Right Of The Star

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Weekend Trek 10/30 & 10/31

Michael Moore - Lie-N-Hype 9/11: George W. Bush sat there and read My Pet Goat for seven minutes while our nation was under attack.

John F. Kerry: George W. Bush sat there for seven minutes - seven minutes as the planes were flying into our buildings

Osama Bin Laden: We never would have imagined that your Commander in Chief would sit there for seven minutes as 50,000 Americans were under attack.

Now, who you gonna vote for?

John Kerry's career began in 1971 attacking every member of the United States Armed forces including their families here at home leading to the worst treatment of our servicemen in our nations history.

Hopefully John Kerry will end his career with this final attack (pick your poison - the failed in Tora Bora or they let the weapons in Al QaQaa disappear) on every member of the US armed forces!

Who you gonna vote for?


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