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Monday, November 15, 2004

Daily Trek Monday 111504 Linger

Getting back to regular writing has been rougher then I thought. When I was ready after the election I ran out of meds. Well I received those on Saturday and now things are starting to get a bit better, but I have to admit the elections were quite an inspiration for blogging!

Hopefully things medically will improve in the next few days and I will get back to a more regular schedule of writing. In addition I have noticed that when I write I tend to be much more respectful of the readers feelings then I do when I speak. That is interesting, as if I were speaking to a group rather then to one or two people.

For example - the thought occurred to me today to explain what I call "linger farts". But would that be appropriate in front of a group? Sure, to my friends I wouldn't hesitate to describe how linger farts are those that almost burn your bung hole when they come out and seem to hang around for what seems like eternity! They are also the deadly smelling ones! These differences could be the result of a different composition - perhaps a greater methanol content. Are these the ones you can light - I have never tried - that killed Kenny you know!

However in a group of people I doubt I would EVER go to that extreme and I am not sure if I would ever write about that here....................um,.............well,..................ever again that is - see, now I feel like I need to apologize for covering that!

That is that balance in blogging. Some such as Ace and Dane manage it well, blending the rude with the crude with the important news of the day. Some rage and are proud of that - Dave at FWRR I am talking about you! Some are just up front and to the point like Random. Still others are professionals no matter what like the Powerline guys, CQ, Hugh, and Roger!

When I started this blog it was intended as my observations on life - with an emphasis on politics and current events, but blogs are ever evolving media forms. Today's Trek was, in essence, a stinker - pardon the pun, but that observation made me laugh when it popped into my mind. So why not share with you - with any luck it won't LINGER but who knows, the next time your alone and let some gas pass...........and the door rings...........and the air won't clear.............you'll think of me and you'll curse the term Linger Fart!

Have a great day!

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