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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Daily Trek Thursday 11/11/04

On this Veteran's Day I want to thank all of the men and women who have served our country throughout it's history. In addition I wish to thank the forgotten family members of those who have served. There is nothing greater one can give then the service to his country. I personally thank each one of you!

Not much to say today - been awaiting a new batch of injectible meds that should have been here last week - been out since Friday and it makes it rough without it.
But the Key issue in today's trek:

Yassar Arafat, the man who choose the path of terror over the path of peace, has passed away. (See Drudge Report for complete coverage)

The man who is known as the founder of the modern terrorist way of life was also primarily responsible for the Horrible Plight of the people now known as Palestinians.

When Jordan, Syria, and Egypt controlled the territories of Gaza and The West Bank there was no Palestinian outcry. When they attempted the destruction of the state of Israel and lost.......Then and only then did the cry come out that these people had to be kept in refugee camps that were barely habitable.

And what did Arafat do about it? He sent the sons of these innocents to their deaths. He attacked Israel in the most horrific manner and when offered nearly everything he asked for to stop the bloodshed he refused choosing rather the path of terror over the path of peace.

This is what he should be known for. The claim that he was a freedom fighter who became a statesman is beyond wishful thinking but is reflective of the lengths to which the Islamic world will delude itself, thus allowing them to justify the murder of innocent men, women, and children by terrorists.

On to our own delusional population did anyone else hear Nancy Pelosi announce that instead of trying to figure out why the Democrats went off the tracks and fix it the Democratic Leadership Council were meeting to "save civilization as we know it!" The key is that America was NEVER where Nancy and her Moore-on friends saw it! They have managed to delude themselves via the liberal cocoon they lived.

I know it is early, but the first signs are not good for the Democrats. Their delusion prevents any retrospective look at themselves - they believe it is the majority of America that is just stupid and has to change. Rather they would do well to see where they went off the deep end!

Hopefully more tomorrow, the meds should be here!

More: Captains Quarters puts Yassar in perspective this way:
For all the crimes he committed and people he terrorized, the most ironic legacy Arafat left was the utter poverty and degradation he rained onto his own people -- while he and his wife lived it up on their money. And now the people of the West Bank will send him off with a hero's funeral, compounding the irony.

BTW, here is the full quote from Pelosi World:
What we hope to accomplish this afternoon at the meeting with Senator Kerry and Senator Reid is saving civilization as we know it today, as we go into the next election.


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