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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry Concedes/Bush Accepts

John Kerry finished his presidential campaign with the dignity and grace that he and the Democratic party failed to show during the entire 3 years of the past campaign.

Some are saying if he had shown this during the campaign he might have won - and I have to agree. Had Kerry stopped pandering to the Lie-N-Hype Moore-on wacko left then I believe he could have won Ohio - he still would have lost the popular vote but as we learned (those who didn't remember the Electoral College from their school days) the only vote that mattered was the EC.

By appealing to the far left wacko's of his party he did more to instill the fear that he was not fit to be the President then anything else in the campaign. The Swifites made an impact and planted that seed but Kerry and the Moore-on's watered and put enough bullshit on it to make it grow into a 3.5 million loss for Kerry.

Now, can the Democarts be as gracious as Kerry?

After 2002's house loss they swerved left picking Nancy Blowsme (Pelosi) as their house leader and keeping the greatest obstructionist of the Senate has produced Tom Daschle - who lost - the first time a leader has lost since 1952.

Will they react by pulling even further left or will they realize that they are not in touch with the majority of America. Michael Moore has repeatedly said that the US is a liberal country but he has repeatedly been wrong! He is not the mainstream.

We really are compassionate conservatives!

President Bush gave a gracious acceptance speech reaching out the the left - but not as far as I know they would like! His agenda - the War on Terror, Schools, Social Security could be more then the left can handle.

It was a hard fought victory but the ones that matter always are.

God Bless President Bush, God Bless the gracious John Kerry, God Bless America, God help the terrorists and the Lie-N-Hype Moore-onic traitors!

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