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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Daily Trek 12082004 - Checkers of Chess

Michael J. Totten has a bit on Andrew Sullivan that started a flurry of comments about the short sighted Queen. FYI for today's Trek I give you my two cents.

I was only a short timer at Andrew's blog. It didn't take long to realize that he was far from the well though out person many here have made him out to be. As a matter of fact, like many pundits today, he is a short sighted checkers player in a chess world.

As a Gay man I also realized that he suffers from that part of the "gay gene" that makes him read the end of a story first. Always wanting to jump to the climax. Something BTW that many hetero's also suffer from. The President has always said this WOT was a long process (a comparison to Truman's recognition of the Cold War and our 50 year policy shift addressing the communists is quite accurate in this case).

Those who bemoan Iraq as a stunning failure are premature at best and fools at worst.

Lets see, the President warned about Iraq, Iran, Korea, steroids, the UN, etc. and has been correct on all of them. These warnings were based on his information. Information the impatient pundits like Andrew didn't have (thank God!) and weren't willing to dig deep enough to find!

The unrecognized fronts in the war on terror include the economic homefront and the direct attack on international corruption. Both of these are just as important as the military fronts for a complete and unconditional victory.

Andrew is more of the UK/Euro conservative type that honors society over the individual and as such fits more in the DLC then in the conservative movement - true conservative or Neocon.

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