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Friday, October 22, 2004

Wrong lesson

Just a couple days ago I pointed out that John Kerry learned the wrong lesson in Vietnam:
Unfortunately what it points out is that Senator Kerry failed to learn the lesson of Vietnam, despite his claims to the contrary. Frankly that is because he learned the WRONG lesson of Vietnam!

I have explained before that the lesson of Vietnam was that you don't fight a war from Washington! You don't micromanage your battles and you let the military do what it must in order to win. Your fight in Washington is against the left and their constant abuse of the media for propaganda purposes.

John Kerry, like the French he is so fond of, claims the lesson of Vietnam was not to send troops into a war without an exit strategy! He claims he has learned that lesson and the President hasn't! John Kerry managed to learn the cut an run lesson, and learn it well he did!

Winds of Change is another 9/11 Democrat for Bush and one of his main reasons is based on this quote by John Kerry from Rolling Stone:
"...that's what I'm trying to offer America right now -- a realistic way to get our troops home, with honor, by achieving our goals but by sharing the burden and risk."
He best puts it this way:

Success in any enterprise is only partly determined by skill and intelligence. Luck plays a large part. But the largest role, I believe, is played by commitment and determination to reach a goal. My friend wanted to be successful more than I did. He was.

Kerry's goals, as he consistently expresses them, are defensive in nature. His quote above isn't about winning, but about bringing the troops home. I genuinely believe that was put first because that's his priority, when you get down to it.

And it isn't mine. We are at war, and we need to win this war, or it will be the start of a series of bloody conflicts that will end, I believe, in a holocaust.

We will survive the conflicts, and we will survive the holocaust. But we will be changed by them, and not for the better. I believe that we will be ruined by them, economically, morally, and spiritually.

Well said and right on the mark in my opinion!

BTW - The Wolf advertisement by Bush/Cheney 04 is really impressive and will impact those who aren't rabidly ABB and have doubts about Kerry. The DU just doesn't see it having an impact.

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