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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Daily Trek 091404

Iran says it is too late for them to turn back from processing fuel for their "peaceful" nuclear energy program. North Korea blows up part of a mountain and people suspect that they preparing to test a nuclear weapon - AND their negotiator in the group of six negotiations stated that their weapons were too large to dismantle! And Kerry's plan - the same one that Europe and the Clinton's followed - give them more time and in the case of Iran actually give them the fuel. Edwards says if they won't agree then it is proof they aren't in the peaceful nuclear business. Well guess what, they turned down their offer even before the election! What now boys, cower and pray they don't use these weapons in their Jihad?

Europe has only cared about Europe and has conned us into protecting them for the past 60 years. Why would we elect someone who promises to go running back to France and Germany with our balls in a cup they can keep on their shelve - right next to theirs.

I for one love the fact that we have a President who says what he means without the false nuance - aka - lying!

The Trek:

Bush has opened an 8 point lead in my neighbor to the North (20 minutes or so) Wisconsin. Guess all of those campaign trips in cluding the one that made Dad late for a funeral have paid off!

Speaking of Iran: U.S. Wants Iran to Go Before U.N. Council <>
A European diplomat said Washington had revised a resolution originally drafted by France, Germany and Britain, adding an Oct. 31 deadline and toughening language meant to force Iran to dispel all suspicions it is trying to make nuclear arms in violation of treaty commitments..... The draft did not directly threaten to refer Iran to the Security Council, but the Oct. 31 deadline would make clear the likelihood of that happening if Iran failed to fulfill all conditions, the diplomat said.

See, this is the crap I mentioned above, we dealth with this on Iraq, why don't we just tell them what we want them to do and what we will do if they don't and then DO IT - Nuance and GWB is NOT why things are so messed up - this Shit is (pardon the language!) This is the type of "sensitive" government Kerry would have us return to - the one that got us here in the first place.

Ivan the Terrible pounds Cuba and the Track shows it headed.........here to Illinois!

For those seeking financial aid to attend college, it doesn't necessarily hurt to be gay or transgender. An increasing number of charities, professional groups and universities offer scholarships on the basis of sexual orientation. More than 50 such scholarships are available nationwide. Story here.

For those who wondered - Kitty Kelley failed to tape the conversation with Sharon Bush - probably the most important interview in her book! This even shocked Matt Lauer:

Newsmax reports that Bush biographer Kitty Kelley admitted on NBC's "Today" show Monday that she failed to tape-record an initial conversation with key source Sharon Bush in which Mrs. Bush allegedly accused George Bush of using cocaine, plus a follow-up call to confirm the story.

That oversight appeared to astonish "Today" host Matt Lauer.

"You did 88 interviews for this book and you told our producer you taped most of them," the incredulous host reminded Kelley, noting that Mrs. Bush categorically denies her story.

"Why would you go into a lunch [meeting] with Sharon Bush, who is a scorned woman in a major, nasty divorce from the president's brother, and not tape-record that conversation?" he pressed.

Sharon Bush:

Sharon Bush followed Kelley on the broadcast, and after denying her coke story again, suggested that Kelley and one of her witnesses were involved in "a relationship."
Many Pundits thought CBS would cave on the fake memo's. I didn't but that is because I seriously think they only want one thing, their power back! Anyway Stanley Kurtz from NRO knows why:

Why were we so wrong? Why did Dan Rather and CBS News, against all expectations, impeach their own credibility to defend the authenticity of memos that are almost certainly forgeries? The obvious answer is that they did it to save the faltering Kerry campaign from a final and decisive blow. If CBS were to admit that the documents were forgeries, it would have no grounds for protecting its sources. In fact, CBS would have a positive obligation to do everything in its power to expose the malefactors behind the forgeries. If the trail led back to the Kerry campaign, president Bush's reelection would be assured...But I do not believe they would have allowed themselves to be put in this position solely to save Kerry. Yes, the determination to rescue John Kerry is behind the decision to defend the documents. But it is not so much Dan Rather's politics at work here as it is the politics of the CBS audience.

The segmenting of the Mainsteam Media he says - but isn't that really the death of the mainstream media, by defination?

Kerry was part of the Pre 9/11 intelligence failure!

Kerry Spot is reporting that:
the blame belongs with Rather, not with any lower-ranking producer. The pressure within CBS is intense and building steadily, the source said.

The Washington Post has another huge story on this, their expert DIDN'T authenticate the documents!

Still think the Democrats constant attacks on all things American isn't giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Look at this statement from Hamas:
Yisacharov told Channel 1 Television yesterday that Hamas leaders had told him clearly: "It was the Israeli left and your peace camp that ultimately encouraged us to continue with our suicide attacks." Yisacharov said he was told as follows: "We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissention within Israeli society, and the left-wing's reaction was proof that this was indeed the right approach.
Think our enemies aren't the same as theirs? Look at the comments from North Vietnam about Kerry and VVAW - wonder why he is pictured as a hero in North Vietnam's museum? Again what was the defination of treason?

Excellent analysis by David Limbaugh that wonders why kerry thinks he should be president.

Breaking - Fox News is reporting 27 dead Baghdad car Bombing.
Update that number has grown from the original report - 47 dead in car bombings.

Rathergate Update 1720
Memo's weren't typed by the Major's Secretary! (Login required)

Ivan is headed to the Gulf Coast - somewhere between the panhandle and Texas. But it appears Illinois is now safe! Track Shheeww!

No - Global warming is NOT causing these storms!

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