were doing, had already dissolved before we got to Baghdad. No one wanted any part of it. There was no Iraqi Army to preserve. We had to start all over again - which we have... eventually.

So there you have it - that issue according to one Iraqi anyway. Believe him if you wish. I weight his opinion at least more highly than my own. But others would prefer to blame Bremer. As for whether we had enough troops, I remain agnostic on that too.

Amazing how easy it would have been for these Pundidiots to just ask someone before they blather on about these things.

In another direction totally - there are no Google entries for Siberian Muskie. Why hasn't someone done a photoshop or something like that for these poor furry fish with curly tails? Am I can't be the only one who thinks of things like this, can I?

Update - check out the fool that Right Wing News fisked all the way to the woodshed! This guy, Harley Sorenson has only one focus and that is his hatred of America. Where were this guys parents when he was growing up?


Monday, December 13, 2004

The Peterson Circus Continues

Despite the finding of guilt and today's recommendation from the jury of Death the circus continues.

My opinion:

I cared before he was arrested, who knows you don't want a murderer or a cult or something running around.

Didn't give a rat's ass about the last 6 months and all the speculation. Turned the channel when they started talking about.

Cared about the verdict and penalty - but just enough to know what the results were, don't care what the jury or the pundits think.

Happy as hell that it is over now can we move on! It is projected that 15,500 people were murdered in the US this year let's hope we don't have to sit through this for every one of them! (I pray for each of their families, but I doubt even they want their loved one's lives paraded through this circus.)

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Observations on This Trek

Here are some random observations on this Trek we call Life!

Middle East Peace for Dummies - Stop blowing up innocent civilians, kill all those that do!

Social Security Reform - Imagine the wealth creation that would occur in just 3 generations when the left over funds are passed on to the account owner's beneficiary! This would be a windfall to our grandchildren! Particularly to blacks and an huge bonus to Gay Partners. Imagine the benefits to charities! Want to pass this reform - get these people to see these benefits and they will get it passed!

It is often possible to identify a Liberal by their appearance which leads me to believe it is a genetic trait! I wonder if they have a form of Gaydar that goes off when they meet in the street?

Speaking of which, Peter Beinart of the New Republic is under attack from the so called tolerant left for encouraging his party to get tough on Terrorism or risk extinction. He will find himself in the Andrew Sullivan zone soon - BTW, Andrew was also the Editor of the New Republic! Actually Beinart may end up in the Zell Miller wing of the Republican Party, or perhaps a Gay Patriot sooner then you would imagine!

The Democrats are so short sighted that they honestly believe that people voted, "against their own interests." Which really means that they voted against immediate rewards in an attempt to overcome long term problems. This thinking is why they will never be able to achieve Peter Beinart's goal of being tough on terrorism. If today's lib's were in power in WWII we might just have lost that one!

I am sick of pundits who, just like the Dem's mentioned above, can't see the long term issues but would rather harp on the short term blips.

This short term thinking is also why Dem's would never reform Social Security - they can't see past next week - and as Ann Coulter once said - paraphrased - for them history began this morning.

Journalists and the rest of the left think it is their job to make news rather then report news. This is pure stupidity!

Drove past a car on the way to MIL's (Jas Mom) that I would have pulled over if I were a cop. It had a flag emblem on the window that had been placed upside down - like the idiots on the far left love to do now. Remember Kerry's hatred for the symbols of America - here is more proof that the left hates everything America is today. According to the United States Code this display of the flag (§176. Respect for flag - a)
The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.
That is why I would have stopped this long haired idiot! I would have made him get out of the car and checked to see if he was being held at knife point and had him explain what danger he was under. The intent of displaying the flag like this was similar to dialing 911 before we had phones!

A front in the War on Terror I forgot when I wrote The Fronts In This World War includes a direct attack on the world wide international corruption! We can't defeat terrorism without a victory in this front, it is what buys governments, funds terrorists, and allows acts of terrorism to be explained by nuance!

I hate nuance!

More as the come to me!

Blogroll Changes

Hey, on this Sunday I decided to stop being lazy and to add some of my favorites to the Blogroll on the right.

I added:
American Future

Stop by, I do every day!

I wish Alphabet City had updated since September 27, 2004 but they have been busy, and were kind enough to let us know!!! I know how that goes and how much work goes into well thought out blogs! I have removed them but will add them back when blogging starts up again.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Daily Trek 12082004 - Checkers of Chess

Michael J. Totten has a bit on Andrew Sullivan that started a flurry of comments about the short sighted Queen. FYI for today's Trek I give you my two cents.

I was only a short timer at Andrew's blog. It didn't take long to realize that he was far from the well though out person many here have made him out to be. As a matter of fact, like many pundits today, he is a short sighted checkers player in a chess world.

As a Gay man I also realized that he suffers from that part of the "gay gene" that makes him read the end of a story first. Always wanting to jump to the climax. Something BTW that many hetero's also suffer from. The President has always said this WOT was a long process (a comparison to Truman's recognition of the Cold War and our 50 year policy shift addressing the communists is quite accurate in this case).

Those who bemoan Iraq as a stunning failure are premature at best and fools at worst.

Lets see, the President warned about Iraq, Iran, Korea, steroids, the UN, etc. and has been correct on all of them. These warnings were based on his information. Information the impatient pundits like Andrew didn't have (thank God!) and weren't willing to dig deep enough to find!

The unrecognized fronts in the war on terror include the economic homefront and the direct attack on international corruption. Both of these are just as important as the military fronts for a complete and unconditional victory.

Andrew is more of the UK/Euro conservative type that honors society over the individual and as such fits more in the DLC then in the conservative movement - true conservative or Neocon.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pearl Harbor Day Trek 120704

Take a minute to honor all those who served our nation during the times of trial.

The families, friends and service members who have sacrificed to keep our nation safe are all heros.

As our nation came under attack on 9/11 many of us reflected upon that date 63 years ago when our nation was also attacked without warning. I thank God every day for those brave citizens who chose the honor of serving our nation then, just as the heros of today make the same choice.

They knew honor and in return we honor them today.

PS - One of the greatest ways we have honored them all during this past year was the with the defeat of the dishonorables on 11/2/2004.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 120604

Okay, been helping out my cousin a couple hours a day for the past few weeks. Unfortunately those were the hours I did the Trek.

I realized a bit more about my disability. Every day I am challenged with thoughts that if I were just a bit more motivated I could accomplish the world. Well, it ain't true and it ain't gonna happen!

Motivation has nothing to do with physical limitations do!

It really makes me admire those like Charles Krauthammer who have made their disability just another part of their successful lives.

The Trek (it's gonna be a small one today):

Check out the Weblog Awards that were put together by Wizbang! I am not on them but frankly with my poor track record the past month or so I wouldn't have been comfortable being on them.

While your there check out the post on how the Democrats at Kos blog tired to cheat! Unfortunately to their mind they got caught - now they will call for as many recounts as it takes until they are declared the winner just like the governors race in Washington!

I am amazed that there are people at the NY Times that think the Oil For Food scam was 1) our fault for not monitoring it closely enough, 2) not a big deal!

Are they serious? The big deal isn't the amount of money, although over $23 billion to date and rising is the greatest theft in history, but the real big deal is that this money was supposed to feed and care for the Iraqi people! Where is their harping on this? Check out Instapundit here and here for updates. Kofi (UN) Annan had his son using his UN paid for Townhouse for business, followed his Dad around on business and was getting money right up until the scandal broke last February.

And these are the people the left trust to make policy for the world! The Security Council was bought and paid for by Saddam and we were supposed to take their advice! I have said before that the real war wasn't just with Saddam but with all of the corrupt, and I have no doubt that the President was aware of the corruption!

The nations of the world that corrupted the UN continue to attack the US in their press leading to greater hatred as a way to stay in power. They have sold their souls and their nations souls!

By the way, I am #3 on Google search for linger farts!

