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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reflective of His Presidency - But Cheaper!

Okay, the Clinton Library opened today to the media fanfare you would expect from the leftist MSM.

Jason and I drove past this wonder of modern architecture last year as it was under construction and at the time I didn't notice how much like a mobile home it looked! Yes, modern architecture at it's finest! If I were in Little Rock I would be worried because you know Mobile Homes are nothing but Tornado Magnets! Ace puts it this way:

Okay, It Really Does Look Like a Mobile Home

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

As we looked at the construction there was a billboard that stated the library was intended to represent Clinton's, "bridge to the 21st century," promise. I noticed that it was an exact representation of Clinton's failed Presidency - a bridge to nowhere!

I pointed this out to Jason at the time by saying that just like his Presidency he made lots of promises but never actually made it.

Like his Presidency his library starts out fine, but just kinda ends without ever making it to the other bank. He left us hanging there over the water - never reaching the 21st Century - kinda in a vulnerable position all ready for 9/11, the corporate indictments for the crimes during the 90's, the failed healthcare scam that lead to the vaccine fiasco, etc.

This legacy is what President Bush called, "Kicking the can down the road."

This, along with the glossed over impeachment for perjury, are the Clinton legacy and his library reflect that perfectly. (including the trailer appearance that perfectly reflected the attitude of many that it is a good thing to get a hummer in the Oval Office!)

And they paid 165 million dollars for that! Unfortunately his Presidency cost us more then we can calculate!

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GayPatriotWest said...

To me, it looks like a bridge to nowhere. Has any other president's library been built on a cliche -- on meaningless line from an unremembered speech?