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Friday, October 29, 2004

Daily Trek Friday 10/29/2004

You may have noticed that the Treks have been focused this week - that is on purpose as these points are important enough that they deserve the days thoughts. Following the election they will return to a review of daily news rundowns. Now here is today's Trek:

"Your taking an illogical premise and proceeding logically to an illogical conclusion." Donald Rumsfeld

This is what the elite left has been doing for years in their intellectual high minded nuance they have managed to completely eliminate any right or wrong from our society. In they process they have eliminated any personal responsibility.

In the War on Terror I couldn't say it any better then Right Wing News did here:

Consider that in just 4 years, Bush took down Afghanistan, a nation that stymied the Soviets for a decade in 2 months, smashed the Taliban & Al-Qaeda's training camps, and helped Afghanistan to have a successful nationwide election earlier this month.

He also crushed Saddam Hussein, who had been sticking in his thumb in our eye since the Gulf War, and that country has elections scheduled for January of next year. (I might add that Saddam attacked our airmen every day as we did the work of the UN)

That's 50 million people freed from tyranny and two enemies of America taken down.

Furthermore, we've rounded up more than 3000 Al-Qaeda operatives world wide and captured 3/4ths of their pre-9/11 leadership. And if Osama Bin Laden wasn't killed at Tora Bora -- which is a big "if" -- he has been hiding in a hut somewhere laying low for almost two years and unable to run day to day operations for Al-Qaeda. That's one of hell of a record.

On top of that, Bush has convinced Libya to get out of the WMD and terrorism business, turned Pakistan from a terror supporter to a terror fighter, broken a nuclear arms ring that had been run out of Pakistan, and he has gotten Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea together to bring North Korea to heel. He has also, amazingly enough, kept Al-Qaeda from hitting us again since 9/11...at least so far. How many people would have predicted that on 9/12/2001?

If that's a record of "incompetence", we should be so lucky as to have another four years of it.

But, you know why people like Sullivan can get away with calling Bush "incompetent" without people laughing at them for saying something so ridiculous?

Because they obsessively focus on minutiae. The press spends weeks examining every detail of relatively unimportant stories like the minor looting that occurred at the Baghdad museum, Abu Ghraib, and these Al-Qaqaa explosives which were almost certainly moved before we ever arrived, while hardly looking at the big picture.

Imagine if the spinmeisters and the press spent as much time incessantly carping about every little thing that went wrong in WW2 as they do about the war on terror? How do you think things would have turned out if the Republicans and the press were all calling the war an unwinnable quagmire a few weeks in and saying a thousand men lost was an unacceptable loss? And in 1941, we didn't have to worry about a Kamikaze or a Nazi sneaking a nuclear weapon into New York or LA and making the city disappear under a mushroom cloud.

As Abraham Lincoln said of Ulysses S. Grant, a man who was criticized for his tactics even he has helped lead the North to victory, "I can't spare this man — he fights". And yes, George Bush may have a position on gay marriage that Andrew Sullivan doesn't care for, but we cannot spare George Bush because "he fights" and he has shown that he can do it exceedingly well...

Make your plans now to vote on Tuesday for someone who will Fight for our nation not someone who will spend their time following the illogical conclusion that the United States are always on the wrong side of every issue. The terrorists do not have valid reasons to murder innocent people.

The United States is not the evil empire! John Kerry was too nuanced to confront evil in the 1980's and based on his "plans" he would find it hard to do so now because it isn't in his nature!

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