MORE: Michelle Malkin has this link to Claudia Rosett's Archive on the oil for food debacle! She has been the lead, often the only, investigative reporter tackling this story! Michelle recommends a Pulitzer for Claudia!

Still More: From Tigerhawk (thanks Roger Simon) comes a complete analysis of the NYT attempts to whitewash Kofi (Hood) and the (merry) UN!
But the oil-for-food scandal is not primarily about the lining of Saddam's pockets -- it's about the manipulation of, and therefore the legitimacy of, Security Council decisions.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

Boy that didn't work out

Okay, that didn't work out.

Sorry I haven't gotten a trek together for a few days. Very reflective of my life though.

We had a computer crash, blogger was taking way too long, and then I had an ongoing headache that I hope is gone today!

Attorney appointment then hopefully I can get some rest and get in a Trek.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? Nowhere! Just overloaded lately.

To top that off today Dizzy almost to the point of puking. Not sure the exact reason, but trying to get past it.

I have a Trek for tomorrow I think - it just needs to be put on paper (or screen.)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reflective of His Presidency - But Cheaper!

Okay, the Clinton Library opened today to the media fanfare you would expect from the leftist MSM.

Jason and I drove past this wonder of modern architecture last year as it was under construction and at the time I didn't notice how much like a mobile home it looked! Yes, modern architecture at it's finest! If I were in Little Rock I would be worried because you know Mobile Homes are nothing but Tornado Magnets! Ace puts it this way:

Okay, It Really Does Look Like a Mobile Home

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

As we looked at the construction there was a billboard that stated the library was intended to represent Clinton's, "bridge to the 21st century," promise. I noticed that it was an exact representation of Clinton's failed Presidency - a bridge to nowhere!

I pointed this out to Jason at the time by saying that just like his Presidency he made lots of promises but never actually made it.

Like his Presidency his library starts out fine, but just kinda ends without ever making it to the other bank. He left us hanging there over the water - never reaching the 21st Century - kinda in a vulnerable position all ready for 9/11, the corporate indictments for the crimes during the 90's, the failed healthcare scam that lead to the vaccine fiasco, etc.

This legacy is what President Bush called, "Kicking the can down the road."

This, along with the glossed over impeachment for perjury, are the Clinton legacy and his library reflect that perfectly. (including the trailer appearance that perfectly reflected the attitude of many that it is a good thing to get a hummer in the Oval Office!)

And they paid 165 million dollars for that! Unfortunately his Presidency cost us more then we can calculate!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Daily Trek 111704 Blogger Busted

Hey, yesterday I couldn't get on blogger at all and today I am still having difficulty! I will try to post more if it lets me!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Daily Trek 111504 UNSCAM

Okay, I promise today's won't be another sinker.

We thought Saddam scammed the Iraqi people and the world to the tune of 11 billion, but now we learn that we can varify it was actually over 21 billion dollars. Money he used to fund terror and bribe governments that have opposed the US at every turn related to Iraq and world politics and continue to oppose us to this day. Perhaps they believe our facts are starting to catch up with their fears and the funds! (See Novak for more info)

I watched the Senate investigation into the Oil For Food (OFF) UN-SCAM and I am amazed! The UN didn't care who received the vouchers (money) only who "lifted" or received the oil itself. That eliminated any chance they had to catch the fraud that is reported to include bribery of Benan Sevin the UN employee in charge of making sure the OFF program was properly enforced!

Nothing like having the patients running the institution!

The UN is a corrupt organization that has turned into a wing of the Palestinian government. It's main goal is the destruction of Israel and the reduction in the status and influence of the United States.

Amazingly the Democratic Party is still willing to defend and empower the goals of this corrupt organization. The arrogant Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) made it clear in his statement and questions that the US was to blame for the actions of the UN and that the sanctions were working and would have taken care of Saddam. This was in direct contradiction to the testimony - yes the sanctions were working BEFORE the OFF scam began. That is why Saddam accepted the program to begin with. It didn't take him long to realize that he could rebuild his military via the funds he received from the program. The military budget exploded from 7 million in 1996 before the OFF scam began to 500 million when he was removed.

Levin attacked Deulfer for making conclusions based on Iraqi data! He made a fool of himself and clearly demonstrated why the Democratic Party has relegated itself to a minority party!

Yesterday, as if to confirm his complete corruption and willingness to whore everything French for cash Jacques Chirac tells the British that they haven't received any rewards yet for their support of America! (BTW, he is strongly pushing the need for Europe to be a Major Power to counter the United States!) Nice guy isn't he!

Thanks Danegerous for this great and accurate picture!

Let me point out again that had the UN and our enemies in Europe not been so completely corrupted the action against Iraq may have been avoided! That is what amazes me about the left, the media, and the Euro-weenies!

Here is another great blame the US story from the AP brought to us by Ace of Spades:
A U.S. Marine shot and killed a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, according to dramatic pool television pictures broadcast Monday. A Marine spokesman in Washington said the shooting was under investigation.
Ace makes this point:
It also has to be noted that these guys have played dead before. And that "playing dead" is not surrendering. And that if you're not surrendering, you're a legitimate target.
It should be pointed out that earlier a Marine was killed when a booby trapped body exploded. A poster (iso) at FreeRepublic makes this observation:

Gunmen abducted police Col. Qassim Mohammed, took him to the Buhriz police station and threatened to kill him if police didn't surrender the station. When police refused, the gunmen tied the colonel's hands behind his back and shot him dead. More

nah.. its terrorists stringing up the corpses of civilian contractors on a bridge.

In other news, a mutilated body of a woman was found in Fallujah. The body was disemboweled.

Why the hell is that not making front page news?


More: OH, as if to demonstrate his parties idea of the OFF program Levin referred it to the, "Oil For Peace" program. That is what Saddam believed it was too! If he gave away oil he could pay for peace!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 111504 Linger

Getting back to regular writing has been rougher then I thought. When I was ready after the election I ran out of meds. Well I received those on Saturday and now things are starting to get a bit better, but I have to admit the elections were quite an inspiration for blogging!

Hopefully things medically will improve in the next few days and I will get back to a more regular schedule of writing. In addition I have noticed that when I write I tend to be much more respectful of the readers feelings then I do when I speak. That is interesting, as if I were speaking to a group rather then to one or two people.

For example - the thought occurred to me today to explain what I call "linger farts". But would that be appropriate in front of a group? Sure, to my friends I wouldn't hesitate to describe how linger farts are those that almost burn your bung hole when they come out and seem to hang around for what seems like eternity! They are also the deadly smelling ones! These differences could be the result of a different composition - perhaps a greater methanol content. Are these the ones you can light - I have never tried - that killed Kenny you know!

However in a group of people I doubt I would EVER go to that extreme and I am not sure if I would ever write about that here....................um,.............well,..................ever again that is - see, now I feel like I need to apologize for covering that!

That is that balance in blogging. Some such as Ace and Dane manage it well, blending the rude with the crude with the important news of the day. Some rage and are proud of that - Dave at FWRR I am talking about you! Some are just up front and to the point like Random. Still others are professionals no matter what like the Powerline guys, CQ, Hugh, and Roger!

When I started this blog it was intended as my observations on life - with an emphasis on politics and current events, but blogs are ever evolving media forms. Today's Trek was, in essence, a stinker - pardon the pun, but that observation made me laugh when it popped into my mind. So why not share with you - with any luck it won't LINGER but who knows, the next time your alone and let some gas pass...........and the door rings...........and the air won't clear.............you'll think of me and you'll curse the term Linger Fart!

Have a great day!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Weekend Trek Friday 111204

Okay, not much today - but read Charles Krauthammer today on the truth about the "Moral Values" vote myth. (Remember I wrote this.)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 11/11/04

On this Veteran's Day I want to thank all of the men and women who have served our country throughout it's history. In addition I wish to thank the forgotten family members of those who have served. There is nothing greater one can give then the service to his country. I personally thank each one of you!

