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Monday, September 13, 2004

Daily Trek 091304

Saw a wonderful theory that CBS was in effect getting their legal ducks in a row for their admission that the documents weren't as impecible as they had thought.

Also remember the Kitty Kelley Lie-N-Hype performance will be on the Today show today with follow up performances the next two days ... lots of time given to someone who's star witness has already said that dear Kitty lied! But that is the wonderful world of the self appointed self important seeming Fourth Branch of Government, the MSM that was essentially check and balance free up until the Blog Beating they took over the last week!

On Saturday 9/11 I saw a tribute that included the sentiment that Flight 93 was America's first victory in this war that was forced upon us! Kinda reminds me of the Dolittle raids over Tokyo in WWII - except this one saved hundreds or thousands of lives! And those guys voted - yes, voted to take action! What a country - unlike the DU world where they take a vote but still can't bring themselves to be proud of their country. Many of them asking what there is to be proud of - if you aren't proud of those on Flight 93 then your hopeless upbringing was justified!

The Trek:

Wizbang has a well thought out and supported theory on where the doc's came from - a guy with a history of selling questionable documents and a partisian - with ties to Iowa, maybe that is why Harkin was so willing to JUMP on this one? Marty (Under the radar -to Tom to John to Terry) to Dan?

American Spectators Washington Prowler has become a must read, particularly in the wake of Rathergate!
MEANWHILE, OVER THE WEEKEND journalists from around the country were attempting to track down the original source of the documents. "We're having a hard time tracking how we got the documents," says the CBS News producer. "There are at least two people in this building who have insisted we got copies of these memos from the Kerry campaign by way of an additional source. We do not have the originals, and our sources have indicated to us that we will not be getting the originals. How that is possible I don't know."

Ivan Slams Cayman Islands, Heads for Cuba
The hurricane, one of the strongest on record in the region, has killed at least 65 people across the Caribbean.

Remember when I said to watch this race (Implosion 101 The Big little implosion!)

New Poll Shocker: Thune 50%, Daschle 47%

The Daschle campaign has the "French army problem": They're fighting the last war. In past campaigns, Daschle has adhered to a simple model, but it has become outdated and unworkable, and the unwillingness of the Daschle campaign to deviate from that model has led to some fundamental miscalculations.

World Net Daily has this Exclusive Al-Qaida's WMD suicide bomb plan.
Pakistani finds memo detailing ideas for walking bio-chem-nuke warheads!

Oh, and did you hear - Madeline Albright finally admitted that North Korea was cheating the whole time we were getting Lewinsky'ed in the oval office! (Newsmax.com) Well okay, that isn't how she put it, but it does make you question her timing after all isn't this type of agreement what Kerry/Edwards just proposed for Iran?

Townhall has a very insightful commentary from Diana West - Memo to Spielberg: We're facing a 'War of the Worlds'
This is a far cry from the scores of movies Hollywood made to depict World War II, including "Mrs. Miniver," "The Mortal Storm," and "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo." These days, Hollywood just hates President Bush and sticks a sock on its lens.

This is just one more reason why we haven't come to terms with the battle we've joined. I've written about this failure before. The war we wage, the United States and its coalition of friends, is not a war on generic "terrorism," but on Islamic jihad -- the spread of Islam by violent means. We wage it not against generic "terrorists," but against Islamic jihadists who dream of death and destruction, not to mention a caliphate, in their religion's name.

While your there (Townhall) check out Debra Saunders piece, "Where were the Ninja's"
A potent weapon in bin Laden's arsenal was America's success: Its leaders in Washington and its top bureaucrats were in that fat and happy sphere, analogous to middle age, in which it is easier to do nothing new than to do something new, and where risk presents more possibility of loss than gain. What the commission called "a failure of imagination" was also a fear of innovation.
For a rundown of WWIV go to TAS and read Jed Babbin's honest and forthright grading of our progress, remember average is a C!

Update 1410 be sure to read Zell Miller's response to those who would cut him down - he just told the truth! Telling it Like It Is in the Opinion Journal

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