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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bong - Retirement Career Watch

Dan Rather Retirement Watch Update:

At the tone, the Dan Rather Retirement Watch displays a time of


11:53PM-- two minutes closer to midnight (retirement)

This came from Ace of Spades and I think it will become part of the Daily Trek - also Polipundit has this WONDERFUL bit:

Overplaying The AWOL Card

I have been trying to remember a campaign issue that destroyed as many careers as the "Bush was AWOL" issue appears to be in the process of destroying. I think "I will raise your taxes" is the closest I have come, but it has been the downfall of different candidates at different times. The Bush/AWOL issue has the possibility of bringing down three candidates, a major network news anchor and even an entire network news division and a major political party.

The first casualty of the Bush/AWOL story was Wesley Clark. When he refused to distance himself from Michael Moore's Bush was AWOL claims during a primary debate, he showed himself to be a little too loony even for Democratic primary voters. John Kerry is now hurting himself by repeating the claims over and over again, while whining about attacks on his service when all Bush has done is praise it. John Edwards looks to be the next candidate to overplay the AWOL card. Terry McAuliffe has pushed this story hard from Day One and if he continues, he will take the entire Democrat party down, as well. If I were one of those conspiracy buffs, I would swear that McAuliffe was doing it so that Hillary could save the party in 2008. Dan Rather is clearly delusional at this point and unless CBS stops taking his assurances at face value and starts doing some serious investigating, they are going down, too.

I can't remember anything else quite like this. Are we witnessing mass career suicide?


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