Not much to say today - been awaiting a new batch of injectible meds that should have been here last week - been out since Friday and it makes it rough without it.
But the Key issue in today's trek:

Yassar Arafat, the man who choose the path of terror over the path of peace, has passed away. (See Drudge Report for complete coverage)

The man who is known as the founder of the modern terrorist way of life was also primarily responsible for the Horrible Plight of the people now known as Palestinians.

When Jordan, Syria, and Egypt controlled the territories of Gaza and The West Bank there was no Palestinian outcry. When they attempted the destruction of the state of Israel and lost.......Then and only then did the cry come out that these people had to be kept in refugee camps that were barely habitable.

And what did Arafat do about it? He sent the sons of these innocents to their deaths. He attacked Israel in the most horrific manner and when offered nearly everything he asked for to stop the bloodshed he refused choosing rather the path of terror over the path of peace.

This is what he should be known for. The claim that he was a freedom fighter who became a statesman is beyond wishful thinking but is reflective of the lengths to which the Islamic world will delude itself, thus allowing them to justify the murder of innocent men, women, and children by terrorists.

On to our own delusional population did anyone else hear Nancy Pelosi announce that instead of trying to figure out why the Democrats went off the tracks and fix it the Democratic Leadership Council were meeting to "save civilization as we know it!" The key is that America was NEVER where Nancy and her Moore-on friends saw it! They have managed to delude themselves via the liberal cocoon they lived.

I know it is early, but the first signs are not good for the Democrats. Their delusion prevents any retrospective look at themselves - they believe it is the majority of America that is just stupid and has to change. Rather they would do well to see where they went off the deep end!

Hopefully more tomorrow, the meds should be here!

More: Captains Quarters puts Yassar in perspective this way:
For all the crimes he committed and people he terrorized, the most ironic legacy Arafat left was the utter poverty and degradation he rained onto his own people -- while he and his wife lived it up on their money. And now the people of the West Bank will send him off with a hero's funeral, compounding the irony.

BTW, here is the full quote from Pelosi World:
What we hope to accomplish this afternoon at the meeting with Senator Kerry and Senator Reid is saving civilization as we know it today, as we go into the next election.


Monday, November 08, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 110804

Okay, now P-Diddy (Formerly Puff Daddy!) has admitted he was wrong with part of his Vote or Die campaign:
P. Diddy says he got off on the wrong foot when it came to his political endeavors in 2004. If he could do things over again, he wouldn't have yelled for folks to get George W. Bush's "ass out of office."
Now I don't think I would be out of line to say that the problem wasn't with part of the campaign. Rather it started when he first entered politics with the absolutely stupid campaign slogan of "Vote or Die".

I think in 30 years, when he has once again changed his name to something like P - Eee Dee (for which he is taking Lavetra!) he will look back and realize that not only was it a stupid slogan, but that the more he hyped his Vote or Die campaign the more people voted for President Bush - this is one of those Moral/Value issues. The Dem's are trying to make this all a gay issue - but I think the it is more of the rejection of the Hollywood values and a reaffirmation of American Values (see what I said here)

Americans proved what I had said in 1992 - Clinton and the Dems are like my alcoholic Uncle Bill. You might let him watch your house but your sure as hell aren't going to give him the keys to the liquor cabinet! When you are in the middle of the greatest struggle in our generation we need to trust our President to do what is right for America. To support our troops and not stab them in the back when they return. The defeat of Kerry could be the final battle of Vietnam. America could finally heal that wound and put to rest the left's Vietnam hatred of our military. Somehow the way the Dem's have clung to the likes of the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's I doubt it.

The Trek:

DANEgerous has this great analysis of why the left doesn't get it. The NY Times is the perfect example of a too nuanced outlook on life. I think this is important to note! There has been a drop in crime that has corresponded directly with our increased willingness to punish criminals!!! DUH, but they don't get it.The headline:

Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates

Certainly the drop in crime rates is directly associated with keeping criminals locked up.

I'm all for clearing out non-violent lawbreakers who are locked up for victimless crimes... but how hard do you have to try to push the agenda.

Here is the real headline... the one the idiots at the NYTimes simply won't print:

Getting Tough on Crime reduces Crime
Anyone remember hearing this wonderful little story from any of the MSM during the campaign?
Historian Douglas Brinkley, author of a wartime biography of Kerry, cautioned that Kerry’s diary included mention of a meeting with some North Vietnamese terrorists in Paris. Edwards was flabbergasted. “Let me get this straight,” the senator said. “He met with terrorists? Oh, that’s good.”
Newsweek has it now that the election is over!

Tim Blair has this prespective on the election:


• Number of people who voted for Bush: 59,651,262

• Number of people who live in Britain: 59,600,000

Via Quentin George in comments. Oh, I almost forgot:

• Number of dentists in Britain: 31,600


Friday, November 05, 2004

Back on Trek Tonight

Okay, had a bit of a problem with edema over the past few days - serious reaction to something but not sure what. Maybe the stress of the media's attempts to elect Kerry, who knows.

I should have the treks starting back tomorrow! Just random thoughts today.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mainstream Muck

Get this, the picture below was posted on CNN.com. The file name for the picture...........asshole.jpg, I kid you not (as of 1am central).

EDIT - okay they changed the name, but it was a picture of President and Mrs. Bush!

Interesting isn't it - this underscores the reason for the Democrats loss this year.
(thanks Captains Quarters)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

American Morals

The morals issue - thank the radical gays and activist courts for a Bush win is what I keep hearing!

But even deeper then that is the pure and simple moral fact that you don't attack a sitting war time president as a liar and thief!

The moral bankruptcy that the media highlighted by CBS and it's Rathergate fiasco. The comments I made about Moveon and Moore-on and Senator Kerry's attacks on our troops in battle were reflected in the "morals" vote!

When your a Senator you don't obstruct - you take action not fostering inaction! When your a judge you don't legislate from the bench!

Don't get me wrong, the religious right was a key to victory. Anti gay marriage was important but when it comes down to it the morals issue was more a result of the American belief - which we saw in Australia just last month - that it is IMMORAL TO ATTACK YOUR OWN COUNTRY! The American belief that the pledge of allegiance is a good thing and there is right and wrong, black and white! America is what is good in the world and since his days as an activist Kerry has been wrong on these key issues!

Was morals another word for American values and patriotism - I think so!

Kerry Concedes/Bush Accepts

John Kerry finished his presidential campaign with the dignity and grace that he and the Democratic party failed to show during the entire 3 years of the past campaign.

Some are saying if he had shown this during the campaign he might have won - and I have to agree. Had Kerry stopped pandering to the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on wacko left then I believe he could have won Ohio - he still would have lost the popular vote but as we learned (those who didn't remember the Electoral College from their school days) the only vote that mattered was the EC.

By appealing to the far left wacko's of his party he did more to instill the fear that he was not fit to be the President then anything else in the campaign. The Swifites made an impact and planted that seed but Kerry and the Moore-on's watered and put enough bullshit on it to make it grow into a 3.5 million loss for Kerry.

Now, can the Democarts be as gracious as Kerry?

After 2002's house loss they swerved left picking Nancy Blowsme (Pelosi) as their house leader and keeping the greatest obstructionist of the Senate has produced Tom Daschle - who lost - the first time a leader has lost since 1952.

Will they react by pulling even further left or will they realize that they are not in touch with the majority of America. Michael Moore has repeatedly said that the US is a liberal country but he has repeatedly been wrong! He is not the mainstream.

We really are compassionate conservatives!

President Bush gave a gracious acceptance speech reaching out the the left - but not as far as I know they would like! His agenda - the War on Terror, Schools, Social Security could be more then the left can handle.

It was a hard fought victory but the ones that matter always are.

God Bless President Bush, God Bless the gracious John Kerry, God Bless America, God help the terrorists and the Lie-N-Hype Moore-onic traitors!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night - Results and comments

It appears as though President Bush has won the election - and has become the first person since 1988 to get more then 50% of the popular vote.

