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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Night - Results and comments

It appears as though President Bush has won the election - and has become the first person since 1988 to get more then 50% of the popular vote.

It hinges on Ohio, but the margin is nearly 150,000 votes - more then in Pennsylvania by the way!

I have got to get to bed now - no trek today at least for the morning. I'll try later.

Earlier I said:
Hah, too early - I will try to update as the night goes on.

If it means anything the Dow swung from 76 up to 20 down on the rumor that Kerry was ahead in the exit polls. That can't be good for the economy of a Kerry administration.

5:22pm still time to vote - get out there if you haven't!

7:12pm nothing surprising yet - red still red, blue still blue. My nerves are completely on edge though! I haven't been this concerned about something since 9/11 - seriously.

Don't come here for up to date projections! I don't have them. Try Fox News or Drudge.

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