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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 10/28/2004

In 1971 John Kerry became a media hero by attacking the reputations and actions of every soldier who served in Vietnam. In addition he, in all his infinite wisdom, proclaimed that he could do it better and the administration (3 actual administrations, although his attack was primarily on the Republican Nixon Administration) was killing our brave young men for a mistake. Please don't misinterpret this, it was and is his belief that fighting for freedom is never a legitimate reason to go to war (see Gulf War I Kerry vote against authorization despite UN approval). Kerry took these actions because it advanced his personal and ideological goals no matter what the cost!

Despite the fact that he was aware that his actions were based on lies he continued until the US was defeated here at home. The result was the slaughter of millions throughout South East Asia, the prolonging of the suffering of the POW's in Vietnam, the demoralization of our troops, the demoralization of the United States, and the division of the US population.

In 2004 John Kerry has reemerged as a media hero by attacking the reputations and actions of every soldier currently serving in Iraq and elsewhere in the War on Terror. He has advanced the theory that everyone from the President to the lowliest private has not done their jobs in the manner they should have! Proclaiming that he, in all his infinite wisdom could do it better. He has done this to advance his personal and ideological goals no matter what the cost.

In so doing he has emboldened our enemies and a John Kerry victory in the upcoming election could bring about the same type of demoralization of America and her brave troops that led to the slaughter of over 2 1/2 million innocent people in communist Asia.

John Kerry is a member of the intelligence committee and if he had bothered to attend the meetings he would have known that his actions were based on lies. He has jumped upon a story that is falling apart under the light of logic and today we find out that The Russians moved the missing explosives prior to our invasion of Iraq. John Kerry might very likely have known that this was a strong possibility based on the satellite photo's available to him if he attended these committee meetings (his attendance record is less then 25%) . It is also a possibility that he was aware of these facts but decided that the promise of a Kerry Presidency justified the lies.

I need to add that I am on a roll lately - Just days ago I mentioned that it was very possible that the President knew something about this (and WMD, which I mentioned weeks ago) that he was not at liberty to disclose for various military, security, and diplomatic reasons! If John Kerry was aware of the possibility of the Russian involvement in the missing weapons he most likely knew that the President was not able to discuss it. John Kerry chose to use it to advance the attack on this and in so doing he very well may have jeopardized our national security!

Even worse is the fact that John Kerry's answer to all of our problems is the UN and those Old Europe allies that Saddam had in his back pocket!

The President's failure to admit mistakes, as the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on's like to say, could be because he KNOWS he did not make these same mistakes he is being accused of! If this proves to be the case then John Kerry needs to be tried for treason and given the punishment that a guilty verdict guarantees in the constitution.

There are many keys here that give us a look into John Kerry's beliefs, but one of the most disturbing is the fact that it is difficult to tell if he is just so ideologically driven that he believes that the ends, a Kerry Presidency, justify the means, the attacks on our soldiers, President, population, and reputations - THE DEFEAT OF THE US HERE AT HOME.

Either that or he is such an opportunistic Fuck that he would do anything to get what he wants - the Presidency.

What we do know is that President Bush has the interest of the United States as his primary motive for every decision he makes! John Kerry has placed his own interests and the interests of the UN ahead of his own country.

PS - This may be a rambling mess, but I am very tired right now and wanted to lay out these thoughts while they were fresh.

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