It hinges on Ohio, but the margin is nearly 150,000 votes - more then in Pennsylvania by the way!

I have got to get to bed now - no trek today at least for the morning. I'll try later.

Earlier I said:
Hah, too early - I will try to update as the night goes on.

If it means anything the Dow swung from 76 up to 20 down on the rumor that Kerry was ahead in the exit polls. That can't be good for the economy of a Kerry administration.

5:22pm still time to vote - get out there if you haven't!

7:12pm nothing surprising yet - red still red, blue still blue. My nerves are completely on edge though! I haven't been this concerned about something since 9/11 - seriously.

Don't come here for up to date projections! I don't have them. Try Fox News or Drudge.

Election Trek 110204

Today is it - get out and vote everyone!

As I get ready for bed I wonder if I will wake up in an America that is the land of the free and the home of the brave that remembers it is a post 9/11 world.....

Or If I will wake to

The land of the Moore-on's, traitors, crooks and weasles that would do anything to return to the old ways that worked to line their pockets before 9/11 (French/Russian f'n crooks)

As Polipundit put it:

Tomorrow I will be working the polls in Eastern Pennsylvania, and I do not know if I will be back before the votes start coming in after 6:30 on the East Coast.

So here is my final plea:

Do you believe in an America that has the strongest military on the face of the Earth?

Do you believe in an America that wages a relentless campaign against terrorists

Do you believe in an America that holds the sponsors of terrorists responsible for their crimes?

Do you believe in an America that defends itself and does not rely on failed organizations like the United Nations to do the job?

Do you believe in an America that has brought together a large coalition that has brought down the regimes of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein?

Do you believe in an America that has destroyed Facism and Communism and now seeks to vanquish terrorism?

Do you believe in an America where are students receive a quality education?

Do you believe in an America where Americans retain more of their hard-earned money?

Do you believe in an America where children are welcomed into this world?

Do you believe in an America where our respected institutions and symbols are respected?

If you do, then go out tomorrow and vote for President Bush. The fate of the world, of generations yet unborn depends on you. I know you know what to do. I want you to do it. Get out and vote! Get out and encourage others to vote! TODAY IS THE DAY!


We will see - I get worried but I can only hope I wake to the same America I went to bed in.

This explains my thoughts almost exactly (click on What's at Stake), then there is these from Cox and Forkum


Remember this last one as you enter the voting booth!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 110104

Red State Danger - Blue State Safe! For anyone who bought the Democrats line that Osama either wanted Bush to win or didn't care - a new analysis of the tape, in proper translation context indicates that Osama was threatening those states that vote for Bush! Yep, he indicates that he will be watching the election and those states that vote for Kerry will be safe in the next round of attacks.

As it was stated by Dick Morris on Fox last week - Bush has done such a good job that Osama couldn't send a bomb so he sent a tape! (knock on wood!)

“This message was a warning to every U.S. state separately. When he [Osama Bin Laden] said, ‘Every state will be determining its own security, and will be responsible for its choice,’ it means that any U.S. state that will choose to vote for the white thug Bush as president has chosen to fight us, and we will consider it our enemy, and any state that will vote against Bush has chosen to make peace with us, and we will not characterize it as an enemy. By this characterization, Sheikh Osama wants to drive a wedge in the American body, to weaken it, and he wants to divide the American people itself between enemies of Islam and the Muslims, and those who fight for us, so that he doesn’t treat all American people as if they’re the same.

Oh and in case you missed the 12 minutes of Osama's tape that were edited out and not shown Random Nuclear Strikes has this:

Osama bin Laden doesn't seem nearly so cocky in the unedited version of a videotape aired on al-Jazeera, complaining that the manhunt against him has hampered al Qaeda.

Osama bin Laden's newest tape may have thrust him to the forefront of the presidential election, but what was not seen was the cave-dwelling terror lord talking about the setbacks al Qaeda has faced in recent months.

Officials said that in the 18-minute long tape — of which only six minutes were aired on the al-Jazeera Arab television network in the Middle East on Friday — bin Laden bemoans the recent democratic elections in Afghanistan and the lack of violence involved with it.

On the tape, bin Laden also says his terror organization has been hurt by the U.S. military's unrelenting manhunt for him and his cohorts on the Afghan-Pakistani border.

Osama's brother was asked about the video - here is his reply (GWOT):
It’s the violence. It wasn’t a surprise to know that he was still alive. I always thought that if he was killed, everybody would know it. It seems that he might have seen the Michael Moore movie Fahrenheit 9/11.
Still think that fat fu...nky looking guy isn't a traitor?

And speaking of the media's white glove treatment for Kerry and their abiltiy to do a Lie-N-Hype Moore-on move comes this from LGF:

Here’s the original MSNBC transcript of John Kerry’s interview with Tom Brokaw, dated October 28: MSNBC - Sen. Kerry: Nation ‘is polarized’.

Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President’s military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.

Kerry: That’s great. More power. I don’t know how they’ve done it, because my record is not public. So I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

And here’s the more recent version of the same transcript, dated October 31: MSNBC - Kerry: ‘America can do better’.

Notice what has been removed, from a critical passage that has been much noted in the blogosphere:

Brokaw: “Someone has analyzed the president’s military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.”

Kerry: “That’s great. More power. I don’t know how they’ve done it.”

Wonder why these documents aren't public - could it be that he really did receive a less then honorable discharge for his own traitorous activities as an activist? It sure is a possibility!
We may never know. Check out spoons for unconfirmed story and links - this was in the NY Sun nearly 2 weeks ago - go figure a mainstream paper puts out bad news for Kerry and it is not mentioned anywhere else in the press - what is up with that?

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Weekend Trek 10/30 & 10/31

Michael Moore - Lie-N-Hype 9/11: George W. Bush sat there and read My Pet Goat for seven minutes while our nation was under attack.

John F. Kerry: George W. Bush sat there for seven minutes - seven minutes as the planes were flying into our buildings

Osama Bin Laden: We never would have imagined that your Commander in Chief would sit there for seven minutes as 50,000 Americans were under attack.

Now, who you gonna vote for?

John Kerry's career began in 1971 attacking every member of the United States Armed forces including their families here at home leading to the worst treatment of our servicemen in our nations history.

Hopefully John Kerry will end his career with this final attack (pick your poison - the failed in Tora Bora or they let the weapons in Al QaQaa disappear) on every member of the US armed forces!

Who you gonna vote for?


Friday, October 29, 2004

Osama and Kerry - Moore'ons

Osama released a video today sorta endorsing John Kerry but definately endorsing the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's ideas! When will the looney left understand that bashing our nation gives direct aid and comfort to our enemies! They would BBQ Michael Moore in a hearbeat if he weren't so helpful to them!

DEPARTMENT OF NONSENSE: So Osama has released a new video in which he harshes on Bush:
"It never occurred to us that the commander in chief of the country (Bush) would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone ... because he thought listening to a
child discussing her goats was more important," bin Laden said, referring to Bush's visit to a school when the attack occurred.
Just goes to show, you get a little nutty when you spend too much time living in a cave.

Seriously, had you heard this anywhere but from the Moore-on's and terrorists!

As Daly Thoughts puts it:
I look at it as very good news for America.
Al Qaeda wanted to influence the Spanish elections, and did so by bombing and mass murder.
Now they want to influence our elections. They did so by releasing a tape.
They would have hit us if they could.

Knock on wood! Remember if they can they will hit us before the election if they think it will defeat Bush!

We'll just have to pray and keep on attacking them on their land rather then waiting for them to hit us here!

Daily Trek Friday 10/29/2004

You may have noticed that the Treks have been focused this week - that is on purpose as these points are important enough that they deserve the days thoughts. Following the election they will return to a review of daily news rundowns. Now here is today's Trek:

"Your taking an illogical premise and proceeding logically to an illogical conclusion." Donald Rumsfeld

This is what the elite left has been doing for years in their intellectual high minded nuance they have managed to completely eliminate any right or wrong from our society. In they process they have eliminated any personal responsibility.

