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Monday, October 18, 2004

Man is,....Well, Human - The Age of The Lawyers

And as such so are his laws! But in this age of, "the lawyer," the lawyers try to write legislation to cover any and every eventuality no matter what!

What is my point? Well, prior to 2000 as the lawyers gained strength and numbers there was an acceptance of errors in human behavior! Though we had lost our ability to accept personal responsibility years ago, (it was completely gone by the time we awarded a lady for spilling her own hot coffee on her cooter) we at least understood that humans were imperfect beings!

Not after that fateful day in November 2000 when Al Gore decided that it was not only unacceptable for errors to occur it had to be remedied via, what else but more lawyers! Hence the beginning of the age of the Lawyers!

Let me just make my point - Man cannot make a perfect error free election! It just isn't possible, even with John Kerry's vaunted UN. (shoot in Afghanistan they couldn't even use the right ink so they are far from the solution!)

What we can do is grow up and not create a crisis as the left has done for the past 4 years - a crisis designed to divide the nation with the hopes of beating us into submission here and abroad! We go out of our way to stop any possible fraud but we somehow refuse to require identification! I think we should require an ID and mark people's thumbs with permanent ink just like they did in Afghanistan!

We run around with more lawyers but we refuse to do what we need to do to, and has been shown to work to stop the fraud!

God help us for all future elections if this isn't a decisive Bush victory that would make a challenge of the election virtually worthless!

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