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Monday, December 13, 2004

The Peterson Circus Continues

Despite the finding of guilt and today's recommendation from the jury of Death the circus continues.

My opinion:

I cared before he was arrested, who knows you don't want a murderer or a cult or something running around.

Didn't give a rat's ass about the last 6 months and all the speculation. Turned the channel when they started talking about.

Cared about the verdict and penalty - but just enough to know what the results were, don't care what the jury or the pundits think.

Happy as hell that it is over now can we move on! It is projected that 15,500 people were murdered in the US this year let's hope we don't have to sit through this for every one of them! (I pray for each of their families, but I doubt even they want their loved one's lives paraded through this circus.)

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