In the War on Terror I couldn't say it any better then Right Wing News did here:

Consider that in just 4 years, Bush took down Afghanistan, a nation that stymied the Soviets for a decade in 2 months, smashed the Taliban & Al-Qaeda's training camps, and helped Afghanistan to have a successful nationwide election earlier this month.

He also crushed Saddam Hussein, who had been sticking in his thumb in our eye since the Gulf War, and that country has elections scheduled for January of next year. (I might add that Saddam attacked our airmen every day as we did the work of the UN)

That's 50 million people freed from tyranny and two enemies of America taken down.

Furthermore, we've rounded up more than 3000 Al-Qaeda operatives world wide and captured 3/4ths of their pre-9/11 leadership. And if Osama Bin Laden wasn't killed at Tora Bora -- which is a big "if" -- he has been hiding in a hut somewhere laying low for almost two years and unable to run day to day operations for Al-Qaeda. That's one of hell of a record.

On top of that, Bush has convinced Libya to get out of the WMD and terrorism business, turned Pakistan from a terror supporter to a terror fighter, broken a nuclear arms ring that had been run out of Pakistan, and he has gotten Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea together to bring North Korea to heel. He has also, amazingly enough, kept Al-Qaeda from hitting us again since 9/11...at least so far. How many people would have predicted that on 9/12/2001?

If that's a record of "incompetence", we should be so lucky as to have another four years of it.

But, you know why people like Sullivan can get away with calling Bush "incompetent" without people laughing at them for saying something so ridiculous?

Because they obsessively focus on minutiae. The press spends weeks examining every detail of relatively unimportant stories like the minor looting that occurred at the Baghdad museum, Abu Ghraib, and these Al-Qaqaa explosives which were almost certainly moved before we ever arrived, while hardly looking at the big picture.

Imagine if the spinmeisters and the press spent as much time incessantly carping about every little thing that went wrong in WW2 as they do about the war on terror? How do you think things would have turned out if the Republicans and the press were all calling the war an unwinnable quagmire a few weeks in and saying a thousand men lost was an unacceptable loss? And in 1941, we didn't have to worry about a Kamikaze or a Nazi sneaking a nuclear weapon into New York or LA and making the city disappear under a mushroom cloud.

As Abraham Lincoln said of Ulysses S. Grant, a man who was criticized for his tactics even he has helped lead the North to victory, "I can't spare this man — he fights". And yes, George Bush may have a position on gay marriage that Andrew Sullivan doesn't care for, but we cannot spare George Bush because "he fights" and he has shown that he can do it exceedingly well...

Make your plans now to vote on Tuesday for someone who will Fight for our nation not someone who will spend their time following the illogical conclusion that the United States are always on the wrong side of every issue. The terrorists do not have valid reasons to murder innocent people.

The United States is not the evil empire! John Kerry was too nuanced to confront evil in the 1980's and based on his "plans" he would find it hard to do so now because it isn't in his nature!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 10/28/2004

In 1971 John Kerry became a media hero by attacking the reputations and actions of every soldier who served in Vietnam. In addition he, in all his infinite wisdom, proclaimed that he could do it better and the administration (3 actual administrations, although his attack was primarily on the Republican Nixon Administration) was killing our brave young men for a mistake. Please don't misinterpret this, it was and is his belief that fighting for freedom is never a legitimate reason to go to war (see Gulf War I Kerry vote against authorization despite UN approval). Kerry took these actions because it advanced his personal and ideological goals no matter what the cost!

Despite the fact that he was aware that his actions were based on lies he continued until the US was defeated here at home. The result was the slaughter of millions throughout South East Asia, the prolonging of the suffering of the POW's in Vietnam, the demoralization of our troops, the demoralization of the United States, and the division of the US population.

In 2004 John Kerry has reemerged as a media hero by attacking the reputations and actions of every soldier currently serving in Iraq and elsewhere in the War on Terror. He has advanced the theory that everyone from the President to the lowliest private has not done their jobs in the manner they should have! Proclaiming that he, in all his infinite wisdom could do it better. He has done this to advance his personal and ideological goals no matter what the cost.

In so doing he has emboldened our enemies and a John Kerry victory in the upcoming election could bring about the same type of demoralization of America and her brave troops that led to the slaughter of over 2 1/2 million innocent people in communist Asia.

John Kerry is a member of the intelligence committee and if he had bothered to attend the meetings he would have known that his actions were based on lies. He has jumped upon a story that is falling apart under the light of logic and today we find out that The Russians moved the missing explosives prior to our invasion of Iraq. John Kerry might very likely have known that this was a strong possibility based on the satellite photo's available to him if he attended these committee meetings (his attendance record is less then 25%) . It is also a possibility that he was aware of these facts but decided that the promise of a Kerry Presidency justified the lies.

I need to add that I am on a roll lately - Just days ago I mentioned that it was very possible that the President knew something about this (and WMD, which I mentioned weeks ago) that he was not at liberty to disclose for various military, security, and diplomatic reasons! If John Kerry was aware of the possibility of the Russian involvement in the missing weapons he most likely knew that the President was not able to discuss it. John Kerry chose to use it to advance the attack on this and in so doing he very well may have jeopardized our national security!

Even worse is the fact that John Kerry's answer to all of our problems is the UN and those Old Europe allies that Saddam had in his back pocket!

The President's failure to admit mistakes, as the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's like to say, could be because he KNOWS he did not make these same mistakes he is being accused of! If this proves to be the case then John Kerry needs to be tried for treason and given the punishment that a guilty verdict guarantees in the constitution.

There are many keys here that give us a look into John Kerry's beliefs, but one of the most disturbing is the fact that it is difficult to tell if he is just so ideologically driven that he believes that the ends, a Kerry Presidency, justify the means, the attacks on our soldiers, President, population, and reputations - THE DEFEAT OF THE US HERE AT HOME.

Either that or he is such an opportunistic Fuck that he would do anything to get what he wants - the Presidency.

What we do know is that President Bush has the interest of the United States as his primary motive for every decision he makes! John Kerry has placed his own interests and the interests of the UN ahead of his own country.

PS - This may be a rambling mess, but I am very tired right now and wanted to lay out these thoughts while they were fresh.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Wow, what power!

Wow, it worked already:

Caroline Kennedy (via Drudge):
Wed Oct 27 2004 15:19:01 ET

WASHINGTON, DC *In response to George W. Bush's invocation of prominent Democrats including President John F. Kennedy, Kennedy's daughter Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg issued this statement. "It's hard for me to listen to President Bush invoking my father's memory to attack John Kerry. Senator Kerry has demonstrated his courage and commitment to a stronger America throughout his entire career. President Kennedy inspired and united the country and so will John Kerry. President Bush is doing just the opposite. All of us who revere the strength and resolve of President Kennedy will be supporting John Kerry on Election Day." Developing....

I am
much more powerful then even I know!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Daily Trek Wednesday 102704

Wednesday's Trek, drive the liberals crazy:

It’s Truman vs. Dewey all over again! I’ve favored that model for a while now:

Personally, I think the 2004 campaign most resembles 1948. Just as Harry Truman had begun to wage the Cold War and formulated the Truman Doctrine, President Bush is waging the War on Terror with the Bush Doctrine. As Truman engaged in nation-building in Europe, Bush is engaged in nation building in the Middle-East. As in 1948, The domestic political opposition is supposedly “energized” and all the talk is about how the president could be defeated. However, the president isn’t afraid to point out his opponent’s flaws (”Give ‘em hell, Harry!“) and wins because people see him as a simple man, but a well-intentioned, trustworthy leader in a historic time.
-- PoliPundit

That's what he thinks - but I had this strange thought last night that will drive the already loonie liberals crazy, see if you can follow me here:

The comparisons between John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush:

  • Both men were elected in the closest elections in their century
  • Both men believed in personal responsibility
  • Both men dramatically lowered taxes which lead to a economic growth
  • Both men believed in a strong offense as the best defense to protect the US
  • Both men were met with unprecedented threats and challenges to national security
  • Both men fought against the bureaucratic structures that were so set in their ways they would sabotage those changes to keep the status quo
  • Both men challenged world opinion in bold military steps
  • Both men united the world against a common enemy
  • Both men upset the apple cart making them hated by various factions

One was assassinated by what the vast majority of the world believe was a conspiracy of the corrupt rich and powerful in an attempt to maintain that wealth and power. They have yet to be identified.

