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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Daily Trek 091604

I'm sorry but the inability of CBS to provide a believable story about the memos is sad. Stating that since the White House didn't dispute them they must be true is such circular logic that it makes my brain spin around in my head just trying figure out what they could be thinking! (FYI, of course the White House isn't going to dispute them - they don't know where they came from. How can they dispute them! )

But another interesting thing is how some others in the MSM have taken to reflexively defending CBS with comments implying that while the memo's might be fake what about addressing the contents! WHAT - that really hurts my head! We're supposed to address the issues brought up in FAKE memo's? If we were allowed to do that OJ wouldn't be golfing!

In some cases their partisan colors have been exposed to the light but in some cases there is an arrogance that hasn't been seen since Marie told everyone to have some cake! What do I mean, look at O'Reily last night - he appears truly offended that any intelligent person would listen to investigative journalism that wasn't done by a licensed and approved "journalist". It took him 3 weeks to have the Swifties on (and while the story was blowing up around him he sounded like he hated even having to have them on at all!) while he did his OWN investigation - but he is begging (on the phone all day) Rather to come on Today! What is that - is he already done with his investigation of Rather and CBS? Or is he doing what investigative journalists used to do on the air, try to get the truth. Why does Rather get the benefit of the doubt and a platform to make his bogus case about the "contents." Because he is a journalist! O'Reilly suddenly stopped looking out for you and decided he didn't want you in his business anymore - and by you I mean anyone who reads or writes blogs!

So be prepared to offend some journalists and take today's Trek.

The Trek:

She really is funny - this caring African American woman:

"Clothing is wonderful, but let them go naked for a while, at least the kids," said Heinz Kerry, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (news - web sites). "Water is necessary, and then generators, and then food, and then clothes."

Generators right up there with air, more important then food even! Don't get me wrong it is admirable that she was helping out - but isn't it strange that when the Kerry's try to appear like the average guy they end up just sounding like snobs!

US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran'

Offending Journalists from 4RWW

While your there check out the new memo! These are great!

Hugh Hewitt's in favor of Congressional hearings and his arguments are very persuasive!
Play the CBS scandal as a partisan game, and you will get a partisan result. Play it as it deserves to be played --as an open assault on the election-- and you'll get the truth.
This is what it is folks and if you don't understand that yet then you better wake up.

Powerline has a few great things today - thanks to readers, analysis of what the new blog media means - including NOT the end of networks,
"Networks merely need to avoid uttering flagrant falsehoods and committing major inexcusable errors. Then they can continue to slant things in the liberal direction without taking any deadly hits from bloggers. The Washington Post can serve as a model."
I think this is accurate, but maybe a bit understated. They also have a rundown of Washington Post's report that the memo's were originally faxed from Abilene Texas, near a gentleman named Billy Burkett's house. Go check them out.

Just a thought, but if CBS got the doc's from the DNC or Kerry camp and they didn't notice that fax numer and it's proximity to Burkett shouldn't they just surrender all camera's and microphones on the way out the door as they shut off the lights!

You have to hand it to CBS thought - they sure can create stories that get people talking!

Speaking of Billy - Wizbang has a great narrative of what we know about the early years of the 60 Minutes story with a second part to follow.

What are we going to do when we find out that Woodward and Bernstein's Deepthroat was really a lie they compiled from many sources - they rode this lie to a life of riches! Of course this cold fundamental truth is okay because they are the liberal media. TAS - Mad Dan's Noble Lie:
The audacity here is surreal, though typical of the post-1960s ends-justify-the-means moral arrogance Rather imbibed as a Watergate reporter. Presidents can't lie to journalists, according to this ethos, but journalists can lie to presidents, and even demand that presidents answer for the journalist's lies

This is the same ends justify the means liberal philsophy that both the Clintons believed and that Kerry and his wife have shown. Which goes along with this analysis of CBS statement yesterday.

Ivan's eye is currently 25 miles from Mobile right now and looks like it is driving right into the bay.

Ivan makes official landfall in Alabama's Gulf Shores area, pummels Gulf Coast with 130 mile-per-hour winds; tornadoes cause Florida fatalities

Lie-N-Hype 9/11 (Lie-N-Hype v Swifties) fails again - despite the Iranian governments hopes that Moore's movie would bolster themselves and we know Moore's hope was to give aid and support to our enemies. Unfortunatly this is what they got:
"It sure is a great country, where someone like Moore trashes the president and gets away with it -- and makes so much money!" he laughed.

Another woman said she was impressed with the scene where Moore chases US congressmen to ask them if they would send their children to Iraq.

"How many top officials here sent their offspring to fight in the Iran-Iraq war?" asked the woman, one of several who directed their frustrations at Iranian authorities -- and not President Bush.

Poor guy, a lesson in capitalism and true representative democracy isn't what he planned, wonder if he'll suffer weight gain depression after the elections?

Alaa from The Mesopotamian had a family member kidnapped for ransome - our prayers go out to him and his family.

Kerry spot has this great advice for Kerry based on new poll numbers, Bush is within 4 here in Illinois and ahead in New Jersey!
Kerry's got to grab his party by the lapels and slap some sense into them. "I don't need more Bush-is-the-boogeyman scenarios!" he needs to tell them. "Start talking about me. Talk about my vision, my character, my qualities, my policies and ideas. I'm turning into an afterthought in my own campaign! It's not Bush versus Rather, or Bush versus Michael Moore, or Bush versus George Soros! It's Bush versus me. I mean, Jeez, not even that punk who writes the Kerry Spot writes much about me anymore!"
Ain't gonna happen, he is too reactive but at least NRO tried!

Then there is this from the you can't spell Spain without Pain file:

Notice that is NYC before and after 9/11

Alphabet City Translation:

You can do a lot in one single day.
Just imagine what can happen in three months.

Disgustingly offensive? Yes!
But. I would remind the artists and suits behind this ad campaign that the image above carries an alternate, more precise message than the one intended by the demented minds who created it.
Even though the death toll was much greater in the US on September 11, 2001, than it was in Madrid on March 11, 2004, it was Spain which surrendered to terror. Not America.
So, I ask the publisher(s) of El Pais: In which country did al-Qaida accomplish more "in one single day?
Powerline says this:
The ad copy says: "You can do a lot in one single day." And then, I think it says--my Spanish is very rusty--"Imagine what you could accomplish in three months." The "lot" you can do in a single day is, apparently, destroying the World Trade Center. Although, of course, you won't do much thereafter if you're a suicide bomber.


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