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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

American Morals

The morals issue - thank the radical gays and activist courts for a Bush win is what I keep hearing!

But even deeper then that is the pure and simple moral fact that you don't attack a sitting war time president as a liar and thief!

The moral bankruptcy that the media highlighted by CBS and it's Rathergate fiasco. The comments I made about Moveon and Moore-on and Senator Kerry's attacks on our troops in battle were reflected in the "morals" vote!

When your a Senator you don't obstruct - you take action not fostering inaction! When your a judge you don't legislate from the bench!

Don't get me wrong, the religious right was a key to victory. Anti gay marriage was important but when it comes down to it the morals issue was more a result of the American belief - which we saw in Australia just last month - that it is IMMORAL TO ATTACK YOUR OWN COUNTRY! The American belief that the pledge of allegiance is a good thing and there is right and wrong, black and white! America is what is good in the world and since his days as an activist Kerry has been wrong on these key issues!

Was morals another word for American values and patriotism - I think so!

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Anonymous said...

The real morals issue was the lies told by the MSM. Lies for JFK - 3.6 months equals "2 tours", Valiant warrior, patriot. and Lies against Bush - Rathergate, Joe Wilson et al.
Rod Stanton