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Monday, December 06, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 120604

Okay, been helping out my cousin a couple hours a day for the past few weeks. Unfortunately those were the hours I did the Trek.

I realized a bit more about my disability. Every day I am challenged with thoughts that if I were just a bit more motivated I could accomplish the world. Well, it ain't true and it ain't gonna happen!

Motivation has nothing to do with physical limitations do!

It really makes me admire those like Charles Krauthammer who have made their disability just another part of their successful lives.

The Trek (it's gonna be a small one today):

Check out the Weblog Awards that were put together by Wizbang! I am not on them but frankly with my poor track record the past month or so I wouldn't have been comfortable being on them.

While your there check out the post on how the Democrats at Kos blog tired to cheat! Unfortunately to their mind they got caught - now they will call for as many recounts as it takes until they are declared the winner just like the governors race in Washington!

I am amazed that there are people at the NY Times that think the Oil For Food scam was 1) our fault for not monitoring it closely enough, 2) not a big deal!

Are they serious? The big deal isn't the amount of money, although over $23 billion to date and rising is the greatest theft in history, but the real big deal is that this money was supposed to feed and care for the Iraqi people! Where is their harping on this? Check out Instapundit here and here for updates. Kofi (UN) Annan had his son using his UN paid for Townhouse for business, followed his Dad around on business and was getting money right up until the scandal broke last February.

And these are the people the left trust to make policy for the world! The Security Council was bought and paid for by Saddam and we were supposed to take their advice! I have said before that the real war wasn't just with Saddam but with all of the corrupt, and I have no doubt that the President was aware of the corruption!

The nations of the world that corrupted the UN continue to attack the US in their press leading to greater hatred as a way to stay in power. They have sold their souls and their nations souls!

By the way, I am #3 on Google search for linger farts!

MORE: Michelle Malkin has this link to Claudia Rosett's Archive on the oil for food debacle! She has been the lead, often the only, investigative reporter tackling this story! Michelle recommends a Pulitzer for Claudia!

Still More: From Tigerhawk (thanks Roger Simon) comes a complete analysis of the NYT attempts to whitewash Kofi (Hood) and the (merry) UN!
But the oil-for-food scandal is not primarily about the lining of Saddam's pockets -- it's about the manipulation of, and therefore the legitimacy of, Security Council decisions.