The other has had repeated attempts to assassinate him politically by what could only be called a conspiracy of the corrupt rich and powerful in an attempt to maintain that wealth and power! They are the UN, the IAEA, the media, and the Lie-N-Hype 9/11 Moore-on's!

(I know you can think of more - add them to the Drive Loonie Liberal's Crazy list by clicking on the comments link at the end of this post!)

See what can happen when that apple cart is disturbed! But can you honestly say that the changed underway now - painful to those corrupted - is not for the better just as they were in Kennedy's day?

A HUGE difference between then and now -the Democrats of today and the Republicans of yesterday - is illustrated by the following article by The Washington Times. This story confirms the depths to which the left has sunk.

John Kerry and the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's have the blood of Americans and Iraqis on their hands! They have actively positioning the Democratic party and the entire left on the side of those who's apple cart was dumped over for political gain! This is nothing short of treason in a time of war!!!

Here are excerpts - read the whole thing!

BAGHDAD — Leaders and supporters of the anti-U.S. insurgency say their attacks in recent weeks have a clear objective: The greater the violence, the greater the chances that President Bush will be defeated on Tuesday and the Americans will go home.
"If the U.S. Army suffered numerous humiliating losses, [Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John] Kerry would emerge as the superman of the American people," said Mohammad Amin Bashar, a leader of the Muslim Scholars Association, a hard-line clerical group that vocally supports the resistance. ...........................

"American elections and Iraq are linked tightly together," he told a Fallujah-based Iraqi reporter. "We've got to work to change the election, and we've done so. With our strikes, we've dragged Bush into the mud."......................

The most pro-Kerry, he said, are the former Saddam Hussein loyalists — Ba'ath Party members and others who think Washington might scale back its ambitions for Iraq if Mr. Kerry wins, allowing them to re-enter civic life. ..........................

"They say there are 1,100 dead soldiers. That means 1,100 families hold grudges against Bush and hate him. There are 6,000 families whose sons were injured who hate Bush and will not re-elect him."

Now, who did you say you wanted to vote for, of course you have to be careful or you may end up getting your windows shot out by the loonie lefties out there so don't tell the pollsters! However when you get in that booth make sure you remember who's apple cart you want to help push!

Just a Point About Securing Iraq

I am sick of hearing about how we "protected the Iraqi Oil Ministry but didn't bother to secure high explosives!"

Just to explain or make this point - As I have said many times before - Could it be that the President and the Army knew more about what our real enemy/objective was in Iraq?

The weapons were not in the ammo dump when the army got there!

But the Documents that prove the UN was corrupt and was actually paid to be our enemy in this endeavor were still in the oil ministry! Got that! Without those we wouldn't have proof as to why they blocked us - why they stopped our entry through Turkey, which would have freed up our troops to stay behind and guard an empty ammo dump!

We wouldn't have been able to confront them (which I believe will happen in Bush's second term) and cause a real alliance against terror!

Folks, our real enemies in this matter are spinning this and Kerry and the Main Stream Media is helping them just so they can take over power. But what kind of power will they have at the end of this? We will be lucky to have the "spitballs" Zell Miller discussed at the RNC!

Daily Trek Tuesday 102604

Wow, what a difference a day makes - not! The media is still doing everything in it's power to push Bush out of office - this time the NY Times is teaming up with CBS (of the Rathergate fame!) to report on missing explosives in Iraq!

I have said in the past that the media NEEDS a Kerry Presidency in order to recapture it's heyday!

To start The Trek let me highlight:

Point A - Well all I have to say is it is a war for goodness sake!

But common sense will give you a bit more insight, to start with you have the amount of explosives, reported to be 380 tons. (some confusion as to weather it is metric tonnes or english, but that isn't that important) In a land where we KNOW there were 600,000 tons of weapons - KNOWN WEAPONS 380 tons isn't that large an amount. Now don't get me wrong, any amount is dangerous - but seriously, see point A above!

Next is the timing of the reports - it seems the last IAEA confirmation report was in January 2003. The weapons were reportedly sealed in March 2003 but were open when our troops liberated the munitions dump April 10, 2003.

NBC had an embedded crew with the army unit that found the dump and confirms that the weapons were not there when they were located. Drudge is all over this - the weapons were not there when we got there! What is the deal - see point A above!

He is also reporting that MSNBC is reporting this line about our wonderful allies: Jim Miklaszewski quoted one official: "Recent disagreements between the administration and the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency makes this announcement appear highly political."

What, how could that be - considering the huge sums of money that were dancing around out there could it be that they weren't quite as political as financial in their concerns!

Captain's Quarters is reporting that the NY Times didn't get the memo from NBC - they are attempting to hammer the story one more time! Just to make their point that George W. Bush is a bad man! And they have first ammendment protection!

They should be ashamed of their behavior, as Roger Simon point points out:
But I cannot shut up. This kind of biased behavior is unconscionable. Although it is nowhere near as drastic, of course, it makes me think of the days of Walter Duranty, that Timesman who won a Pultizer while white-washing Stalin. How could such things happen, I always wondered. Now I know. They happen when people think they are doing the right thing for the right cause and in their zeal don't stop to consider the reality of what they are saying and writing. Yes, this is worse than Jayson Blair.

I couldn't agree more!

By The Way (BTW) can someone point out to me how many fighting allies we had in World War II? It was only 17! Yep, only Seventeen! There were non-fighting ("Moral Support") supporting allies primarily from south and central America.

Now, although they attempted to pay off Hitler by giving him Europe Hitler wasn't able to pay off leaders of other nations in an attempt to ensure his survival! That level of greed and slime wasn't reached until the current century 0r was it, here are the reasons the League of Nations was considered a failure:
  • It lacked any armed forces.
  • Unanimous vote was required.
  • A number of major countries were not included:
  • Ineffectuality in specific situations, notably the mid-1930s crisis over Italy's invasion of Abyssinia.
  • A non-permanent council and assembly made for slow decisions.
  • The most important members protected their respective self-interests.
Man three of the five reasons apply to the United Nations of Today!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 102504

Okay, the big news is that John Kerry is either dillusional, a self aggrandizing exaggerated - usually because of a HUGE inferior complex - or an absolute liar!

None of them are good choices - but I would guess it was a combination of the last two, after all he lied about the Cambodia incident and he re-enacted battlefield scenes for the sake of filming them for his future political use. In addition he is the Senator who demands front of the line treatment in Boston asking others, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?"

In addition to that on C-Span Elizabeth Edwards was caught telling a supporter that they didn't need to worry about riots or violence as long as Kerry/Edwards wins! Didn't I just talk about that in my last post right below here! Is she really saying that her supporter needs to barricade the doors if they lose - I wouldn't put it past them!

What's it all about? The Trek:

Well, as you can see in this video (The Daily Recycler) John Kerry stated that he had met with the entire UN Security Council before he voted to authorize the Iraq war. This was at least the second time he made this claim. But the problem is that it just didn't happen! The Washington Times investigation proves that he met with 3, and perhaps one more, but that is unconfirmed. There are 15 member council. That is a HUGE difference! Were these 3 the same for who he earlier claimed wanted him to win? Amazing to no one is that France was the only confirmed meeting with a permanent member of the Security Council.

