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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Starting To Hear the Cries

Frontpage Mag has a great piece by an American Arab in response to the School Massacre!

Are we starting to hear the moderates start to denounce the Islamic Terrorists? We need to hear this EVERYDAY! We need them to march against this and not for it! Until that time I don't want to hear another claim that it is a religion of peace!

Here is an excerpt:

Even worse, how many resolutions by the U.N. Commission on Human Rights condemning an Arab country for human rights violations have ever been proposed or passed? The answer is zero. But the number of Human Rights Commission resolutions condemning Israel for human rights violations is 26. Imagine that.

Is there any doubt that the state-sponsored and culturally encouraged terrorism all over the Middle East perpetrated by the Arab states is not a violation of human rights? Could it be that the U.N. is contributing to the problem? When I saw the horror on the faces of the Russian children, I decided to take a stand against the Islamic culture of terror I grew up in and the madness resulting from its teachings. The intense and repetitive teaching of hate produces inhuman robots. Make no mistake about it: My motivation is out of love for the goodness that I know exists in the Muslim world and a fervent desire for this goodness to prevail.

It is time for the world media and the U.N. to take a serious stand against Islamic terrorism. The U.N. should immediately issue a strong resolution condemning Muslim terror, with serious consequences to oil-rich Arab countries that finance terrorism or teach that terrorists are heroes going to heaven. There must be no “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” and no diluted language by the international media. The out-of-control culture in the Middle East needs a wake-up call and a dose of reality

Hmm, the language of diplomacy is part of this problem - I mentioned this in today's Trek!

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Circa Bellum said...

The old adage, "it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel," is true. There are many millions of loving, caring Muslims in this world - I know, I used to live across from a family of them. But the orgy of hatred and violence being taught to small children in some of these countries is revolting. What will it take to stop this?