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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Stolen W's The Beginning

Take a look at the blogs around and you will see that there has been a rash of violent actions taken against Bush supporters. The Dem's in Oregon said the Republicans were causing a fuss about their office being smashed up because they wanted to distract from the Republicans record.

What the F.....

The Portland police are preparing for a reaction by the Dem's in the event they lose on November 2.

Where did this begin - how about this, remember the childish theft of the W's from the computers in the White House when the childish Clinton's left!

Where will it end, if you believe the tales of an internet poster who claimed to be from the future it could be when we realize we are in a new Civil War - John Titor and John Titor. Who knows, the Dem's are easy to get violent against our own - but don't ask them to defend our country against any foreign aggressors!

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