Here is what he said:
"This president hasn't listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein accountable," -- JFKerry(D)
Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York in December 2003, Mr. Kerry explained that he understood the "real readiness" of the United Nations to "take this seriously" because he met "with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein."

Lori at Polipundit has this:
Quite a few Polipundit readers are disappointed that this story is another one about Kerry lying. I guess when it is an everyday occurrence it ceases to be big news.

But it really isn't, it is HUGE, this is the man who's entire campaign was based on lies and exaggerations. From Vietnam to his claims that he would be better at building alliances, but it seems his only real concern is France!

In the Mideast, Bush dared to be different That is what the Philly.com says. I said this earlier this month and I agree with when they make these points:
War rather than law enforcement

Democracy rather than stability

Preemption rather than deterrence

Leadership rather than reaction in setting the goals for an Arab-Israeli settlement.

I would have to add the false alliances that were bought by the highest bidders. Hmmm, that is of course Russia and Kerry's UN Security Council favorite FRANCE! Wonder if he picks his alliances based on the same criteria he uses to pick his wife's?

John Kerry was given money by an Albanian terrorist organization known as the Kosovo Liberation Army. They had assisted Chechen Terrorists in the past - the same terrorists that murdered children in their school! (Thanks Wizbang)

Compare this story from Slings and Arrows to the teacher who was fired for having a picture of the President in her grade school classroom:
In this required class, Snider asks students to think about: "Is it right for the Bush administration to use the War on Terrorism for political or commercial purposes? Should Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (search) have been impeached for her partisan, political actions in the Bush v. Gore case? What evidence do we have that Mr. Bush and his cronies lied to the American people in promoting the Iraq war?"

Snider also prohibits students from writing about prayer in public schools, same-sex marriage, the "so-called faith-based initiative (search)," abortion and "so-called creationism," which in his opinion, "[there is] no other side apart from chauvinistic, religious, or bigoted opinions."

Was it Political Science class? No, it was English 101!

I discussed the reasons Europe will never be a real European Union in the past and here is more confirmation of this from Captain's Quarters.
A campaign to make French the official language of European law has been launched in an attempt to show the world that France will not bow to the ascendancy of English without a fight. ...

Teaching unions and politicians have reacted with indignation to a report calling for English to be obligatory in the school curriculum, while one of President Jacques Chirac's objections to Peter Mandelson as an EU commissioner was that his French was not up to scratch.

The foreign ministry has called for a spirited campaign for the language in Brussels while the Académie Française, which campaigns relentlessly for pure French, says defence of the language should be "the major national cause of the 21st century".

English became the primary language of international trade and diplomacy not because governments imposed it but because of the ascendancy of American and British diplomatic and economic power. French influence has steadily declined since the collapse of the Republic in 1940. Instead of freeing the French to create an economic dynamo by abandoning socialism and embracing capitalism, the French have decided to just use Gallic arrogance and insist that everyone speak French because ... well, because they don't want to have to speak English.

The fact that France thinks that a popularity contest of languages is their most pressing national issue while Islamic terrorism threatens the West and their own exponentially-growing Muslim population causes increasing conflict at home demonstrates the essential irrelevancy of Paris. How can anyone take them seriously as a leader in the war on terror while they focus on their language obsession?

I would have to add that not only do they not get it, they believe the world is a zero sum game. As such they think the only way to increase their influence and power - so as to reclaim some of their past-lost greatness they have to hurt the standing of the US.

<>Sounds increasingly like the left here in the US. I used to call them the looney left, but just as it is hard to find moderate muslims it is getting harder to find moderate Democrats.

Ads like the new Moveon ad are a good example. In the ad they have a 9/11 widow who makes a very effective and emotional appeal in an attempt to get people to vote for Kerry. Unfortunately ads like these give an immediate reaction that is followed by a backlash against the candidate. The public reacts almost universally by thinking - bitter widow with misplaced anger that is being used by the candidate or organization to exploit the anger and grief. They definately remember this - but because the loon's are blinded by their hatred they are unable to see this. I wonder what happened to their media people.

UPDATE: Roger Simon wonders if Kerry is a sociopath?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Stolen W's The Beginning

Take a look at the blogs around and you will see that there has been a rash of violent actions taken against Bush supporters. The Dem's in Oregon said the Republicans were causing a fuss about their office being smashed up because they wanted to distract from the Republicans record.

What the F.....

The Portland police are preparing for a reaction by the Dem's in the event they lose on November 2.

Where did this begin - how about this, remember the childish theft of the W's from the computers in the White House when the childish Clinton's left!

Where will it end, if you believe the tales of an internet poster who claimed to be from the future it could be when we realize we are in a new Civil War - John Titor and John Titor. Who knows, the Dem's are easy to get violent against our own - but don't ask them to defend our country against any foreign aggressors!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Weekend Trek - Part II

Okay, now that the Guardian UK threw up the white flag and dropped their efforts to influence voters in Ohio (because they forgot the lessons of 1776 and were actually helping Kerry) they now have this statement about their belief (and fear) that Bush will win:

UK GUARDIAN: 'John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?'...

In the olden days these words would be enough to start a war, but they can still sit there and believe that despite their attitude the US will protect them! And we will because they are a good ally despite themselves!

Now, can the Secret Service use this as a threat and do a full investigation of their US staff - perhaps expelling those who's visa has expired?

More - It seems there is at least one UK paper that gets it! A Bush lose is not a Kerry win, but one for Zarqawi! At that is what the Telegraph says in a must read essay!

Werewolves of Germany, Iraq and America

Last night I watched the History Channel's rebroadcast of the German Guerillas during WWII and it was astounding how similar to today's Iraq the situation was. Down to the disbanding of the army, a heavily armed population, and even 50% unemployment!

The terrorists known as "Werewolves" were SS members and Nazi Party members with numbers of 5000 or more who started their attacks before the war ended - infiltrating enemy lines, placing mines, murdering and terrorizing communities who cooperated with the occupying army.

The lessons learned may be in place today. One of the decisive moments was when the people of post war Germany rose up to demonstrate against the bombings - but this was nearly 2 years after the war was over and there was no going back!

A Bush victory would be a repudiation of the party that calls their traitorous cut and run'ner a hero - a Bush blowout would be a COMPLETE repudiation of the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's and should cause a refocusing of the left as to how out of the mainstream they are. I thought that would happen after 2002, but they just ran farther left with the likes of Nancy Blows-me (Pelosi) and Tom (It's WRONG) Daschle.

Now the amazing part is that I had to keep flipping back and forth so I didn't miss any of the top 27 episodes of South Park!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Weekend Trek October 23/24 04

Random thoughts to start the Trek:

In addition to Iraq becomming a magnet for terrorists manpower - which as you may know I think is a wonderful thing, lets hope it is a more powerful magnet then the mall a mile down the road from my house - but money is flowing into Iraq from Arab sources supporting the terrorists!

Could this be a great big head fake - draw in the money and men, again so we fight them on their own land rather then here at home.

It gives us time to shore up defense here and a real opportunity to deplete their resources. If they are actually defeated there then the incentive for the funding we haven't tracked and eliminated will be greatly reduced - if their money couldn't defeat the Americans in Iraq when the anti-American left was helping so much - how can they fund them elsewhere!

True peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of justice.

Wow, that Lawrence O'asshole on MSNBC has been over the line the last week or so but he really lost it tonight debating (bad term since he didn't let anyone including the moderator speak) John O'Neil of the Swifties - I won't watch anylonger, and if you know anything about me you know that I am stubborn enough to stick to something like that! But check Powerline, Michelle (extensive coverage), or Polipundit (scroll there are about 3 references) for updates on this one!

Could it be that Kerry's discharge was less then honorable? After all he was a reserve officer when he was degrading our troops! Check out this from Townhall. It would explain O'asshole's reaction on MSNBC, shout them down so they don't look any deeper. Remember I am a firm believer that the left has major issues with projection - they do seem to protest too much!

