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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Daily Trek 111504 UNSCAM

Okay, I promise today's won't be another sinker.

We thought Saddam scammed the Iraqi people and the world to the tune of 11 billion, but now we learn that we can varify it was actually over 21 billion dollars. Money he used to fund terror and bribe governments that have opposed the US at every turn related to Iraq and world politics and continue to oppose us to this day. Perhaps they believe our facts are starting to catch up with their fears and the funds! (See Novak for more info)

I watched the Senate investigation into the Oil For Food (OFF) UN-SCAM and I am amazed! The UN didn't care who received the vouchers (money) only who "lifted" or received the oil itself. That eliminated any chance they had to catch the fraud that is reported to include bribery of Benan Sevin the UN employee in charge of making sure the OFF program was properly enforced!

Nothing like having the patients running the institution!

The UN is a corrupt organization that has turned into a wing of the Palestinian government. It's main goal is the destruction of Israel and the reduction in the status and influence of the United States.

Amazingly the Democratic Party is still willing to defend and empower the goals of this corrupt organization. The arrogant Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) made it clear in his statement and questions that the US was to blame for the actions of the UN and that the sanctions were working and would have taken care of Saddam. This was in direct contradiction to the testimony - yes the sanctions were working BEFORE the OFF scam began. That is why Saddam accepted the program to begin with. It didn't take him long to realize that he could rebuild his military via the funds he received from the program. The military budget exploded from 7 million in 1996 before the OFF scam began to 500 million when he was removed.

Levin attacked Deulfer for making conclusions based on Iraqi data! He made a fool of himself and clearly demonstrated why the Democratic Party has relegated itself to a minority party!

Yesterday, as if to confirm his complete corruption and willingness to whore everything French for cash Jacques Chirac tells the British that they haven't received any rewards yet for their support of America! (BTW, he is strongly pushing the need for Europe to be a Major Power to counter the United States!) Nice guy isn't he!

Thanks Danegerous for this great and accurate picture!

Let me point out again that had the UN and our enemies in Europe not been so completely corrupted the action against Iraq may have been avoided! That is what amazes me about the left, the media, and the Euro-weenies!

Here is another great blame the US story from the AP brought to us by Ace of Spades:
A U.S. Marine shot and killed a wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner in a mosque in the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah, according to dramatic pool television pictures broadcast Monday. A Marine spokesman in Washington said the shooting was under investigation.
Ace makes this point:
It also has to be noted that these guys have played dead before. And that "playing dead" is not surrendering. And that if you're not surrendering, you're a legitimate target.
It should be pointed out that earlier a Marine was killed when a booby trapped body exploded. A poster (iso) at FreeRepublic makes this observation:

Gunmen abducted police Col. Qassim Mohammed, took him to the Buhriz police station and threatened to kill him if police didn't surrender the station. When police refused, the gunmen tied the colonel's hands behind his back and shot him dead. More

nah.. its terrorists stringing up the corpses of civilian contractors on a bridge.

In other news, a mutilated body of a woman was found in Fallujah. The body was disemboweled.

Why the hell is that not making front page news?


More: OH, as if to demonstrate his parties idea of the OFF program Levin referred it to the, "Oil For Peace" program. That is what Saddam believed it was too! If he gave away oil he could pay for peace!

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