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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Daily Trek Wednesday 121404 - Pundidiots

Okay, just the other day I said that I was amazed at how wrong the pundits or as I will now call them Pundidiots have been about almost everything President Bush has done. Worse yet it appears that the majority of them are arrogant rather then just short sighted as I had opined.

Today Roger Simon has this great insight into one of the key Iraqi complaints, the disbanding of the Iraqi Army. Once again it proves my point that the President and those in charge have some information available to them when they make these informed decisions. It goes like this:

As it happens, the question of whether we should have "disbanded the Iraqi Army" came up at our party for Iraq the Model the other night. Because I have never been to Iraq, speak no Arabic, never have been in the Army, etc., unlike others, I have never had a strong opinion on this issue. I simply do not consider myself qualified. But I have to say I was surprised at the response to the question. Omar, the younger brother, all of twenty-four but waaay wise beyond his years, simply laughed and said it would have been impossible. There was no way we could have kept the Iraqi Army together even if we had wanted to. The Iraqi Army, hugely underpaid conscripts who hated what they were doing, had already dissolved before we got to Baghdad. No one wanted any part of it. There was no Iraqi Army to preserve. We had to start all over again - which we have... eventually.

So there you have it - that issue according to one Iraqi anyway. Believe him if you wish. I weight his opinion at least more highly than my own. But others would prefer to blame Bremer. As for whether we had enough troops, I remain agnostic on that too.

Amazing how easy it would have been for these Pundidiots to just ask someone before they blather on about these things.

In another direction totally - there are no Google entries for Siberian Muskie. Why hasn't someone done a photoshop or something like that for these poor furry fish with curly tails? Am I can't be the only one who thinks of things like this, can I?

Update - check out the fool that Right Wing News fisked all the way to the woodshed! This guy, Harley Sorenson has only one focus and that is his hatred of America. Where were this guys parents when he was growing up?