Of course John Kerry could end this debate by signing the standard from 180 that would release his entire military record - the President did.

Enough for now, more as the trek through the weekend continues.

Wrong lesson

Just a couple days ago I pointed out that John Kerry learned the wrong lesson in Vietnam:
Unfortunately what it points out is that Senator Kerry failed to learn the lesson of Vietnam, despite his claims to the contrary. Frankly that is because he learned the WRONG lesson of Vietnam!

I have explained before that the lesson of Vietnam was that you don't fight a war from Washington! You don't micromanage your battles and you let the military do what it must in order to win. Your fight in Washington is against the left and their constant abuse of the media for propaganda purposes.

John Kerry, like the French he is so fond of, claims the lesson of Vietnam was not to send troops into a war without an exit strategy! He claims he has learned that lesson and the President hasn't! John Kerry managed to learn the cut an run lesson, and learn it well he did!

Winds of Change is another 9/11 Democrat for Bush and one of his main reasons is based on this quote by John Kerry from Rolling Stone:
"...that's what I'm trying to offer America right now -- a realistic way to get our troops home, with honor, by achieving our goals but by sharing the burden and risk."
He best puts it this way:

Success in any enterprise is only partly determined by skill and intelligence. Luck plays a large part. But the largest role, I believe, is played by commitment and determination to reach a goal. My friend wanted to be successful more than I did. He was.

Kerry's goals, as he consistently expresses them, are defensive in nature. His quote above isn't about winning, but about bringing the troops home. I genuinely believe that was put first because that's his priority, when you get down to it.

And it isn't mine. We are at war, and we need to win this war, or it will be the start of a series of bloody conflicts that will end, I believe, in a holocaust.

We will survive the conflicts, and we will survive the holocaust. But we will be changed by them, and not for the better. I believe that we will be ruined by them, economically, morally, and spiritually.

Well said and right on the mark in my opinion!

BTW - The Wolf advertisement by Bush/Cheney 04 is really impressive and will impact those who aren't rabidly ABB and have doubts about Kerry. The DU just doesn't see it having an impact.

Daily Trek Friday 102204

How can the blogger system just eat posts the way it does? I had a really good trek on foreign entanglements (George Washington) here but it disappeared - well I will try to reconstruct today's Trek:

I am getting really sick of the hate America Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's. They don't understand that they are really hurting America abroad in a way that will last generations! These people really hate America and wish to remake it into their utopian dream. They have used propaganda in an attempt to beat down the US in the world's opinion since Vietnam!

That is what I don't get about this election - remember Kerry said dying for UN good, dying for the US BAD! I would like to believe the national conscience will kick in on election day repudiating everything this man stands for, I can only pray this happens!

Did you hear the crazy left screaming that we didn't have a plan to get out of Korea in 1952? NO, because you don't do that in a war! As a matter of fact we are still in Korea as a strategic location (as we are in Japan and Germany) and with any luck we will still be in Iraq in 2054 with the Iraqi's blessing! It is just a strategic move that will hopefully foster a successful middle east democracy!

Whose Fault Is It That So Many In The World Hate Bush?

I have been of the opinion for a while now that the fact that there are many in the world who do indeed hate George Bush, is due more to the portrayal of him by political opponents here in the States than with any policies or actions of the President abroad. John Derbyshire at The Corner posts an excerpt from a letter from a reader who is of the same opinion.

A reader who is teaching in China: “One of the things I find particularly distressing is how the careless and hateful rhetoric of Democrats and the media have been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the Chinese, who receive it via (God help us!) the BBC. Bush evil. Bush stupid. That’s what my students believe; the dismissive tone of their voices, when they mention President Bush’s name, speaks more than any words can. Democrats and the media are so insular, that they do not begin to conceive of the impact of their propaganda and how that shapes the way the rest of the world views us. What has poisoned the perception of the U.S. abroad is not the actions of GWB, but that of the Democrats and the media who noised abroad their disdain and lack of support for Dubya, all for political gain. Had the Democrats and media done what was right, the U.S. would be in different odor around the globe.”
-- Lorie Byrd

Now Clinton wants to be the head of the UN - God help us, we would have absolutely NO sovereignty with a Kerry/Clinton anti-American team!

Speaking of sovereignty and interference it seems the Guardian UK's attempts to influence Clark County Ohio voters (to eject Bush) is backfiring! Did they forget the Revolutionary War, you know the one that Carter declared unnecessary just this week!
The Republicans' delight compares with the gloom among local Democrats, who fear that "foreign interference" is hurting Mr Kerry.
Remember those international election observers sent here at the request of Democrats well they already see a problem:
The delegation condemned the disenfranchisement of an estimated 4.7 million ex-felons which it said fell short of international standards.
These same international standards lead to 9/11 and genocide in Rwanda and Sudan!!!!!

Now let me make a point here. Can you name 3 things the world, AKA the UN, has done for the US in the past 60 or 100 years? Oh sure, they have criticized and attacked us repeatedly, but while we were giving aid to IRAN this year when the earthquake killed thousands we asked for nothing in return! Has the world done anything for the US without needing something in return? Did they offer aid when Florida was hit with record numbers of Hurricanes? Not that I heard. Oh yea, France did send peace keeping troops.........to HATI! All the worlds ills are our fault. Now we have wonderful allies in the War on Terror, but they aren't the UN with their "international standards" or most of Old Europe. We have spent American blood and fortune defending the world from tyrants and we are repaid with repeated attacks on every action we take.

Speaking of helping those in need Little Red Blog has this great analysis:
The U.N.'s World Food Program wants more food for North Korea. They've requested South Korea provide more aid to the North. As they note, North Korea has largely been dependent on South Korea, Japan and the United States for food since the mid-90's.

Meanwhile, the North Koreans have claimed that they will boost their "war deterrent force" as the multi-lateral talks regarding their nuclear weapons program look "gloomy" after stalling when the North Koreans didn't attend the scheduled talks in September. Their reasoning, the "hostile policy" of the United States. As reported by the AP, KCNA, their official news agency, had this to say:

Oh great, they call us for help. What would happen if we just said, "screw you and your goofy looking troll doll leader!" Of course we wouldn't do that - but that is exactly what France did to us the past oh, I don't know, hundred years or so!!!

Just like the belief that everyone has to be allowed to vote, even if you don't follow the rules some people seem to believe that there is a right to not be offended! Tongue tied has this proving that Darren was wrong and Samantha was right - despite Endora's meddling!

KOMO-TV in Washington State reports that a school district in Puyallup has banned Halloween celebrations in part because witch costumes might offend local Wiccans.Puyallup school spokeswoman Karen Hansen said, "Witches with pointy noses and things like that are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion and so we want to be respectful of that.”Number eight on the district's guidelines related to holidays and celebrations reads as follows: "Use of derogatory stereotypes is prohibited, such as the traditional image of a witch, which is offensive to members of the Wiccan religion."The district also says the half-hour party and parade at the end of the school day waste valuable class time and might make kids who can’t afford costumes upset.

This one is my favorite because I have been known to do both:
Student entrepreneurs at Harvard University were forced to stop selling tee shirts reading “Yale Sucks, Jeter Swallows” because gay groups on campus said it was demeaning to them, reports the Crimson.The shirt, which was designed for the annual Yale-Harvard game, plays on the Boston Red Sox slogan “Yankees Suck, Jeter Swallows” being bandied about for the American League championship series.Gay activists on campus complained that the negative reference to oral sex was offensive to gays and women. M. Barusch '06, a member of the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Supporters Alliance (BGLTSA), called the shirts homophobic.“This is one more example of how offensive and discriminatory language makes its way into everyday discourse,” said another student, Joseph R. Geschlecht.


UPDATE: Powerline has an bit on the China Teacher above and the Dem's destruction of America's reputation here The Room you Trash May Be Your Own.