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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Vietnam, The Final Bloody Battle!

We have reached a momentous time in American history – the first real opportunity to defeat those who have opposed the US for more then 35 years. Never before have we had such an opportunity because never before has the leader of an anti-American organization run for President.

I find it hard to listen to those who claim to be patriotic but openly give aid and comfort to our enemies. Last month I watched the Olympics and noted that almost every American who won a Gold Medal got teary eyed when the National Anthem was played. I too do this almost every time that anthem is played so I know it just wasn’t the joy of them winning it was a deeply ingrained belief in America and all it stands for.

That lead me to question what would lead a major political party in the United States to nominate as their standard bearer a man who claims to be both a war hero and a war criminal. A man who is in reality, I’ll say it, a traitor! He is a traitor to his fellow soldiers and a traitor to his country. How could the Democratic Party have fallen so far as to honestly believe that it is as I have heard, “patriotic” to stomp your country into the ground?

Make no mistake, any person or party that afraid of being called unpatriotic is doing something that they know will be viewed by the majority of voters as being exactly that - Unpatriotic!

I was a young child when Mr. Kerry gave aid and comfort to the enemy the first time but I remember the feeling when one of ours returned to an unwelcoming nation. It is widely reported that Hanoi Jane and John Kerry gave the North Vietnam leadership the will to continue, knowing that the only way we could be defeated is if we defeat ourselves and back then John Kerry was more then willing to help them.

He is now at it again and his arguments are the same as they were back then. History will show that he is just as wrong now as he was then. But it is more then just him – it is the entire mindset of our enemy. Because of the actions of Kerry and his ilk (always love using that condescending word ilk) Iran and North Korea have stated they are going to wait until the election before discussing any concessions to their nuclear programs. They know that we can only defeat ourselves as they can not do so on their own.

Make no mistake – I believe John Kerry is on our enemy’s side. Years ago he made the decision to oppose America and all it stood for and he continues to do so to this day. You can see it in his Senate record, his testimony before congress and most aspects of his life. I won't speculate as to his motives - it is his actions that disturb me.

As such John Kerry, the Democrats, and the Old Mainstream Media (see Media Contradictions) have chosen the philosophy that, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Why else would they defend the communists, Saddam, Islamic Terrorists, the UN, and virtually every other anti-American organization in existence – past and present.

We are now in what could be the final battle of the Vietnam Conflict. We are opposed by all of our old enemies – including those listed above! This battle is being fought by good hard working Americans who are being met by the likes of “Lie-N-Hype 9/11” propagandist Michael Moore, Obstructionist Tom Daschle, and the Front Man Terry McAulffe. (See Lie-N-Hype 9/11 v The Swifties)

The infiltration into our society of those who would do us harm is deep, including those who would forge documents, carefully edit lies into a movie, and obstruct congressional actions but make no mistake this is part of our war. Those who fear their patriotism is being challenged are those who fear the light of truth shining upon their actions – forget all the blather (rhymes with Rather) and look at the actions!

We can finally put the “baby killer” lies behind us and reduce those who believe America is the scourge of humanity to their rightful place – the ash heap of history with Reagan’s defeated communists. We finally have a chance to win the Vietnam Conflict as we push forward in World War IV- The War on Terror. We can accomplish this by defeating John Kerry and his anti-American cohorts. But this is going to be a bloody battle.

For the first time since he returned from Vietnam John Kerry has the opportunity to do something good for his country – not by being the supposed “loyal” opposition (because he fails on the loyal part of that statement) but by being defeated in a resounding repudiation of the anti-Americanism he stands for and has demonstrated since that fateful day in 1971 when he repeated lies before the Senate. In doing so America has the opportunity to return America to its rightful stance in the world as the best opportunity for peace and all that is good in this world.

Update - Wow - Front Page has this great look Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold from Barbara Stock.

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