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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Daily Trek 091204

The evidence against CBS and the Rathergate memo's continues to mount and it is really interesting to see how it is playing out. I can just see someone in Terry McAulffe's office typing out these memo's and slipping them to Kerry's team - all the while thinking Swift Boat Vets my ASS!

I still deny typing the memo's despite the fact that I have never been able to change the defaults in my Word program and as you can see if you have read any of this blog at length I can't even get the font right in most posts - and my spelling and grammar is atrocious but so be it - that is part of the brain fog at least that is my story!

Update: 20:03 2003 Crime Rate Steady at 30-Year Low...

UPDATE 1737 From Slings and Arrows - was it an Accident or on Purpose?

South Korea says the blast was not a nuclear device:
South Korean officials said on Sunday that a massive explosion generating a huge cloud of smoke on North Korea's northern border with China on Sept. 9 was an unspecified accident and apparently not a much-feared nuclear test.
"We are investigating the size and the reason of the accident but we do not believe North Korea conducted a nuclear test," Kim Jong Min, South Korean presidential spokesman said Sunday.North Korea sure seem to be having a rash of highly explosive accidents.

I wonder if Kim il Jung had just passed through the area?

From The Captains Quarters: Russia Moves Towards US After Terrorist Attacks a great post on the possible move of Russia toward believing we are fighting WWIV!

"In this sense it seems easier to find grounds for an understanding with the United States than with some European states," Ivanov said. France and the Netherlands angered Russia by asking for an explanation of what had happened at the school siege in the North Ossetian town of Beslan, where children, women, men and their captors died in a maelstrom of explosions and gunfire.
Can I just add that they are nothing but nuanced idiots!

While your there read this update on Bush being caught NOT AWOL - seems witnesses do remember seeing him during drills!

Amazingly as Alphabet City points the Islamic world thought Clinton had to go too - And Kerry will be even more sensitive then Clinton was! Seems only rolling over and dying will make them happy - but maybe that is what Kerry has in mind!

Omar suggests President Clinton resign in order to restore U.S. popularity in the Islamic world and asserts the U.S. missile attack will spread bin Laden's anti-American message by uniting the fundamentalist Islamic world and will cause further terrorist attacks

From Hugh Hewitt, please consider joining up with SoldiersAngels, an organization that matches men and women on the front lines in the GWOT with supportive civilians at home who commit to corresponding with and sending the occasional care package to their adopted soldier, sailor, airman or Marine.

From Newsmax.com comes this from Terry McAulffe - and based on the McAulffe/Clinton defination of truth this could mean that the person had gone home for the day, think about it - depends on what the meaning of here is.

"No one here at the Democratic National Committee had anything at all to do with any of those documents," McAuliffe told reporters. "I can unequivocally speak for the Kerry for President Campaign Committee, nor do they have anything to do with these documents. Absolutely not."

From National Review Online is a WONDERFUL analysis of how Kerry doesn't get it! It is a must read!

Whatever this "war on terror" may be, they insist Iraq is not a part of it. But they are wrong. The war we must fight and win is in Iraq. It is also in Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Madrid, Instanbul, Bali, and
elsewhere. That's the way the enemy sees it. The jihadists do not split their ambitions into discreet theaters to suit the rhetorical demands of American electoral campaigns. They don't care about Iraq qua Iraq, or Chechnya qua Chechnya. They don't recognize such political arrangements. They care about Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb: the domain of the Muslims and, tellingly, the domain of war — which is how they see the rest of the world. They care about infidels. Most especially, they care about the United States — not as a nation-state but as the agglomeration of infidels constituting the greatest obstacle to their vision of a pan-caliphate

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